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06:59 PM on 01/08/2013
Why have it, won't watch save the money, see this is Washington's Problem, they could knocked it off he already had one and lets get on to the problems at hand.

My Goodness, cut something.
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Teacher Trish
The Enlightenment was a good idea.
09:19 PM on 01/08/2013
You wish the government would cut something - perhaps English grammar education?
09:59 PM on 01/08/2013
Anwyway you spell it, and we make mistakes, waste of money, can you read that?
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06:38 PM on 01/08/2013
I hear attendance will be way down..not sure why ..
Co-Conspirator In The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
06:50 PM on 01/08/2013
I see what you did there.

07:00 PM on 01/08/2013
Want me to tell you?