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jwcmass 04:19 AM on 01/11/2013
James Yeager has the right to object to any government policy he likes. He does NOT, however, have the right to threaten to take innocent lives. It is even possible that this could be seen as a threat of using the tactic of terrorism, and one would NOT want to be on that list. 

But that is EXACTLY what he is doing. Terrorists do commit the violence they do for no reason. They are not as  Read More...
10:01 PM on 01/14/2013
First of all I am a gun owner, and yes, semi-automatic gun owner. Yeager sounds like one of the mental health cases that we need to keep away from guns. He may retract all he wants, his true feelings and motives are out in the open.
It's a lie. Goodbye.
10:06 AM on 01/15/2013
There are, indeed, things on which people of reason can agree.
09:39 PM on 01/14/2013
Ya can't do much from behind bars for terror threats. Moose should've told ya.
09:03 PM on 01/14/2013
How about an update to the story? He edited it after realizing his judgment lapse. And clarified his position in part 3 of the video series. And he is right, Obama has been behaving as a dictator and he has demonstrated his contempt for how our gov't is supposed to work. He has done more to demolish the protections of our rights that even Bush did. FFS the man sanctioned the assassination of a U.S. citizen for exercising, what should have been, a Constitutionally protected right; speaking his mind (without a trial). And then ordered the killing of his 16 y/o son (for good measure?) These are just two of the multitude of heinous crimes committed by this president. The U.S. public needs to turn off Dancing with the Stars and Monday Night Football and tune in to what this administration is doing to our country.

I do not sanction random shootings
I am not a Republocrat
I did not vote for Romney, Bush or Obama (But I did vote)
I am a U.S. Citizen and a military veteran
I do not wear a tin foil hat (exception: Halloween)
06:41 PM on 01/15/2013
One of the videos I saw where he "apologized" he apologized for what he said but then in the next sentence contradicted himself by saying he stands behind his initial statement. He also says he doesn't condone murder and violence... unless its necessary. Not sure if you can call that an apology...
09:45 AM on 01/19/2013
Michael, you must be young. Look up the definition of "dictator." The research Hitler, Stalin, etc... history's real "dictators." Then backpedal.

IMO what's really going on is that many conservatives don't like the way democracy works. When an election is over those who lost need to calm down and respect the vote, not threaten to go on a killing rampage or overthrow the government. Mr. Yeager with his "I was angry" excuse is a perfect example of someone who should NOT own a gun.
08:45 PM on 01/14/2013
Fascinating that most of you dont get this mans point. I am an MBA from NYC and completely get what he is saying. Im sure most of you would shrivle up and die if there werent a supermarket near you
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God Bless Obama
12:01 AM on 01/15/2013
i would love to see how this coward would act if he didn't have firearms. he would probably hide under the bed.
12:39 AM on 01/15/2013
Projecting your own shortcomings, I see.
08:35 PM on 01/14/2013
Gun nuts hide behind the Second Amendment just like porn freaks behind the First.

Ben Franklin says you can have as many single-loading muskets as you like. He did not envision the mass-murder weapons of today being freely distributed.

This guy *is* the problem.
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09:18 PM on 01/14/2013
Just as Ben Franklin didn't envision the weapons that you characterize as "mass-murder", (which is true, as far as it goes), neither did he envision any of the technological tools that are prevalent in todays environment. The first amendment might very well look different if the framers had known of the internet and mass communication, and the separation and division of governmental powers may have taken a different form had they known of gridlock, the gold standard, deficits, terrorism, and nuclear war.

What's your point?
09:09 AM on 01/15/2013
Ben Franklin and the founding fathers would roll over if they saw the country and the way it is. God has been taken out of everything. That is the basis of the downfall of this country. The root of the problem. this country was founded on good morals. This country and its leaders have failed!!
09:28 PM on 01/14/2013
No, *you* sir are the problem. You just disregarded the two most important clauses in the U.S. Constitution that protects you from tyranny.

