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08:34 AM on 01/30/2013
The tests are useful and have meaning because it shows if we are taking our year-round classes seriously and if were joking around or not but in this case as the teachers from Seattle explained it the tests are useless because it does not match the curriculum and it doesn't represent what is being taught in class.
08:34 AM on 01/30/2013
I Support The Boycott In Seattle Because If You Are Passing All Of Your Classes And You Take The Test, That Test Is Going To Depend On Whether You Pass To The Next Grade. If You End Up Failing The Test You Are Going To Have Waste More Time On Taking The Test Again To See If You Could Pass On To The Next Grade.
08:34 AM on 01/30/2013
I oppose the boycott being made partially. If you are passing all of your classes, and you fail the regents, you fail the class, and do not pass on. So students that do know the subject may not pass because they did not pass. But, it may have a reason. Maybe the DOE does it to encourage students to remember what they learned. If these tests were gone, once a student learns something, it may not be remembered. Tests given to students may be preparing he for the real thing.
08:34 AM on 01/30/2013
I think that giving assessments to students is useful, taking these assessments can evaulate the students who learn and the students who don't. If a student passes a certain assessment the teachers and the D.O.E can see which students pass because they pay attention in school, and they have a well qualified teacher, teaching them. If the students fail the test, the teachers and D.O.E can see why they failed because they didn't pay attention in class or their teacher was less qualified and didn't teach the students what they were suppose to learn to pass the assessment.
08:31 AM on 01/30/2013
I think that tests are useless because we work in class all year around. Then at the end of the year they determine weather we pass the grade or not from one test. Even if we have 90% in all classes and sometimes the things on the test is not tought to us 100%.
08:03 PM on 01/29/2013
Closing public schools? Really, i feel as if this subject should not be taken into consideration period. Yes, it is discriminate towards low-income, minority communities but is also a huge disrespect as well. Thats has the same value as saying " well, being that you are of minority content and your family's income is not of a considerate amount, therefore putting you in the environment your are in, we should not have to maintain the establishment of public school because the chances are you will not amount much and tax payers money are being put toward sustaining the existence of public education. And judging by the OVERALL performance of the minority group regarding to youth enrolled in these public schools , we find little to no reason to keep your school open." At the same time the people who are saying have children whom are enrolled in non-public schools. They do not understand and comprehend the concept project by the overall picture. You do have those people who cradle their ignorance, and refuse to let it go. I know because i go to school with and observe those people. The very same people whom you never see commenting on these articles. But, you also have those black, spanish, etc. people who are born with ambition to achieve a higher quality of life or to make it out of the hood which is the very much reason why closing public schools should not be taken into consideration.
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10:22 AM on 01/25/2013
Federal involvement in education has been one disaster after another. K12 should be managed by local government, and public universities by state government. That formula worked well for more than a hundred years.
12:22 PM on 01/29/2013
The Federal involvement has done disaster, but should be another way for it to be managed. The Universities is a good idea.
12:49 AM on 01/25/2013
Washington State's Garfield High School demonstrates courage to stop the "High Stakes" testing that is just another failed model..."one size fits all" state testing. You can't put a round peg into a square hole. During a presentation to the state legislators this week, it was pointed out that Washington State has the most rigorous graduation requirements in the what cost? The story that our legislators don't want the public to know....16,000 students in Washington State are on track to graduate....but if they do not pass the state math exam, they will be denied their HS diploma. These are students that have met all other requirements, but struggle with abstract concepts. These students are the round pegs that have gifts and talents in other ares......but will be denied their diploma because of one test. The state will label them "dropouts". These are kids that have stayed in school....not those that chose to leave before their graduation year. What do we know about dropouts....they cost the taxpayer $292,000 over their life time? What do we know about those who earn their HS diploma...the majority move into career paths that match their gifts and talents and join the workforce as contributors to the tax revenues. Stand in support of Garfield High School.....they are standing in support of their students.
Alan Singer
Teacher and Activist
12:42 PM on 01/25/2013
Thank you for this important additions.