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03:25 AM on 07/30/2009
If Beck actually studied Barack Obama, he could not ever call him a racist
without feeling deeply ashamed. I guess the key word (regarding Beck) here is 'studied.'
Personally, I would think twice before slandering a Harvard lawyer,
and, oh yes, The President of the United States. Fortunately for Beck,
Obama is neither a racist nor does he seem vindictively litigious.
10:20 AM on 08/02/2009
How odd. Obama has been surrounded by people who have made it clear they have an ax to grind with white america.Yet we are supposed to believe that means nothing and Barach doesn't share any of the opinions of Wright or Michelle Obama
06:33 PM on 08/06/2009

Obama never became a member of a church that banned black people until the 1970s, and had notable segregationists such as Brigham Young as religious figures.
Even B&B are smarter than the Republicans.
01:57 AM on 07/30/2009
I think it's about time someone do something to this man called Glenn Beck. This type of hatred and bigotry should not be allowed to be spewed on TV. This is not acceptable in the mass media.

Can FCC do something? Can Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton do something?
08:01 AM on 07/30/2009
You're right! The FCC should take away his right to free speech and Jesse and Al should bully him into an apology.
Eisenhower Republicans are liberals
11:20 AM on 07/30/2009
One does not have free speech to spread hatred and intolerance.
03:24 PM on 07/30/2009
I believe that the FCC could do something about all the hateful, shockjocks who are tearing this country apart. The FCC could require that these people be honest. Their radio and TV broadcasts could all be subject to review for their honesty and accuracy. If they aren't being honest, then they need to be fined for each offense.

Having said that, it is Glen Beck's right to assert his opinion. He just has to say it's his opinion that Obama is racist.

As far as Glen's concerned, people are racist unless they are espousing his views.

If you listen to these guys and gals much, you realize how dishonest they are being. It's actually pretty amazing. The FCC can and should address this issue.

The FCC should also address the issue of the consolidation of radio and TV broadcasting into the hands of the very few. It is counter to the implementation of our forefathers' intentions. They cautioned that it was necessary for our country to have a press that is free of partisanship. Fox News and anything else owned by Murdoch is simply a mouthpiece for the highest bidders like the oil industry, the health insurance industry and big pharma, and the RNC.
05:58 AM on 08/02/2009
consolidation of radio and tv broadcasting to the very few because it is not what our founding fathers intended? that sounds like a direct violation to the first ammenedment. how can you contradict yourself like that? if the press is "free of patisanship" than why is there only one channel on the television where you can get a different opinion other than what mainstream media is shoveling down our throats. my gosh, abc practically catered to obama's every whim and desire. by the way, the highest bidder is what this country is built on, although i believe your statement is flawed in its logic, nice rhetoric though. if you dont like it, change the channel.
03:18 AM on 08/06/2009
I am amazed at so much naivete or is it just stupidity? According to the libs anyone is a racist who does'nt agree with their views. If you listen to Obama and his guys and girls much, you realize who's really dishonest in this country. We are being lied to by this adminstration and all the libs in congress and some people are so mesmerized by the bullcrap rhetoric they don't even recognize a lie when they hear one. I recommend researching and reading about what our founding fathers actually wrote before claiming to know their intentions because you would actually see that what's happening in this country right now is not what was intended by our founders.

Can the White House and Congress be fined for their lies on television by the FCC also?
They sure have alot of work ahead of them because I sure am hearing a lot of lies.

I say thanks to all those hateful shockjocks for telling the truth and keeping Americans informed on what's really happening in this country.

God Bless Glenn Beck!!!!
01:40 AM on 07/30/2009
This type hate garbage should not be allowed. What happened to the delay signals,bleepers etc? This type rhetoric is allowed and it is kept up all day long and into the night It's time for these stations to HIRE new folks and new material.This is not Professional journalism..This is rating seeking comedy. Many folks are looking for work and..There appears to be some lucky folks who are ready to bring such luck to these stations who have lost their touch. Where is the news? Where is the luck in keeping programs alive. Yes these stations will always have listeners..their message just want reach out Somebody tell these name calling gossip monkers there was a time of cronkites,rathers hunkley brinkleys, et al, in our day. Then cut all this other garbage off the media..Regardless of Channel.
12:52 AM on 08/08/2009
you're right. where are the censors when i have to hear obama's preacher rev. wright saying G** D*** america on my television? where are they then? oh, i forgot, do as i say not as i do. i forgot we were playing by those rules.
12:51 AM on 07/30/2009
Glenn Beck must be reciting these lines from George Wallace's inaugural speech, as part of his night prayer

"In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever."

