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11:59 AM on 01/16/2013
I think that saying an one person is a voice for my generation is foolish. I am also 22 and I know a lot of 22 year olds and none of us are doing drugs in bathroom lines. I think the show is mostly entertaining and drama filled which is fine for tv, but let's not get carried away and start thinking that a tv show can adequately show what all 20 something females are doing these days.
11:37 AM on 01/16/2013
You mean you don't find watching your gender humiliate itself on national TV entertaining?

As a Gen-Exer, I have to say that I would kill myself if this show represented my generation in any way. There is nothing to aspire to here. The girls are shallow, stupid, empty and just plain sad. Thanks to this show, you see these silly wanna-be girls all over NYC now - talking loudly in restaurants about their sex lives and drug use, thinking that everyone listening their conversation is somehow impressed, rather than irritated beyond belief. These girls really couldn't look more ridiculous. In fact, if crime ever makes a come back to NYC, they will surely be the first to leave as they would never survive a city where street smarts were necessary.

Being a desperate narcissist does not equal being an artist. Someone may need to inform some of the millenials of this fact.
Al in Madison
My micro-bio does not describe me.
11:30 AM on 01/16/2013
I hesitated watching Girls because of all the hate-spewing articles I saw on the internet. I have friends who enjoyed it, so I decided to give it a chance and borrow the first disc from the library.

I enjoyed it immensely. I found myself laughing, cringing, and sometimes rooting for or against the characters. It's not often that I find a show that I enjoy right off the bat. I am eagerly awaiting disc 2 from the library.

I just don't get this article. It's like if I would write an article complaining about The Big Bang Theory because everyone expects me to watch and love it even though I don't relate to any of the characters. I don't care for the show, so I don't watch it. IDGAF what other people think I should like or waste my time getting mad that people think I should like it when I don't.

TL;DR I think Girls is a fun show to watch and life is too short to worry about why I don't like certain TV shows and others do.
steph hugnis
Don't tread on me.
07:33 PM on 01/16/2013
The big bang theory is funny though and about people who have real lives.
06:09 PM on 01/17/2013
Girls is funny (if you have a sense of humor). My boyfriend likes it too. I don't think the Big Bang theory is about people with real lives lol! wow
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11:22 AM on 01/16/2013
I look as entertainment as entertaining. If I find it to be entertaining it just doesn't seem to entertain me.
11:21 AM on 01/16/2013
I understand your point. I feel the same way when there are mothers depicted as sloppy and frazzled martyr-type figures. I don't relate to that kind of motherhood and it bothers me that THAT is the image that is held up as "ideal" or "normal." Like if you're not suffering, unshowered and're not a good mother.
06:10 PM on 01/17/2013
I thought it was mothers that wanted to perpetuate that image, they certainly do on Facebook. Then I have to "hide" their comments about how frazzled they are and how hard it is to be a mother, it is so ridiculous...
11:06 AM on 01/16/2013
This show absolutely defines a generation if you're a white woman; between the ages of 21 and 27; who lives in Brooklyn; can't hold a job, doesn't give a crap about anyone else; has a liberal arts degree; makes exceedingly poor choices regarding sex, your mental and physical health, finances, and the people you associate with; rely on your parents; and are easily swayed by peer pressure. Isn't everyone like that?
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can't we all just get along? - RK
10:54 AM on 01/16/2013
Nina Bahadur is wise beyond her years!!!
10:31 AM on 01/16/2013
The characters from Girls do not represent the average female in her 20s. This is why it is so appealing, at least to me. I'm a pretty average women in her mid-twenties, and my life is no where near as drama filled or exciting. They do accurately portray the feelings of uncertainty with life and direction many females my age experience.
10:27 AM on 01/16/2013
Yeah...I think it's pretty bad too, not sure why, but it's simply not entertaining to me to watch . , especially Lena Dunhams' character who in only two short episodes (the only ones I saw) degrade herself in three different ways. I am 43 so maybe gen x'er has no clue, but still, not even mildy funny to me.
10:24 AM on 01/16/2013
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10:23 AM on 01/16/2013
Interesting that none of the race remarks came up with Californication and Unites States of Terra.
10:05 AM on 01/16/2013
I just love that all through season 1 and it seems season 2 as well "Girls"/Lena Dunham gets an article in the HuffPo. Sometimes an article of love, sometimes not so much. I also love reading the comments which are much the same either love or not so much love. I watch the show because it helps me fall asleep on Sunday night (since I have a job to worry about it can be difficult to relax and fall asleep on a Sunday). The only thing that annoys me about the show is none of the "Girls" have a job. How do they afford NY? Hannah isn't getting money from her parents anymore. Besides the money, you'd think at least one of these college graduates would have a real career. Even on Sex in the City, Miranda had a real job.
09:53 AM on 01/16/2013
The characters on Girls remind me of the characters on Sex and the City in that they are all pathetic. I understand that Dunham doesn't think that her characters don't need to be likable, but do they have to be so despicable?
09:47 AM on 01/16/2013
It happens all over. I feel the same about Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat Pray Love. Just because I am a world traveling writer who frequents Italy and does meditation does not mean I like Gilbert's book. In fact, I couldn't get past page 50 when I reached my limit with the suffocated narcissism and (IMO) the author's lack of self-respect, respect for Italy, her former loved one and so on. But in the end, pop culture may be for a majority, but it's never for everyone.
11:14 AM on 01/16/2013
Agree and agree. Eat Pray Love = narcissism coupled with poor writing.
09:47 AM on 01/16/2013
Don't watch Girls--didn't watch Friends or Sex In The City, either. Never watched an episode of any of them. I've avoided getting involved in any discussions about them thus far. Glad I'm not alone (though I am much older than Nina). They all seem as fulfilling to me as hanging out at the mall.
Do unto others ...
10:17 AM on 01/16/2013
The only one I watched on occasion was Friends as it was funny but none of these shows spoke to me on any level. Didn't watch one episode of Sex in the City and I consider myself fortunate.
10:46 AM on 01/16/2013
I hate to break it to you, but you just entered into a discussion about Girls. There goes that perfect record, eh?
01:00 PM on 01/16/2013
I'm sure I stated that I had not watched any of them. I fail to make a leap that  making a brief statement about not watching these kinds of shows breaks my "record" of not watching it. [facepalm]