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09:47 PM on 01/17/2013
CEOs and Executives make over 300x the average worker salary....

CAP salaries and triple the minimum wage. We have got to stop allowing greed to rip this country apart from teh inside.

We are all human beings and we are all in this together. Start acting like it.
Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
11:33 PM on 01/17/2013
CEOS and Executives also have an education, experience and more importantly most of them took a chance with their own money to start their business. The company objective did not start out by saying they wanted to higher a lot of people and pay them well... most state how much money they are going to make.

CAP salaries? Yes lets take away the incentive for the intelligent people. Soon with your idea we will be a nation of burger flippers, after all why do all the studying when I can make the same as someone who didn't try to get ahead in life.

Yes, We are human beings BUT we are not all in it together. I look forward to reading the story of how you used your own money and started a business where you capped salaries and paid 3x the min. wage. Good Luck with that.
01:58 AM on 01/18/2013
Logic has failed you. Greed and ignorance have overcome you..

Education does not equal salary
Salary does not equal intellgence.

The company would not exist if WE THE PEOPLE of this nation did not build the infrastructure and laws that allowd it to start in the first place.

Most CEOS didn't start the company they work for

Intelligent people aren't motivated money. Greedy people are.

you seriously just proved my my point with your bigoted and completely ignorant rant.
09:39 PM on 01/17/2013
These people are handling youre food ,you need to pay them well.It just makes good business sense to keep youre employees happy.They will be much more productive,less problems,etc.
Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
11:39 PM on 01/17/2013
First, It is "Your" not You're (You are)

Second, When they took the job they knew the pay rate and also what the job entailed.
Now you want them to be paid more so they can be more productive? Maybe if they were more "productive" from the beginning they would be getting paid more.

It is also easy, at least in NJ, to deal with workers who become less productive and cause problems... you fire them. Firing them is also a good motivator for the rest of the workers, it always seems to make them more productive.
09:15 PM on 01/17/2013
I think public managing CEO's (not Entrepreneurs) should cap their pay at 40 or 50 times the lowest earning worker and the profits should go to shareholders. I don't think this should be a government mandate, just my thoughts on the subject.
10:13 PM on 01/17/2013
Why is it that I think you are not a CEO and if you were, you would have a completely different opinion on the matter?
11:56 PM on 01/17/2013
I've started and run my own companies since I was 22 - I'm 36 now.  I value entrepreneurs not managing ceo's who get golden parachutes while the companies lose money.
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09:10 PM on 01/17/2013
Fast food isn't a career choice. Get more education if you want more money and find a better job.
09:35 PM on 01/17/2013
A decent human understands that not everyone has the same "career" choices.
A Decent human also understand basic logic, you cannot go out to eat unless someone works these jobs. Some people like doing these jobs. Some people in this industry have advanced degrees.

How about we actually value the service industry as human beings instead of indentured
servents that only exist to allow you to dine on the cheap? Or is treating people like human beings just too difficult for us?
09:42 PM on 01/17/2013
Great, a 15 dollar Wendy's burger.
11:36 PM on 01/17/2013
Fast food service should not be considered a "career choice". It should be considered what it was 10-20 years ago, jobs for teens in high school and college. Or at least a means to get by until you find something better. We have to be responsible for our decisions in this world. If you quit high school, and work at a fast food restaraunt for 10+ years doing the bare minimum so you don't even get a supervisor position, you won't make much money. And if you like doing these jobs then you must be ok with what they pay, otherwise you wouldn't like it.
As far as waiters/waitresses go, I have no problem taking them out of the category of the $2.13 minimum wage. Go ahead and pay them $7.25+ minimum like the rest of us. But when food prices adjust to reflect this, they should not be surprised when a great tip is considered 15%, and the normal tip range being 7-10%. I still think they would come out better than they do as of now.
09:38 PM on 01/17/2013
for most it is an intermediary position while they are in school, and they are routinely taken advantage of. I do not advocate paying them exorbitant fees, but they do deserve more.
Jerry Brown64
I look like Eric Cantor, but i'm not. I'm Gumby!
09:06 PM on 01/17/2013
I don't want them to fart on my food, therefore I support them.
08:20 PM on 01/17/2013
As the minium wage increases, so does the cost of the food, and the employee hours are slashed. Lower the minium wage and provide larger earned income tax credits to compensate low wage earners.
09:38 PM on 01/17/2013
Translation, the well being of my fellow humans is not important if i cannot have cheap food.

