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05:13 PM on 01/20/2013
Gotta do it to them before they can do it to you- the hostages understood that, even tho they died. The only way to deal with Al Qaeda is STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE FIRST, NO NEGOTIATIONS!
05:36 PM on 01/20/2013
05:41 PM on 01/20/2013
Why is that always the smart thing to do? If the Universe were simple, then perhaps one could best face it with simple rules; alas ... the Universe is complex. In fact, it appears to me that the sum total of our efforts since 9/11 is to have increased both the number and ferocity of our enemies. We seem to be part of an elaborate enemy creating machine: we kill 100 only to have created 105.
yo drewski
06:09 PM on 01/20/2013
Except for the fact that this article mentions nothing about Algeria's perspective. Algeria went through a brutal civil insurrection (against a corrupt government) in the 1990s and early 2000s. As many as 100,000 Algerians were killed. Very few Algerians are inclined to see a repeat of those years. Algeria is a sovereign state, just like the US, or Canada, or the UK, or France. They can ask for assistance in dealing with the matter, but these are foreign workers who went to Algeria chasing high pay. Nowhere was there an explicit (or even implicit) guarantee that Algeria would protect them against any harm at all costs. Israel has the same policy and no one questions it. I'm not suggesting violence is the solution. These aggressors are nihilists--they seek destruction, even when they get what they say they want. Destruction of people, of peace, of civil rights. They seek to impose their primitive mindset on others, a system which has proven to be deadly to any who run afoul of it. How is this moment of violence and death any different than the daily violence and death of sharia law?
David Jeffers
Re-Elect No One
06:18 PM on 01/20/2013
Islamic extremists have only 1 position...convert or die...

Pretty much sums up the possibilities of dealing with them.