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Solar is cheap, free, and clean
09:27 PM on 07/28/2009
Mr. Blumenauer,

I meant to say that I enjoyed your report on today's proceedings in the House. It would be funny if it weren't so very, very sad. That this buffoonery you witnessed is what passes for representation in our government makes me want to go cry in a pillow.

But I am an activist who doesn't cry in pillows, so on July 30th I'll be with

Will you join us?
09:23 PM on 07/28/2009
I recently saw the "new" Harry and Louise commercial paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. In this version of it the couple were FOR health care reform. With all due respect Representative Blumenauer, any reforms that the drug companies are FOR can't be good for the American people. And Democrats were responsible for this.
07:47 PM on 07/29/2009
Well, I'm sure they will be glad to know that you are easily swayed by advertising.
Respect, love and admiration
09:22 PM on 07/28/2009
I just finished viewing a segment of the Rachel Maddow show where she replayed some Republican representatives on the floor of congress and on talk radio; that the Health Care Reform bill contained language stating the elderly will be killed if passed. WHAT THE F@#k!!! How in the hell can these people be this reckless and get away with this? I never knew how low people could stoop to keep people afraid of needed change. This is a total disgrace.
10:41 AM on 07/29/2009
They are disgraceful, even for Republican members of congress.
How low can you go?

Yet, I am sure some people will believe it all.

War doesn't decide who is right, just who is left
09:21 PM on 07/28/2009
Rachel Madow just dedicated the first 15 minutes of her show to this latest Republican-mania of forced suicide by the elderly. FORCED SUICIDE BY THE ELDERLY DUE TO THE HEALTH CARE BILL.

This is getting out of hand. My father spent the last few months of his life in a mental institution due to a particularly virulent form of dementia. But the least cognizant person in that hospital would think these Republicans are nuts.
Solar is cheap, free, and clean
09:19 PM on 07/28/2009
Mr. Blumenauer, the Honorable Representative from Oregon, I would love to "have a beer" with you. You make a lot of sense. I have seen you on the Ed Show , and you need a wider audience!
Leftist, Christian, Non-Violent Revolutionary
09:16 PM on 07/28/2009
Wow. Thank Goddess for these speeches.

I didn't know the new proposed reforms would kill seniors. My mom is a senior. I don't want the government killing her.

And I didn't know that the government was not only going to take over the entire health care industry but increase it from 16% to 20% of the economy. They promise to bring prices down and instead they are going to raise them? Or maybe it's even worse. Maybe the economy is just going to shrink that much? After all I didn't know millions of people are going to lose their jobs. Wow.
09:16 PM on 07/28/2009
This guy is great!
09:14 PM on 07/28/2009
If you ask me, who do I trust more to make health care decisions for me? An underpaid civil servant, or a greedy businessman out to make a buck by any means necessary, I'll take the civil servant any day.
09:13 PM on 07/28/2009
So Earl, explain Ron to me.

Has he really gone off the deep end as reported here?

When I lived in Beaverton, I voted for him. I would never have expected him to be against the health care plan.