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01:50 PM on 01/10/2013
Naw! Say it ain't true. John Kerry puts hisself to sleep?
small government liberal
01:42 PM on 01/10/2013
Remember "Reporting for duty" and "I was born in the West Wing." Whether you voted for Kerry or for Bush, you have to admit that was just awful and awfully funny.
small government liberal
01:41 PM on 01/10/2013
He said it.... haha.
01:37 PM on 01/10/2013
And this is a surprise to whom?
01:06 PM on 01/10/2013
I would think it would be the sound of pouring ketchup.
political correctness = death of free speech
07:54 AM on 01/11/2013
that sounds more like a cash register to him.
Sinister yet Dexterous
01:00 PM on 01/10/2013
Hard to make a joke when your subject steals the punch line.
Can you put your country before your party?
12:56 PM on 01/10/2013
I've tried to stay awake when he talks. He's really smart and knows what he's talking about. But ten minutes is my record.