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11:26 AM on 01/24/2013
who cares? why should their gov't be any different than ours? it's all about ME ME ME ME and screw everyone else. they're no better, no worse that the current adminstration in the US. the only difference is that they're more honest than the obama administration
11:26 AM on 01/24/2013
1 question....For 10 years we had a treaty with N Korea to pay them millions a year in aid if they do not build nukes....for those 10 years they took the millions and used them to build nukes....this was confirmed 7-8 years ago and people accept that.....people accept that obama lied about a protest to avoid the public finding out that the same rebels he armed and trained attacked the american embassy....No one cares the u.s. gov lost 100's of guns in mexico that has killed100's ....people are just fine with this or can argue this...and this was all before the the american public that dumb....
Nancy Smith Nevelizer
11:55 AM on 01/24/2013
11:59 AM on 01/24/2013
We have never had a treaty with North Korea. We are technically still at war with them, since the conflict ended with a cease fire, not a treaty.
11:23 AM on 01/24/2013
Hopefully Obama and the collective left rush in and proposes to ban North Korea,. We'll all be able to sleep soundly once the ban takes place as bans make problems go away and ensure our future is a safe one. /lollipopsunicorns&icecreamforall
11:40 AM on 01/24/2013
I believe North Korea tested it's first nuclear device under the Bush administration.... but bush showed them by invading Iraq didn't he
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11:44 AM on 01/24/2013
When will you know?
02:28 PM on 01/24/2013
north korea became a nuclear nation in late 2005 early 2006. NK has no resources there. we invaded iraq in 2003, but with no oil in NK there is no reason for the US to go inthere
11:20 AM on 01/24/2013
Seriously people, North Korea a threat? Anyone notice what fat little fart is running that country? The US can stuff any missle launched from them back down their throat before it gets halfway here.
11:42 AM on 01/24/2013
That is not really a given.
12:14 PM on 01/24/2013
Lets not judge the USA by one man Obama, and lets not judge N Korea by one fat little fart. Better we look at the million men and women under arms, the stockpile of regular, chemical and biological weapons they possess (a lot) and the fact that all they have to do is cross a border to continue the war that never BTW ended in a peace treaty, just a cease fire (so technically we are still at war)..We already are in great debt, we have millions of baby boomers we have to take care of, we just SPENT billions we didnt have on a war we didnt yeah, Id worry.
11:19 AM on 01/24/2013
Uh-oh, looks like somebody ran out of food again...
11:17 AM on 01/24/2013
North Korea threatens to feed, house and educate its people. Launches apologies...... :-/
Soaring above the influences of others since 1993.
11:11 AM on 01/24/2013
They want trouble? We should give them trouble.
11:44 AM on 01/24/2013
Obama's going to ban their weapons.
Marine Staff Sergeant
Combat Disabled For My Country....
11:46 AM on 01/24/2013
You can't handle the trouble
11:11 AM on 01/24/2013
The latest card played by the world's most dangerous extortionist. It would be better for NK to admit that their economic system is a complete failure, their people are cold and starving, and they spent what little money they have on sustaining a military that is motivated by acccess what little food is left. Okay? Now, please send donations or we'll threaten a suicidal nuclear attack on the United States, because yes, the situation is that bad.
11:08 AM on 01/24/2013
Well, if the US keeps bullying other countries they will bite back one day.
W. Carolina hillbilly
11:04 AM on 01/24/2013
North Korea threatens the United States?? In a related story, my grandson's 2nd grade football team challenged the Green Bay Packers.
nick harmon
Obamacare >20k pages of regs What could go wrong?
11:03 AM on 01/24/2013
Hard to take someone in a Dr. Evil outfit seriously.
11:03 AM on 01/24/2013
yes, and next week they will be kissing our collective ass' for wheat, corn, etc....and we being the savior of all the world will send it provided they promise to curtail their nuclear program, and the following week it will start all over again, and we will too, the only thing that changes is our depleating pockets
Lets push America into the 21st century
11:03 AM on 01/24/2013
A full scale war with the U.S.? The North Korean regime doesn't strike me as suicidal. Hopefully the U.S. doesn't fall for this bluff.
10:53 AM on 01/24/2013
Instead of striving for Power and control , just once i would like to see a country striving for actual peace ...peace not gained from weapons...i know weapons are necessary ..but just once ya know. How about a day without war..just one day everywhere. i know im delusional .
11:15 AM on 01/24/2013
Unfortunately, won't happen as long as men are in charge.
11:19 AM on 01/24/2013
Ever hear about Margaret Thatcher ?
yeah, well, you know, thats just like uh, your opi
10:52 AM on 01/24/2013
well, i dont see how we can tell other countries not to have nukes when we have them ourselves.