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Seriously, it's time.
01:13 PM on 01/24/2013
Keep your nasty old superstitions out of my bedroom.
deo favente perennis
04:52 PM on 01/29/2013
Murder is generally accepted as wrong regardless of religion or what you do in your bedroom ;)
Seriously, it's time.
05:12 PM on 01/29/2013
It is indeed, but then of course, abortion isn't murder. No more than appendectomy.
12:47 PM on 01/24/2013
I am a Catholic pro-lifer too who agrees with what you have written. My eyes openned with a young mother came to our parish office for our food pantry. The parish secretary told me that the young woman admitted that if we had not made our food pantry and other services available to her, she would have had no choice. That's when I turned to our parish pro-life group and told them that we needed to stop carrying signs and having speakers but to pray more and provide more, in the way of blankets, diapers, formula etc.. It partially worked. We still have the conservative Republican folks in charge of the group who had a "voters' forum" where they told everyone who voted Democartic that they were committing mortal sin.
06:30 PM on 01/24/2013
Wow, so lying is not a sin for that group? and they shouldn't be allowed access to people, BTW.
08:22 PM on 01/24/2013
No, lying is even a greater sin than anything sexual. 
12:30 PM on 01/24/2013
Thank you. Your blog post this week was a good refresher for those of us who have forgotten some of the details over the last 40 years. What I find amazing are the pro-lifers who live in states where the death penalty is still legal. I borrowed the following sentence from "somewhere." I really don't remember any more.

"People should not call themselves pro-life if they are only antiabortion and yet feel no twinge of conscience over the unfair application of capital punishment or wars fought for dubious motives."

That sentence sums up my feelings well.