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07:07 PM on 01/17/2013
Rehashing a month old story
06:45 PM on 01/17/2013
What I don't understand is that how were these hunks of massive debris floating all the way from Japan without any body picking up on it?? Coast Gaurd, anyone? Does't say alot for our safety if ya think about it... If some massive unpowered dock/barge, boat can float into our water ways, undetected, who is to say that somebody else can't?? I mean seriously...
07:12 PM on 01/17/2013
There are sadly a lot of large objects (like airtight cargo containers meant to fit on an 18 wheeler) floating in the ocean with very little showing above water. Apart from the security issue you point out they are a menace to shipping.
07:19 PM on 01/17/2013
you really should READ this more..BTW..the coast guard does wonders wit hLITTLE REsources thier main job is protect america and citizens these pieces of the wrecks in japan are barely visable day or night AND the coast guard canoot be at EVERY spot on the 3000 mile coast line.....get REAL
09:40 PM on 01/17/2013
Hey lighten up... Not just the Coast Guard but every fisherman in the private sector along with commercial can help too... Stuff like this is publisized all over the world and im sure someone who really wants a way into our Country or do us harm , this would be the way.not to mention all the drugs that come into the US... so why don't YOU get real.. I wasn't bashing any one of Americas Defenses..
06:26 PM on 01/17/2013
Headline: "Tsunami debris washes up in US from very far away". Oh, HP, please tell me. I'll click on the link! But I'll bet its from JAPAN, no? Why YES!! Mystery solved! >
06:44 PM on 01/17/2013
Maybe it is from Shangri-la!
06:24 PM on 01/17/2013
Japan needs to pay for the clean up of all the junk that is washing up on our shores. I know that if it were our debris washing up on their shores , they would expect up to pay for clean up. So why doesn't our government tell Japan to pay up???
Stuck in pending.
06:51 PM on 01/17/2013
So you expect any of the debris from Sandy which ends up in Europe or Africa the US will be billed for?
Fan of Clanthus
07:28 PM on 01/17/2013
I doubt it. But when a section the dock from the Casa Marina Resort in Key West broke off during a storm in 1985 and whopped the seawall at Louie's Backyard, as Project Coordinator for a makeover of the resort I ended up authorizing a sizeable settlement for removal and damage repair to Louie's.
06:59 PM on 01/17/2013
No they don't. Natural disaster. A hurricane blows your big old oak tree over on your neighbor's house? Guess what, you have no liability - its their issue. Something that happened three thousand miles away as a result of an underound earth quake ? Not their issue, problem or clean up cost.
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07:26 PM on 01/17/2013
Maybe we should watch for approaching hurricanes, then truck "all" of our garbage, nuclear waste, illegals and guns to the shoreline.. Then the US would not be responsible for the clean-up... Just a thought...
06:24 PM on 01/17/2013
Quit cleaning up the marine plants and animals....who are they to know if that's how those species are supposed to find new habitats, etc??
07:19 PM on 01/17/2013
Actually you are right... That is how species migrated to other lands on fallen trees, etc.
08:54 PM on 01/17/2013
That may be true, but the US has very strict immigration rules, and they did not come in 'legally' so they are considered 'illegal immigrants' and therefore need to be segregated, scraped off, and sent back to where they came from, with a note in the black book to never be allowed re-entry to the US.
It is nothing personal. Just policy.
The time when the US was open to any invading, refugees, religiously persecuted and otherwise down trodden persons (or those who were trafficked, for that matter--as many of those 'docked species' were)--is over.
No papers. No welcome.
06:22 PM on 01/17/2013
I appreciate the debris recovery crews scraping the fouling organisms off that dock so as not to
add any more invasive species to the West Coast. However, I would certainly like to get hold of some that material, I imagine there are some interesting organisms there. Anyway, that's just a biologist daydreaming.
07:13 PM on 01/17/2013
They might be overreacting -- those same organism probably float across the ocean on smaller flotsam.
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06:11 PM on 01/17/2013
Who is paying for the clean up.
07:09 PM on 01/17/2013
We will. This was an act of God so no one is at fault... It's like a Tornado hitting your area and your neighbor's house ends up in your yard, and so on... you just clean it up like good neighbors and help each other out.
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07:29 PM on 01/17/2013
Yes but not our crap.  If we wait it will return to Japan.
09:10 PM on 01/17/2013
U, d USA tax payer.
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09:32 PM on 01/17/2013
Why not let it float back
05:49 PM on 01/17/2013
And this is a surprise why?
06:32 PM on 01/17/2013
The didn't know it was Japanese debris because it took them a long time to translate the Japanese writing on the side of it.
09:11 PM on 01/17/2013
Aint no stinkin surprise to thou.
04:50 PM on 01/17/2013
More imports from Asia, now our dock manufacturing industries are threatened!