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07:17 PM on 01/24/2013
hey faux noise junkies==mock these
house republicant paul ryan cut $ 400 million from Embassy Safety funding
rep, jason chafftz ( R ) UT-- voted to cut fundings for U-S -Embassy amid political attacks from republicants that the Obama Administration did not do enough to secure the -U-S
Deplomatic mission on Benghazi,Libia ryan, Issa and other house republicants
voted for an amendment in-- 2009-- to cut $1,2billion including funds for --300-- more
Deplomatic security positions these started in 2009 republicants have all these planed just like mc conell worked very hard to make President Obama one term President
it come back and bit him on his behind
when President Obama got elected the republicants have big dreams on defeting
Obama they try so hard and they fail at every effort
when is republicants going to understand that they lost in 2010-- in 2012=
how hard it is for them to understand OBAMA WON
07:55 PM on 01/24/2013
Why aren't Republicans calling on the "private sector" to fund the protection they want for the embassy personnel? Isn't that their answer for everything, the private sector? I know they think the government can't or should not do anything, so how about the Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch & Donald Trump fund the security forces needed for the adequate protection they are calling on?
you will pay the price for your lack of vision...
08:04 PM on 01/24/2013
add to that O and HCwell aware and watching the embassy being attacked LIVE!!!
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08:08 PM on 01/24/2013
I'm sure you can provide the proof of this, link please? as=inine.
07:14 PM on 01/24/2013
In my opinion this is the Senate's/Republican's attempt at putting a black mark on Hillary in case she runs in 2016. Then and if we get to hear in over and over and over and over and over again!
07:59 PM on 01/24/2013
correction "especially"
08:20 PM on 01/24/2013
She is incompetent fool. Look at what's going on in the Middle East and North Africa. There is hardly a place without AlQaeda presence anymore.
06:46 PM on 01/24/2013
ola oy faux noise junkies== mock these
house republicants cut the Administration-request for Embassy security funding
$128 miilion on fiscal 2011== and $331 million in fiscal -
-2012 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that republicants
proposed cuts to her Department would be detrimental to Americans National Security a charge that republicants rejected
these attacks on S/S Hillary Clinton its sad ugly attacks fromthe cop trying to pin the murders of 4 Americans on President Obama and S/S of state Hillary Clinton
these started on 2009 nothing more then a political attack but it backfire back at them hard republicants are the most disonest people in the whole NATION
they don,t understand that they lost in 2010-- in 2012 and they will lose --in-- 2016
they do not take responsability for their faults its easy to blame OBAMA
these conspiracy started against Obama on 2009 and will continue until in 2014
then it will be the end for them
North Light
Liberte Egalite Fraternite
07:07 PM on 01/24/2013
Hopefully they will loose! If it wasn't for gerrymandering the Republicans would not have the congress majority and it boggles my mind that they do!

Who votes for these people?? Incompetent and not living in the real world!
08:05 PM on 01/24/2013
47% of the people who didn't vote for the president....
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06:41 PM on 01/24/2013
Hang her out to dry.
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Joe Cass
Uh...Do What?
07:17 PM on 01/24/2013
No. Hang the republicans in the House that cut security funding out to dry. The blood is on their hands and yours by association.
08:02 PM on 01/24/2013
Here is an example of, how a lie in one area, can cast a shadow over the truth in another area.
09:53 PM on 01/24/2013
Wow, when blatantly a dem was in charge and you want to blame republicans for something that DEMS also signed off on. Please, tell me again how this is republicans fault I need a good laugh.
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07:22 PM on 01/24/2013
WHY....she has done nothing wrong...if Republicans keep asking irrelevant questions and making further a-sses of themselves they will be hung out to dry in 2014....
09:54 PM on 01/24/2013
She lied to the nation for weeks about a youtube video. Her and the administration are responsible for misleading the public. Her department is also apparently on the chopping block for dropping the ball over there. Any other questions?
Ronald Zelman
Independent But Not Alone!
06:36 PM on 01/24/2013
What she still hasn't done? Are you focken kidding?!!!
08:34 PM on 01/24/2013
bagger wach your dirty mouth with soap in bleach pig
Ronald Zelman
Independent But Not Alone!
08:50 PM on 01/24/2013
your opinion, little girl, means nothing. step back into the kitchen where you belong.
09:55 PM on 01/24/2013
Look at the nasty comments from the left. And they call the tea party violent and angry.
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05:44 PM on 01/24/2013
Did Bush ever take responsibility for the Iraq debacle? Or on the economic disaster? Looks like Hillary as bigger nads than him!
