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I'm the last W.T.F.O.M.G factor
09:24 AM on 01/21/2013
You don't need to buy porn anymore.
Polymath--Thinking is serious work.
09:23 AM on 01/21/2013
The industry must continually innovate, both sexually and technologically. The students I know at a local university, male and female, omnisexual they are, are heavily into a new type of bisexual porn in which two men have sex with each other, with the assistance of a beautiful female, who is somewhat secondary to the action. At least, this sort of thing is new to me. In any case, by promoting alternate sexualities, and reaching out to students, the industry might just perk up. Of course, in many instances the students are making their own porn for their own consumption.

In terms of the business model, a Netflix type arrangement with consumers might be the way to go. Pay $10 a month and get your choice of new releases in HD streamed over your dorm room computer. In terms of free online porn, the San Fernando Valley porn studios are competing not just against each other, but against Russian, Czech, and other Eastern European competition. The women in those parts of the world work for peanuts and have the reputation of being the most beautiful in the world and of loving men, not faking it.

FYI, Mr. Dave Cummings wikipedia entry is quite informative.
Dan Legge
09:19 AM on 01/21/2013
We can't allow the porn industry to fail,can't the government rescue them with some sort of bailout?
08:33 AM on 01/21/2013
Bobbi Starr plays the oboe ! Make your own jokes.....
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Sam Ullrich
Better call Saul
10:29 PM on 01/21/2013
I see what you did there
Leto II
Is that my problem?
08:56 AM on 01/22/2013
She likes long black oboes to be specific.
03:33 AM on 01/21/2013
My question is, why is this under the "weird news" banner??
Soror quaerens lucem
09:46 AM on 01/21/2013
because porn is weird.
calling it an industry is weird.
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My dogma got run over by a karma.
11:15 AM on 01/21/2013
The notion of anybody paying for porn is weird.
Illegitimate Father of our Nation.
10:27 PM on 01/21/2013
no, dumb.
Don't Hassle Me, I'm Local.
10:35 PM on 01/20/2013
HP is certainly a great news site when it comes to Porn. :-)
Scientist, Liberal, and Awesome Opossum
09:50 PM on 01/20/2013
"The end result means fewer gigs for hard-working porn performers like Dave Cummings, a 72-year-old porn actor..."

72 year old porn actor?! BARF!
Spread Your Love
11:47 PM on 01/20/2013
Hahaha! That's exactly what thought!
06:42 PM on 01/20/2013
Maybe if the companies didn't charge $60-$70 a DVD when you can see it online for free, they may still be able to sell them. I myself would not $60 a year for porn let alone for one movie.
Go outside!
06:01 PM on 01/20/2013
"The piracy has killed the industry," Cummings told HuffPost. "I'd say 80 percent of the companies that were around five years ago either don't exist or are hanging by a thread. The day a new video comes out, within 24 hours, someone has set up a tripod in front of their TV to copy it and then uploaded it illegally."

By far the single most misinformed comment on piracy I've ever read and this man should know more about it than most.

Sorry, but nobody cares about porn movies anymore. You can google whatever it is you want to look at that exact second for free, and most of the mainstream porn stars look like plastic surgery science projects. Yes, movies get ripped and are offered for free often, but most people don't care about them at all, and almost nobody sets a tripod up in front of their screen. Has this man even seen any pirated copies of his own work online?

I'm sorry. But it's 2013. The post office and the mainstream porn industry are relics.
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05:56 PM on 01/20/2013
Folks are starting to figure out how to make their own movies.
Asal Cliste
The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last.
05:38 PM on 01/20/2013
They have a pill for that.
01:12 PM on 01/20/2013
It won't be just the porn industry that will ultimately lose. The music industry is already feeling the pain of less CD sales due to illegal downloads and free file sharing. The internet has become the latest form of technology to kill an industry...much like the invention of fuel injected engines destroyed the jobs of anyone who worked in a carburator shop.
Clear thinking is best served non-partisan
12:23 PM on 01/20/2013
Still buying DVD's that only need to be 10 minutes long to do the job? And why watch again - it's not like there are plot twists.

"Hey Charlie - have you seen this one? Know what happens"
"No...let me guess."
12:00 PM on 01/20/2013
With so many free sites and the expense of DVD's. many of which are of dubious content and material quality, its no surprise. Some of the stories/episodes/DVD's are just so laughable. Sure they have hot people/bodies who grunt and groan, but unless there is some sort of script/plot line designed for someone with an intelligence level over 15 years old, it gets old real fast.
Quality will sell, schlock will collect dust on the shelves.
10:12 AM on 01/20/2013
The 72 yr old porn star is blaming piracy for his failing business....right.
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05:55 PM on 01/20/2013