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09:58 PM on 01/27/2013
I read it and no where in it I see she passed. It does not matter the grandmother can not give the child away without the courts approval!
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09:49 PM on 01/27/2013
Danny sounds more than worth the annoyance they endured from Granny.Granny needed help she had major "end of life abandonment and loss" issues she was dealing with. I am not cynical but I know human nature very well.I would have gone through the process from the onset under the tutelage of an adoption attorney or NO deal.....end of story.In my heart I do hope that this sweet sweet couple gets to adopt Danny though.They sound like they should adopt several kids:)
09:24 PM on 01/27/2013
It seems to me that those who are commenting about not contacting an attorney should reread this article. The 8th paragraph down clearly states "We consulted attorneys, caseworkers and pediatric therapists to assure Danny's smooth transition and ability to grieve the loss of his grandmother." Again, too many people are quick to judge without actually reading or knowing all the facts.
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01:13 AM on 01/28/2013
Then why didn't the author enlighted the readership with what they had to say about it all?
03:20 AM on 01/28/2013
It states they contacted them about his transition and ability to grieve. It doesn't say that they reported any concerns once they were more aware of the situation.

I'm not trying to prove they didn't talk to authorities about their concerns. I'm just saying that it is not clear whether they did or not, based on the article.
09:22 PM on 01/27/2013
To those that keep commenting about not contacting an attorney, please read the 9th or 10th paragraph down on the first page. It clearly states "We consulted attorneys, caseworkers and pediatric therapists to assure Danny's smooth transition and ability to grieve the loss of his grandmother." Again, so many people quick to judge without actually reading the story or knowing the facts.
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02:02 AM on 01/28/2013
Then what did the professionals who are necessary for an adoption have to say, or do?
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08:53 PM on 01/27/2013
Hello ...? Will someone please tell me why the obviously mentally ill grandmother is allowed to keep and torture this child? Has ANYONE tried to help this little boy at all?????
10:01 PM on 01/27/2013
why u say that? Is her flesh and blood grand child
08:00 AM on 01/28/2013
Flesh and blood or not, she is mentally abusing him. He would be better off in the system than with her. I have bi polar family members like this. That child is not safe.
08:53 PM on 01/27/2013
This story does suck but why give up? It's bad but it's not so bad to give up. I've been through MUCH more than that for a little girl I've been the mommy of for over a year and a half now (still going). If they really wanted to save that boy and loved him then they shouldn't have given up. Getting that boy and having him be in your family would have been worth it to go through some pain with grandma - I'm sure he already does on a regular basis. Now he has NO hope instead of some.
08:42 PM on 01/27/2013
dbroidy11 I could not have said it better. I am very disappointed in this family that they did not (or at least the story does not mention) seek the services of an attorney, notify DHS or even the police. I know its easy for me to say from a far removed point of observation, but I find that this family made a lot of mistakes & rather they wanted to or not they put this little boy through hell and probably further hell for years to come as the boy will no doubt wonder why they never came back. I would ask this family where was your fight, your determination, & your awareness of how abusive & wrong this entire episode was. They state that they are at peace with their decision, well thats just great!! I wonder how much peace the little boy is feeling.
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01:51 AM on 01/28/2013
Or just a phone call to social services - which is something the bishop or his wife could have done - since the boy is living with someone who shrieks paranoid babble to him in their trailer. That in itself would warrant a visit. If there were attorneys already involved it would be their professional obligation to phone social services, not to mention the pediatric counselors.
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08:40 PM on 01/27/2013
How very sad! Isn't there any way that the 'prospective adoptive parents' can fnd the little boy or the Grandma's residence? This is too "cut and dry" for me. I am bewildered as to why this all happened the way that it did. Can anyone explain?
08:25 PM on 01/27/2013
Awww is that danny in the picture?? The 1 with a heart on the face.
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08:08 PM on 01/27/2013 about DRAMA, I think the kid hoarders...aka adoptive parents, may be the ones with ISSUES here, esp. already calling the boy HER SON. If Granny was truely that wacky I would think some social service agent would already be on scene and the child would not still be living with her. Hmmmmmmmm Seems to me they just want Granny to kick the bucket so they can get a fairly cheap kid. I say...go buy a puppy!