The Truth hurts and I am painfully honest
05:44 PM on 01/24/2013
All she can do is keep lying and hope everyone forgets in four years.
blunt to the end
06:08 PM on 01/24/2013
Not going to happen.
06:27 PM on 01/24/2013
most americans never even paid attention and if they did enough forgot by election day ---4 years? nope already in the rear view mirror ; of the left anyway
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07:31 PM on 01/24/2013
What has Clinton done.....tell us all the lies and back them up with facts....waiting...
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Once more unto the breach
05:36 PM on 01/24/2013
Ron Johnson was preoccupied with preliminary intelligence reports about a possible protest in Benghazi and Clinton said that was irrelevant as compared to the death of four Americans -- and she was correct. The family is more interested in fact than regressive political posturing. A quick scan of the drivel posted by conservative know-nothings on this thread prove that facts are not their main goal.

Of course facts aren't neat and tidy but then conservatives find just about everything too confusing to understand.
06:30 PM on 01/24/2013
Oh please. Hillary conveniently takes responsibility but for what? What are the consequences? While I like Hillary, she feigns righteous indignation and avoids taking responsibility. Who cares about the truth because 4 Americans were killed! They either used this manufactured story for over 2 weeks for propaganda or they were incredibly incompetent. One thing she did do well is master her spin. She couldn't muster many tears when it happened but 4 months later she did a pretty good job. I find people like you rather scary. You seem to accept anything done by the left as good and anything done by the right evil. No one likes the political posturing on either side but if they just came out with the truth months ago, this would be history.
politically correct linux vegetarian
08:28 PM on 01/24/2013
your wasting your time.. facts will only further confuse them..these people actually voted for Romney and you expect a coherent conversation will open their eyes.. they believe what they believe because they believe it.. facts just get in the way..
05:28 PM on 01/24/2013
She is sorry. It doesn't matter why it happened. Move on.
06:43 PM on 01/24/2013
Guess it was good it was not you dad.
07:39 PM on 01/24/2013
Just a bump in the road, eh?
05:25 PM on 01/24/2013
Well Clinton put on an all star act for the world to witness. She should have just taken the 5th. and not made a complete joke of this serious matter. She lied, for 2 weeks, then she lies to cover up her lies. This woman is disgusting! Those geek glasses, her smirk when McCain was speaking, and that phony out burst waving her hands in the air. The only thing missing WAS the dog and pony.....
05:32 PM on 01/24/2013
The only thing more ridiculous than your comment are the nonothing, donothing, soulless Regressives you attempt to talk so highly of--such as the man that picked Sarah Palin as a running mate--now that shows intelligence--if you want to see phony look in the mirror.
06:33 PM on 01/24/2013
I find it interesting that you have to bring in Sarah Palin into the argument. What's that got to do with this? Could it be that you have no valid defense? Souless Regressives? Name calling? Grow up. That shows your "lack" of intelligence.
09:01 PM on 01/25/2013
wrong, as usual,,, you have a drug problem. You should be on them...
05:47 PM on 01/24/2013
You just hate her...
09:00 PM on 01/25/2013
Wrong, I do not hate her. It's way beyond hate.....
05:24 PM on 01/24/2013
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05:58 PM on 01/24/2013
Oh go.d...another Birther....
06:35 PM on 01/24/2013
Another Liberal
Ronald Zelman
Independent But Not Alone!
06:38 PM on 01/24/2013
Hey. Just because a President can fake his birth certificate doesn't mean a Senator can fake an illness!
06:14 PM on 01/24/2013
Why? What business is that of yours? There's such a thing as HIPAA, you know.
05:23 PM on 01/24/2013
The performance by the South Carolina congressman is proof enough that they have the worst education system in the country.
Common sense is not so common.
05:51 PM on 01/24/2013
No, the proof came when the population of the United States voted for Obama.
05:14 PM on 01/24/2013
Just as I predicted, the Clinton love from the GOP has come to an end. That's how they do it. They embrace anyone who suits their needs until it doesn't benefit them. I saw the Kerry lovefest today. That will not last long, especially if they can use it to bash the President.
you will pay the price for your lack of vision...
08:11 PM on 01/24/2013
don't kid yourself...there is no love between Clinton's and Obama's either...they are both necessary evils to one another...
I think therefore I am not a Republican
05:12 PM on 01/24/2013
Sounds like the family doesn't want to use Steven's death for political reasons. Maybe the GOP should honor that wish...... nah, they'll just keep on using his death to try to take out as many Dems as possible. Which so far has been none but not for lack of trying.