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02:11 AM on 08/01/2009
If this story is about two cops who allegedly broke into a surrogate mothers home, then why do we keep on having to see Parker/Broderick over and over again (as the grapic for these reports). Enough already!
They are not that interesting, or good looking (maybe its just the graphics, and they look much better on tv). Parker looks like her skin cream isn't working, and Broderick looks like the guy who is charging her too much for it. And it isnt as if they personally had quintuplets or something.
02:39 AM on 08/01/2009
I don't know what's stranger: your post, your avatar or your moniker.
09:57 AM on 08/01/2009
07:32 PM on 08/01/2009
Anything actually relevant to say?
01:34 AM on 08/01/2009
Bill Maher said it best: America has a cop problem.
Don't believe everything you think.
12:11 AM on 08/01/2009
I'm sorry, these people 'ick' me out.
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11:46 PM on 07/31/2009
Morticia and Gomez Addams
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11:41 PM on 07/31/2009
You know, what's up with all the lawlessness going on in the country? 2 days in a row now, lawless cops are in the news. 3 high profile incidents in the last 3 months, excluding even the Gates arrest. Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like I'm waking up into the Soviet Union with the KGB running around kicking in everyone's doors, spying on everyone, beating them down in the street while passerby's say nothing and do nothing as happened here...

What in the world have we become? I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is us?
Beating the Conundrum
10:50 AM on 08/01/2009
But...But...but...the constitution....lawn hors d' ovres
If you're not under the TARP, you're all wet.
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10:35 PM on 07/31/2009
"So we've just got to put up with it."????

WTF? No, mayor, you've got to own the problem, just like the mayor of St. Paul has to own the police behavior during the Republican convention. Sometimes I wonder who's zoomin' who.
10:30 PM on 07/31/2009
That picture makes me sad for SJP. She seems to be clinging to a man who is already gone.
12:10 PM on 08/01/2009
Yeah. I can't stop the tears. And too soon after MJ.
09:35 PM on 07/31/2009
What the cops did was wrong.

However, we need to remember that the same thing could LEGALLY happen to any of us, and we would never know it.

President Obama has worked diligently to strengthen the spying/search-without cause anticonstitutional measure implemented by Bush Jr. During Obama's campaign, he strongly criticized the program...yet within a month of his inauguration, his DOJ was in court ensuring that the program will remain in place.

What happened to the surrogate mother could happen to any of us, except we would never know it. Under the Bush-Obama program, not only can they listen to our calls, monitor our computer use, physically follow us, etc., but they can enter our homes (without warrant, without notification either before or after the entry), and search through anything in the house. THey can copy our computer drives if the whim hits them.

Those police had no legitimate cause to enter and search the surrogate's home, confiscating items of hers in the process. But if they had been federal agents, they wouldn't need a cause, and she would have never known the were there.
09:34 PM on 07/31/2009
Two more down.
08:37 PM on 07/31/2009
Beating the Conundrum
10:54 AM on 08/01/2009
Agentlady007----How is that "communist"?
What do you know about communism?
I'm against communism BUT it serves no one to misuse the name.
But then you could have put any word on there and felt cute, right?
08:36 PM on 07/31/2009
Oh this is just one door exposed. There are millions of men out there with badges on who use their "authority" to control society in their minds with some kind of falsified self promotion. America is already a communicst country, state to state.
Beating the Conundrum
09:45 AM on 08/03/2009
Define "Communist" I don't get what you are saying relates to communism, if that can even be defined. There were several communism vegetables in the garden of government and I don't see any in the USA for the most part, although Massachusetts and San Francisco seem headed there.
Live every week like it's Shark week!
08:27 PM on 07/31/2009
I helped train Barry Carpenter to be a bartender back in the early 90's. He was a good, polite kid who seemed to have a pretty good head on his shoulders. As a police chief he earned the respect of most of the city he served as well as the local media. I have never once heard of him abusing his power, as in beating a suspect, as so many of our local cops seem to enjoy.

Somebody waved some money under his nose and he went bad. Cops should be held to a higher standard than the average citizen. As bad as I feel for Carpenter, I gotta say throw the book at him.
09:50 PM on 07/31/2009
I don't know if they should be held to a higher standard, but they danged straight should not commit profit-driven crimes under the color of authority. All bets are off at that point, IMO.
08:12 PM on 07/31/2009
Matthew took the lives of two women in Ireland and was cited for wreckless driving and fined $150. No jail time.
01:00 AM on 08/01/2009
Driving an automobile is the most complex thing most people will ever do.
07:38 PM on 07/31/2009
You can't trust anybody in the world today...sad but true!!!
10:16 PM on 07/31/2009
That's just not true.
07:19 PM on 07/31/2009
you know the old saying, it takes one to catch one... these cops are no exception. A study put out over ten years ago said that most police have a criminal mind, meaning a sociopaths tendencies!
07:58 PM on 07/31/2009
Did you see Quakin Phoenix and Robert Duvall and Mark Walberg's last film...?
08:18 PM on 07/31/2009
Could you cite the study? I'd be very interested. I spent 23 years in police work. I'd like to know how sick I am. I'll check back later. I'm going to go beat up and rob an old lady.
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"Just the facts, ma'am,"
08:53 PM on 07/31/2009
bragladish said "most" not ALL. Why do you feel guilty? Or like you belong to the "most"?
08:53 PM on 07/31/2009
Sited on this blog and except below:

The face of a sociopath: An Arizona Department of Public Safety officer displays a twisted, sadistic grin as he tazes Pastor Steven Anderson (see below, right), a law-abiding American whose only "offense" was to resist an unconstitutional search of his vehicle.

Fierro's case resonates with a familiar cinematic cliche, that of the "supercop" with friends on "both sides of the law."

Much celebrated in film and television, this affinity actually exists, according to a study published ten years ago in the Journal of Police a Criminal Psychology.

The problem, according to that study, is that this demonstrates the prevalence of a certain type of sociopathic personality in both crime and law enforcement, since "the characteristics of `supercops' [are] similar and perhaps even interchangeable with those of habitual criminals." Among the salient traits of both groups are "a disposition toward control, aggressiveness, vigilance, rebelliousness, high energy level ... high self-esteem, feelings of uniqueness ... and a tendency to avoid blame."