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08:00 AM on 08/10/2009
Stamper mentioned Sen. Jim Webb's S-714, to create a national criminal justice commission that will evaluate the efficacy of the entire drug war and the prison industrial complex. The bill now has 33 co-sponsors and it needs more. PLEASE go to my page, S-714 tally sheet to see if your senators sponsor the bill. If they do, write and thank them. If they do not yet support the bill badger them to sign on.

there is also, in the congress, H.R. 2943

"To eliminate most Federal penalties for possession of marijuana for personal use, and for other purposes. Please consider writing to your representative and asking that they support this bill."

Fax your congress-person and demand that they support this bill.

(FAX goes right into their offices. Email sits in a que with tens of thousands of other emails. Hard mail sits in a security bin at the post office for months.)

I have been advocating mass public protests against the war on drugs as the only tactic that politicians respond to. Look at the piece of crap healthcare bill that Obama is suddenly promoting since the right-wing started public protests. Richard Nixon started the drug war, in part, to give police and drug war federalized more powers against public protesters. Both anti war and civil rights protesters.

Mass public protests are the only thing that will stop the war on drugs.
10:29 AM on 08/10/2009
Mass public protests are just about the best way to stand up to the government. You make your demonstration in Washington, DC against drug policy, and I'll try to make it. If it's peaceful, I have no problem attending. Good luck to you.
11:31 AM on 08/10/2009
Unfortunately, it takes an organization and I am just an individual.

As I have tried to talk to national drug reform organizations about protests I have been shouted down at every turn. A writer for one major national organization told me that national political actions and especially mass protests are counter-productive and just turn people off.

Mel Stamper's LEAP is one of the few drug policy reform organizations that had the testicles to stand up and represent the issues at campaign stops during the election. And local chapters of NORML have bravely stood up with rally and marches in communities.

I wish NORML and LEAP would get together for a national organization. Whether its one big rally or many regional protests organized rallies are the original political free speech that the First Amendment was written to protect and defend. It is how americans get through to their political representatives in the most emphatic way.
07:43 AM on 08/10/2009
Barack Obama does NOT get it. He never did.

What Obama does get is how to subvert and undermine liberal opposition to his right-wing pandering policies.

During the campaign he implied what drug reformers wanted to hear. He insinuated understanding and compassion. And he said what he needed to say to get organizations like LEAP and the Granite State Medical pot folks to not confront him at public events the way these organizations confronted other candidates.

Obama would imply something related to drug policy reform and then say nothing as drug reform oriented columnists and writes derived and expanded the message into something much more.

The Democrats ran an organization, that continues today, for the purpose of shutting up anyone who criticizes Obama. I have been run out of two drug reform organization web blogs by Democrats who were intolerant of my critical thinking about Obama.

Obama has always been a Democratic Leadership Council Democrat. He supports the drug war for the same reason that all right-wingers support the drug war. Because it identifies Americans who demonstrate a willingness to question authority by questioning the drug laws. The it mass disenfranchises these people and their communities so that the right-wing in America has less opposition.
"eschew obfuscation"
03:19 AM on 08/10/2009
We have already proved that prohibition doesn't work. We need to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. We could solve most of our economic difficulties with the taxes we collected.
Not to mention:
Yearly deaths due to nicotine: 550,000.00
Yearly deaths due to alcohol: 75,000.00
Yearly deaths due to marijuana: ???

Marijuana has several medical uses that have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt. I can't say the same for nicotine and the benefits of a glass of wine daily is limited and, of course, off limits to the roughly 10% of the population who are alcoholics or potential alcoholics.
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09:38 AM on 08/10/2009
I'm not trying to be a smarta$$ but I really don't know, what are the medicinal purposes for marijuana, it was my understanding to use it on terminally ill patients to relieve pain..... if it only serves as a pain reliever that would not really justify legalizing it.

Don't get me wrong I believe there are plenty other benefits to legalization other than medical purposes.
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Disabled Vietnam Vet
02:43 AM on 08/10/2009
Right now Pot is not even an issue it is ILLEAGAL !!!!!!!

If you need pot to get hungery because of Chemo --- USE A MSG it will make you hungery and thristy.

Need pain relif. --- take 600 MG of IB ---
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08:37 AM on 08/10/2009
ignorance is so typical. propaganda works remarkably easy.
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Old black water, keep on rollin'
11:47 AM on 08/10/2009
lies work!

witness the simple use of ''flip-flopper'' and how it took down the campaign of a war hero and the effortless winner of all the debates!
"eschew obfuscation"
12:43 PM on 08/10/2009
I sincerely hope that if you ever have chemo related nausea, you have a doctor with more compassion than you are exhibiting.
Greed has won over principle.
02:40 AM on 08/10/2009
Yet another policy issue that "will only be dealt with under Obama, or not at all."

