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Real eyes realize real lies
01:41 AM on 01/18/2013
...I wished this had happened to me when I was 18 and I stayed 18 forever...5 however is not the best age to be stuck in.
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01:31 AM on 01/18/2013
What an enormous opportunity for science!

Her story has long been science fiction (episodes of Star Trek, Twilight Zone etc) but they involved adults who stopped aging.
02:11 PM on 01/19/2013
Go away.
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06:02 PM on 01/19/2013
Where do you want me to go?
01:26 AM on 01/18/2013
These comments are horrible. This isn't a beautiful story. The child has a gentic defect and her development has stunted. Her body is still aging, although her appearance will likely remain that of a child for remainder of her life. As with most serious genetic defects, she will likely die much earlier than her healthy counter parts. In all likelyhood there will be no treatment or cure that comes in time to aid her. At best, doctors will be able to screen for this defect before future pregnancies come to term.
08:28 AM on 01/18/2013
Completely agree with you.
01:22 AM on 01/18/2013
I wonder if BodyTalk could help her? It apparently has brought people out of comas. It might be worth a try. What beautiful comments some folks have written about this situation. God bless this family.
Elder Amateur Scientist
01:02 AM on 01/18/2013
She may have been 5 when they figured out that she had stopped aging. But, looks to me like it actually occurred about two years earlier.
12:46 AM on 01/18/2013
This is honestly really sad. That girl will never lead a normal life.
red dancer
01:36 AM on 01/18/2013
I feel the same way--at 5 years old she stopped growing physically and mentally--she is in limbo.
08:30 AM on 01/18/2013
I see it the same as you. Nothing good about this. It was really maddening the way the doctor or scientist seemed so excited.
12:40 AM on 01/18/2013
I have this disease except I stopped aging when I was 15
12:40 AM on 01/18/2013
i love her!!!!! she's perfect in her own way!!
12:19 AM on 01/18/2013
07:47 AM on 01/18/2013
So you're saying that it is a gift from your god to be trapped in the body of a 5 year old with that same mindset even though age-wise you should be 20 and out living your life, instead being babied and taken care of by your parents who are probably crazily disturbed and depressed because of your situation? On a side-note this could possibly open up to youth medications and improving life-spans etc.
12:02 AM on 01/18/2013
Life is not about living forever, life is about experiencing all that life brings you. If you had the ability to freeze yourself at 27, you would be missing out on the vast majority of what life is about. God bless this little angel and her family, she is a miracle and I hope she remains happy and healthy.
11:18 PM on 01/17/2013
Please don't say it's sad.

God brought her down to Earth; He chose her for a special task only she could complete.

She was given a strong family that loves with their heart.

We need to think of things she's has & will accomplish while she's here on Earth.


Not what society feels she should have already & should still accomplish while she's here on Earth.
12:16 AM on 01/18/2013
10:33 PM on 01/17/2013
She ISNT a 5 year old... Kids that age go to school walk, run talk they dont sit in a stroller mute. Theres obviously other things as you can see in her eyes, her mouth shes not normal.
11:08 PM on 01/17/2013
She does not look like a 5 yr old at all, and I agree she would walk, talk some .. if she has progressed normal until age 5....... SO SAD , but even her hair doesn't look like a 5 yr old, some one goofed on age determination... But I wish her and her family all the prayers, luck and best for them
10:25 PM on 01/17/2013
Sad that even though she looks like a toddler and is actually twenty.. her development makes her forver a baby.. Progeria the oppossite at least mentally they live according to their "age"
09:57 PM on 01/17/2013
This isn't supposed to be a hurtful comment or joke or insult, it's supposed to be a literal observation; it appears that while the rest of her has stopped aging, her ears have continued to grow. They look to be about the size of twenty year old women.
09:44 PM on 01/17/2013
Thank goodness for ObamaCare
The average person thinks he isn't
01:38 AM on 01/18/2013