How about you grab the book Black Like Me - by journalist John Howard Griffin and LEARN something you cry baby mormon of a clown!
Heisendog, a golden lab
03:31 AM on 07/30/2009
I believe George Wallace eventually recanted those words.
we need to respect each other
07:33 AM on 07/30/2009
It doesn't matter. He said it, the meant it and those words will never be forgotten.
08:53 PM on 08/06/2009
Yep...attack the Mormon's...I live in Utah and I've only seen one Mormon that had on clown makeup ... and he wasn't crying. Oh, I read Black Like Me and saw the movie...that happened many years ago and Blacks are not treated any where near the book is a stupid suggestion...oh, you read Black Like Me and that made you an expert? Come on, you're a clown...what religion do you believe in (I just want to add that to the clown comment) oh maybe it's 'you cry baby global warming believer clown' did that help?

One thing I heard the other day that was funny - Obama said his parents met while they were marching over the bridge in Selma (not sure if I spelled that right) and nine months later Obama was born out of that love...only problem is that Obama was born in 1961 and the march took place in 1964...yeah, he ain't no bull**** you bought all the lies didn't you Vulcerco
10:50 PM on 07/29/2009
I know these people who tune into the rushes and becks and there is something at their core, that could never accept Obama's presidency. They latched on to the birther ignorance as if there was a possibility that the election could some way be rescinded. And yes some of these folks are relatives.

One listens to christian radio all morning and Rush all afternoon. She describes any race other than white as those people and worse. I asked her one day how do you go from listening to the teachings of God's love and without pause switched the radio to listen to hate filled rhetoric of a bigot?

I love these relatives but I come to realize that they have an enigma that I could never understand.
09:55 PM on 07/29/2009
where my sarah quitter palin dolls.
Heisendog, a golden lab
03:33 AM on 07/30/2009
Visiting Malibu Barbie, they're watching Russia.
09:50 PM on 07/29/2009
It seems to me that much of the racially charged rhetoric that is being spewed from the extreme right (i.e. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, etc.) is aimed at appeasing a sizeable, ignored segment of the American populace, the poor, uneducated, rural white. It is this very group, largely afflicted by their own sense of inferiority and place in society, which tends toward extremist activities such as the teabag parties, birther conspiracy theories, and unsubstantiated attacks on minorities of color such as Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor and even President Obama. Republican operatives of the white “bourgeois” class have once again exploited the deep seated insecurities that are held among the so-called “rednecks and hillbillies” of America, who largely feel a sense of isolation and disdain for their disposition in the complicated socio-economic class structure in the United States.
we need to respect each other
07:34 AM on 07/30/2009
"ignored segment of the American populace."

12:20 AM on 08/28/2009
"appeasing a sizeable, ignored segment of the American populace, the poor, uneducated, rural white. It is this very group, largely afflicted by their own sense of inferiority and place in society, which tends toward extremist activities such as the teabag parties, birther conspiracy theories, and unsubstantiated attacks on minorities of color such as Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor and even President Obama"

This is as laughable as the mantra that all liberals are intelligent, educated, loving people, who have only the good of mankind in mind, in all cases.

That statement is so canned and it if weren't so sad, it would be funny.
09:47 PM on 07/29/2009
glenn i KNOW I,am stupid beck. please MR.PREZ -----EMAIL ME AT FOX SHOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!IIIIIIIIII---I,am sorry. CRYING BIG TIME!
09:32 PM on 07/29/2009
Well, President Obama must hate his mother and his grandmother. How unfortunate that we have such "stups" in the media. Glenn Beck should be fired from FOX; such a dummy. How in the world did he get his job? This is a terrible statement he made about the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES; the President of all the people. I am so ashamed that FOX would allow this to come through their airwaves.
12:27 AM on 08/28/2009
Glenn Beck is asking questions that I believe the majority of thinking Americans are asking, and these Americans include people of all races and ALL socio-economic situations, it is just stupid to paint dissenters are racists, mobs, poor whites, uneducated, it only shows ignorance to say such a thing.

And why is is so dang important to put some prefix before the word American, African-American, Hispanic-American, Caucasian-American? Real American's are just Americans. These prefixes are meant to divide and fracture our country. Divide and conquer, it is just blindness not to see what is happening. Glenn Beck is simply telling the truth and radicals just don't like their plans brought to light.
12:51 AM on 08/28/2009
So did you ever make "a terrible statement" about our last PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? I bet you did! If so, that is called hypocrisy.

I am so glad that Fox News allows more than one viewpoint. I am so proud of the courage that news service displays. Thank you Fox news!