How about hte CEOs and executives take an HONEST wage and at the same time, treat their employees like human beings? Or do you think only the "lesser humans' have to take pay cuts and live in poverty so their bosses can live in luxury?
Freedom to the people
10:01 PM on 01/17/2013
It is called a "Free Market Economy", at least that's what we used to have.
10:10 PM on 01/17/2013
The corporate sector has a win win situation, in any given scenerio. The government will not do anything to people who have a lot of money becuase, money talks. My solution is a simple and feasible one. Increase the amount of money low wage earners recieve with the earned income tax credit.
08:18 PM on 01/17/2013
I work in a place that offers sick days but even if you bring in a Dr's note to excuse an absence you still get written up, also you don't get 1st day sick pay you have to be out for a minimum of 2 days but you still lose 1 day of pay and get written up even though you went to a Dr so instead of having the manager looking to get you fired you just come into work and work like your supposed to.I am a unionized employee and still deal with this same crap, and everyone starts at minimum wage they have to wait a year to get any benefits so even while unionized they still have to apply for state assistance. Unfortunately where I live if you make any more than $8/HR you cannot get state assistance so even though these people are not making living wages they cannot get any healthcare either. It's a hard spot to be in.
08:35 PM on 01/17/2013
Sounds like a lousy place to work. And companies wonder why employees are unmotivated. Who wants to give 110% for a company that's crapping all over them?
08:17 PM on 01/17/2013
Who are the 18% who think that they make too much already?
Take care of the little blue marble
10:50 PM on 01/17/2013
100% what I was thinking!
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07:57 PM on 01/17/2013
ALL workers deserve relatively more of the share of Fiat Wealth than they are given.
10:17 PM on 01/17/2013
No, they don't. If they want more money they should earn it and you can't earn it by working at McDonalds.
Reality is liberal indoctrination
07:54 PM on 01/17/2013
Americans support anything until they get the bill. They happily shop at Walmart to save a few pennies knowing how badly they pay their employees. Our jobs went to China because WE sent them there for being CHEAP.
3/4 of a Human being...
08:13 PM on 01/17/2013
How dare you speak truth using logic and facts? Naughty naughty naughty you!

That being said, how sad is it that we have to constantly remind people of things that we all already know, but most love to conveniently forget?

Way fave/fan man, thank you for adding honesty to the ongoing conversation.
Reality is liberal indoctrination
08:48 PM on 01/17/2013
Thanks mike. Right back atcha.
10:29 PM on 01/17/2013
Fanned you, too, mikehoward74, for putting it out there.
10:27 PM on 01/17/2013
F&F, webwzrd
07:53 PM on 01/17/2013
The survey would also find that the people answering support better pay for themselves.
07:49 PM on 01/17/2013
I have no sympathy for businesses, that don't pay enough to their employees, enough to support themselves or their families, instead throwing their employees to government assistance, so that the rest of us taxpayers have to foot the bill and feed their hungry kids.
Joshua Kramarenko
07:46 PM on 01/17/2013
The argument used to be that slaves offer simple labor and in return they get food and shelter so they should be happy.

The point is there are so many benefiting from keeping these people down, whether it be CEO's who take their lions share of the profits and give nothing but the tiniest scraps to those who actually make them their money, or the fat American slobs who can't imagine losing their precious value menus. Most people against this are people who never had to struggle in their lives, people who parents fed them and gave them shelter as they went to school to get their high paying jobs they lord over minimum wage workers heads with a sense of entitlement as if they did it all by themselves.
07:42 PM on 01/17/2013
Yes, please pay them more. In N Out employees are paid more than McD's and I never worry about them spitting in my food.
Billy Shears
Teach a man to fish.
07:35 PM on 01/17/2013
Then the public can pay them more.
Wiping out Stupidity with Facts!
09:58 PM on 01/17/2013
The public, buy tipping, already pays most of their wage costs. If you can't pay your employees without relying on tipping practices, you don't deserve to be in business....or work it yourself.