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08:10 AM on 01/08/2013
Interesting that this sign is at a Baptist church....down here in the south they are the nuts, both religious and political. Typically the Baptist church cultivates nuts. They preach hatred. They insert religion into government.
08:42 AM on 01/08/2013
In the east baptist churches are very different.
11:01 AM on 01/08/2013
Not much.....
Dogmatic Dictators, believers or not, not welcome
09:44 AM on 01/08/2013
There are baptists and then there are Baptists. A lot of the ones you describe are Southern Baptists. The group that was left from the split over slavery is a fair bit milder.
08:10 AM on 01/08/2013
I applaud the humor but religion (i.e. faith, i.e. believing without evidence) is still dangerous no matter how you pretty the bow you wrap around it is.
i'm everything you ever were afraid of.
11:24 AM on 01/08/2013
as it should be.
Rev William Knox
Physics is the only proof I require.
12:03 PM on 01/08/2013
Logic dictates that the absense of evidence does not itself provide evidence of absence. Faith is certainly not scientific but it is by no means dangerous. If we define faith as belief without the benefit of proof, by that same definition the atheist has just as much faith in the nonexistence of God as the theist has in God's existence, a fact worthy of some reflection.

Ignorance, intolerance and fear are the breeding ground of hatred and there lies the true danger; those who succumb to hate have utterly abandoned the principals of freedom and equality in favor of persecution and predjudice. This applies to everyone, whether they possess a large measure of faith or none at all.
12:40 PM on 01/08/2013
Perhaps predictably, you are shifting the burden of proof my friend.
A theist makes the claim of the existence of a god.

An an atheist makes no claim and therefore has no burden of proof.  The atheist simply reject a god claim.  There is _no_ faith involved.  To say so is flatly dishonest.

There isn't any more evidence for a god than there is the tooth fairy.  But just because we can't prove the tooth fairy does not exist, does not mean it makes sense to conclude that it does.

And actually, most theists (because the vast majority are monotheists) are atheists with respect to the hundreds of other god claims floating around.  They just make one exception...for the "true" god.
08:06 AM on 01/08/2013
Come a long way from "turn or burn."
Perfectly my flawed self at all times
07:44 AM on 01/08/2013
That is great!!