Glenn Beck owes no one an apology for speaking what he believes is the truth based on EVIDENCE, that is public record. Yes, all races can have racists in them. It is just completely crazy to assume that your skin color precludes the ability to be racist. That is racist thinking in itself. Great Scott ,can't you see that? Sadly it is clear that you just don't see it.
09:24 PM on 07/29/2009
All of America should be angry about Beck's words!
During the interview, Glenn Beck also ask, What kind of President attacks the police like that?
Then there are those who say, President Obama should never have gotten involved.
Remember these comments? :
President Bush 1 said, "The Rodney King verdicts were unjust", When the "POLICE" were found not guilty!
President Bush 2 said, "I am saddened by the events in Jena", when the "POLICE" arrested six black teens!
Does Glenn Beck, think either Presidents Bush, have a deep seeded hatred for "white-people"?
Should Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, have the former Presidents apologize as well?
Why do so many people have tunnel vision, and or, selective hearing, when it comes to President Obama?
How did the President's comments become racial? Open minds understood The President to be defending all Americans. Under the circumstances, had ANY person, been arrested in their home, after providing proof of residence, (with a picture I.D.) such an arrest would be...stupid. Simple.
The President clearly stated, "...Number 1, any of US would be pretty angry". Speaking to the media.
The "acted stupidly" phrase was followed by, "In arresting SOMEBODY, when there was already proof THEY were in THEIR own home."
"SOMEBODY" Meaning NO PERSON, should have been arrested. No mention of race, YET!
Finally, before the mention of racial profiling, President Obama added, "Separate and apart from this incident." Even when speaking of racial profiling, the President separated this particular case.
12:29 AM on 08/28/2009
I am deeply thankful that someone is brave enough to take the heat that comes when telling the truth.
08:22 PM on 07/29/2009
Obama is half white!!!!!!!!!!
02:58 AM on 07/30/2009
Does this somehow immunize him against the charge?
we need to respect each other
07:36 AM on 07/30/2009
No, but saying he hates whites when his beloved, mother, grandfather and grandmother were white deems the charge of racism ridiculous, especially coming from someone who makes his living fanning the flames of hate.

But you know this, and was just trying to be clever.
You failed.
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Bah! My micro-bio didn't meet your guidelines
08:19 PM on 07/29/2009
The sole purpose of Faux Nooze and soulless, demonic outfits like it is to strike fear, hatred, division and disinformation into the hearts of the populace.

However, even Fuxx has sought to distance itself from the pure, unadulterated, lunacy of the mad ramblings of race-baiter extraordinaire Glenn Beck. Frackin' amazing ...
Ken Maddox
This time abolish the GOP WealthCare programs!
08:16 PM on 07/29/2009
All Faux channels have been blocked on my TV. I will not take a chance that my grandchildren could accidentally view some of their profanity and lies.
12:38 AM on 08/28/2009
Fox News is the only news I will watch. The others have abdicated being a free press but is in the pocket of the liberal machine and has been for years. NBC, ABC and CBS are losing viewership all the time because they are so obviously bias, 3 networks to 1 is pretty steep odds and yet, Fox News is growing in viewership every day. Ask yourself why?

I am all for people blocking what they don't choose to hear or watch but don't tell me that I shouldn't have the right to hear the truth. Freedom of speech is for everyone, not just the left extremists who have been making a tempest in a teapot and having it reported as a big event by the liberal media. It is completely unreasonable, but that is the nature of liberalism or rather extreme liberalism, wish it weren't but it is. Our duty is to remain reasonable, firm, and stand strong for the truth.
Ken Maddox
This time abolish the GOP WealthCare programs!
08:14 PM on 07/29/2009
The Acorn "Scandal" failed so Inept Beck and friends changed to "He's a socialist (commie, nazi, etc.).
The "He's a socialist failed, so Inept Beck and friends changed to "The Stimulus doesn't work.).
The Stimulus started to work, so Inept Beck and friends changed to "Where is his Birth Certificate.".
The Birth Certificate story is failing, so Inept Beck and friends have no changed to "He is a racist."
This too will fail, and the Health Care Reform will pass, Cap and Trade will pass, the Tarp funds will all be repaid, the auto industry will recover, the housing crisis will be solved, and the wars will be ended honorably and soon. What then will Inept Beck and friends use to challenge the top notch leadership of Barack Obama?
12:42 AM on 08/28/2009
It doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to see what ACORN is. The scandal though true only faded away somewhat in the revelation of even bigger scandals. That is the nature of reporting. Always the next big scoop.
07:08 PM on 07/29/2009
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. - MLK
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Common Sense is Not So Common Anymore
08:27 PM on 07/29/2009
I believe this exactly what Beck is doing - judging President Obama by the content of his character. I also believe what my mother used to tell me, "Show me y0ur friends and I'll show y0u y0ur future," comes into play here.

Contrarily, I believe President Obama judged Professor Gates and Officer Crowley by the color of their skin without knowing the content of Crowley's character, and as he admitted he didn't know all of the facts, he should have politely and professionally declined to comment on the situation.

Therefore, I believe Beck is exactly correct.

For further explanation of his opinion, listen to Beck himself.
09:36 PM on 07/29/2009
Obama is half white!
we need to respect each other
07:38 AM on 07/30/2009
Your intelligence is seriously in question now.