08:56 PM on 01/27/2013
Children Services would need hard proof that she's crazy, like physical wounds on the boy or a mental evaluation that she would have to agree to do before they could even think about taking the kid away. Children Services weren't the ones dealing with the granny for months so they wouldn't know any better. The lady did seem weird saying that over the phone she felt like it was her son already...especially because she was too quick to give up on getting him.
02:32 AM on 01/28/2013
Too quick? This incident happened over a period of MONTHS if not longer than a year.
12:26 AM on 01/28/2013
Ewww, Judgmental much? Take your lonely torch and go home.
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07:36 PM on 01/27/2013
Not to stop couples from adopting US children but this incident and many other types, is one of the reasons so many choose foreign babies. Heartbreaking..
07:29 PM on 01/27/2013
This is an interesting article, but somehow leaves me with the feeling that it's at least partially fiction. Many other readers have pointed out seemingly quirky angles in the story (no adoption agency, no lawyer, no calls to CPS). Other readers have pointed out the serious side effects of some medications, especially if administered in the wrong dosage, so this might well have been the problem with the grandmother's frequent change of attitude. The normal dosage for a given person might be too strong for another, with different tolerance levels. Anyhow, if the story is true, hopefully the child will eventually find loving adoptive parents.
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01:08 AM on 01/28/2013
It sounds like she wasn't taking any at all. Her age wasn't stated, but it could be that she has early onset dementia or an untreated mental illness that is getting worse with age going untreated.
07:01 PM on 01/27/2013
Yeah...I am definitely a little confused. It seems more than one person knows Grandma has a mental issue. Did this author not think to call the police? DCS? Anyone else think to call? The "Bishop" seems to understand the issues? I'm lost......what if she ends up hurting him or worse? Wow....take action. Do something other than walk away....
10:03 PM on 01/27/2013
She has raise him for 5 years I do not see her hurting the child.
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01:53 AM on 01/28/2013
Putting him through this at his age and screaming obsenities and lies to him does constitute abuse and warrants a call to child protection services. If she is using him for any kind of money exchange it could amount to fraud.
07:00 AM on 01/28/2013
Doesn't mean she won't ever. Sounds to me like someone has always "been there" just in time yet still do nothing. What if the next time someone isn't there? Plus the mental abuse on the child alone...he needs to be taken away and placed in a loving home where someone does not do that to him.
06:55 PM on 01/27/2013
DID YOU EVERY THINK OF CALLING SOCIAL SERVICE ?????yes I am screaming,what kind of effect do you think this is having on this child ?????I am not sure you all are the right parents for this child. This little boy needs unconditionly love,and understanding,and I am not sure you two are capable of that,he needs some one that will stand with him through the thick,and thin,you seem to turn away when things get bad.Think it over,it may not be a good thing for him.I Pray that he gets a good set of parents.(poor baby)
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10:53 PM on 01/27/2013
What can social services do? I am a potential-adoptive parent and a foster parent. Unless this child is being abused, Social Services will not get involved. They have cases of children being starved to death and tortured. They can't MAKE a custodial family member give up their rights, even if Grandma says she is dying (who knows? that could have all been a load of baloney as well) It is not illegal to be a manipulative selfish person. I deal with those types of parents often as a foster parent. All I can do is pray for the child and pray the parents do the right thing. It is very heartbreaking to watch and to tell social workers that the birth family is a bunch of nut-bags and that the child is being mentally abused and have the worker tell you that just because their parenting technique or their personal lives are not optimum, it is their way. I hope this family can move forward and if it is God's will for them to adopt Danny, then I pray that it all works according to plan.
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06:50 PM on 01/27/2013
This little boy is going to wonder what he might have done wrong to be abandoned by people who claimed to love him. He is going to wonder what is wrong with him that he couldn't get adopted. I don't know if he will blame grandma but I can't buy that the writer loved him so much and yet abandoned him when he needed them. I will forever distort his perspective on many things. I feel so bad for him.