The muzzle loaded rifle was the pinnacle of personal weaponry at the time. I am quite sure that they did not intend for the public to be armed to any lessor degree than the gov't. It kinda defeats the purpose. If it was the intent for us to only to be able to hunt they would have said we can trap and use bows but reserve the use of firearms to the military. Believe me when I say it is much easier to hunt with traps.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to be the final check against an oppressive or tyrannical gov't. Not to go the gun range and imagine we are Rambo.
02:05 AM on 01/16/2013
Let's see - oppressive and tyrannical govt that God has blessed us with for being such an outrageously sinful nation: love money, worship mammon, covet our neighbors wealth, massive idolators ("CON"-stitutions are idolatry - setting up man's law instead of God, greedy, slothful, lazy people who put money before God. Yeah oppressive and tyrannical govt. that now has a military force encamped in every city and county and available national to invade any place in the US if freedom should break out. See Carlin:
I get around
02:18 AM on 01/16/2013
Who protects us from the tyranny of your constant stvpidity?
08:26 PM on 01/14/2013
This is why cavemen should have their guns taken away
08:19 PM on 01/14/2013
People like this do a service to society by letting us know how dangerous they are
08:01 PM on 01/14/2013
What about the government plan to restrict our RIGHTS. Limit the 2nd amendment you limit the 1st amendment. What about the other side of the story Hp?? bad journalism.
07:59 PM on 01/14/2013
annnd,, this guy is not under arrest because?????????????
09:07 PM on 01/14/2013
Because in America we are free to speak our minds. Well sorta, gov't wants those restricted too.

He made no specific threats to persons nor property.
11:55 AM on 01/16/2013
OK,, so lets take inventory,,, the man is armed huge numbers of assault weapons,, he has made public open threats to "start killing people", yes I agree he didn't name names of people, however, he does name "people"  I'm relatively certain that the shooter in Sandy Hook didn't name the names of the 20 some children he gunned down. Yes, we do have freedom of speech, no that does not mean you can threaten murder standing with the means to carry out that threat under the guise of freedom of speech.   
07:59 PM on 01/14/2013
What about the other side of the argument? Bad journalism HP!
07:52 PM on 01/14/2013
Scary isn't he? Exactly why we need gun control, so people as unhinged as this guy appears to be, will be listed and blacklisted from buying or owning weapons. The laws of the nation take precedence over his wants and wishes. Right now, he has the right to own them. He does not have the right to threaten other people, even though he may claim the 1`st amendment right to do so. The constitution, and bill of rights in it, are the law of the land, but that law is always up for change, and yes that itself is within the law. I am assuming he is saying he will shoot police who may be serving as the persons responsible to insure that the rest of us obey our laws. We are pouring billions of dollars into other countries who have people like that, who believe they are right and everyone else is wrong.
It's a lie. Goodbye.
10:12 AM on 01/15/2013
They should publish his addresses so no unsuspecting person walks up his driveway. It isn't hard to imagine this guy mistaking a meter reader for the gubbament coming to take his guns.
07:50 PM on 01/14/2013
You have to be very, very careful what you say in this country.

It's been a while since we lost the 1st.
07:13 PM on 01/14/2013
So this guy is the new Huff-Post CEO?
09:09 PM on 01/14/2013
That would be Awesome!!!
07:11 PM on 01/14/2013
If anyone doubts who should be the first to have the guns removed just take a look at these guys. And I live in a state filled with their ilk.
09:15 PM on 01/14/2013
You must also agree with assassinating people for speaking their minds. I bet you voted for the man that did just that. Look up Anwar Al Awlaki. And the guy that sanctions arresting U.S. citizens and imprisoning them without habeas corpus. Look up NDAA
06:42 PM on 01/14/2013
Exposes the gun nuts for what they are---plain nuts. This half cocked loon wants to go on a killing spree. Please arrest him before he hurts someone including himself or his family if he has one. Better this than more children murdered by this crank and people like him who apparently think killing is a sport.