Not at all, I'm afraid.
01:30 AM on 08/10/2009
Instant approval ratings of 57%
01:28 AM on 08/10/2009
Trying to appease the birthers is futile. Stand up for what you believe, President Obama. Don't wait for your second term to do what is right.
progressive social-capitalist
12:46 AM on 08/10/2009
As a postscript, please check out this piece regarding the California experiment, and how similar it is to the Netherlands experience:
progressive social-capitalist
12:33 AM on 08/10/2009
Tonight, CNN ran a detailed story of the Los Zetas paramilitary organization operating out of Veracruz, Mexico. Wanna know how effective our war on drugs has been over the last decade?

This organization was once a wing of the Federal Preventive Police, and organization that was funded and armed by the US government as part of our now infamous "war on drugs". The group of "air mobile special forces" was trained at the School of the Americas right here in the US.

In the late 90's, the leader of Mexico's Gulf Cartel began recruiting former members of the elite unit to eliminate rival cartels trying to move in on his "turf". Los Zetas is now a veritable army of foot soldiers supporting the operations of the country's leading cartels, both on the Mexican side and the US side.

The number of deaths is frightening.

On October 26, 2008, the Washington Times reported of an FBI warning that the Zetas' cell in Texas are to engage law enforcement with a full tactical response should law enforcement attempt to intervene in their operations. Their leader, Jaime González Durán was arrested in November, 2008, co-ordinated raids on his safe-houses yielding 540 assault rifles, 287 grenades, 2 M72 LAW rocket launchers, 500,000 rounds of ammunition, 67 ballistic vests and 14 sticks of TNT.
12:17 AM on 08/10/2009
It`s sad that a look at other western countries with reformed drug laws shows how very wrong the current stance is and why it should be changed. The Netherlands has had liberal drug laws ( yeah they do have drug laws) for years. Their crime rate is one of the lowest in Europe and last year their jails were so empty , they entered an agreement with Belgium to house Belgian convicts in order to keep their jails functioning.
11:50 PM on 08/09/2009
My friend tried pot and believe me, never again! Pot is no longer the pure substance that was known back in the 60s and 70s. Today, I don't know what it mixed with, or how it is grown, but its very potent. After the first time trying pot, my friend is on medication for panic attacks. So don't be fooled!
01:04 AM on 08/10/2009
I really hope you are joking. If a little bud forced your friend to medication, they weren't wrapped too tightly to begin with and I'm surprised they haven't snapped long before now.
01:38 AM on 08/10/2009
I haven't smoked pot for almost 20 years, but this is pretty much what I was told before I started smoking pot some 40 years ago. The hype remains the same.
Nonetheless government has no place regulating drug use.
As a matter of fact, isn't it becoming apparent, even to the liberals that government has no place at all?
It doesn't really work, does it?
Never has, has it?
02:40 AM on 08/10/2009
Right. Because All those countries you've lived in, that had NO governments, functioned SO much better.

Are you SURE you haven't smoked pot for almost 20 years...?
11:45 PM on 08/09/2009
Its not good politics to make policy decisions that always and only cater to stupid people. The un-stupid tend to give up on you. All he has to do is ask congress for a bill that will decriminalize marijuana. The un-stupid are deserting him in droves. Its time he did something for them for a change.
12:43 AM on 08/10/2009
All he has to do is ask congress to include reclassifying marijuana as part of the health care bill. Marijuana is a perfectly safe and useful drug, and a useful food. It makes so much sense nobody but a fool or a crook would complain about the change because it could save us a lot of money on health care.

Plus all the people who would be opposed to reclassifying pot are already going to be against Obama's health plan no matter what.

The pro pot conservatives/libertarians would be softened to Obama considerably.

Big Pharma and the other crooked dealers are the ones who are against it, they are against anything that cuts down on the profits they can make off of us. They will always be against a good health care package.

If Obama wants in the streets support, pot is the issue that will turn out young people.
02:29 AM on 08/10/2009
All you have to do is tell sick seniors they cannot have it.. :-)
10:51 PM on 08/09/2009
"How can a man of Obama's intellect deny the breathtaking failure of the drug war, and its violence-inducing predicate, prohibition? For that matter, why has he not corrected or muzzled his drug czar when the man speaks repetitively and erroneously of marijuana as dangerous and addictive, and possessed of no medicinal value?"

It's not a question of his intellect. It's his value system that is in play. The drug war only destroys the lives of the poor and neglected of this nation. Obama has no skin in the game so it's not worth any of his political capital.
12:09 AM on 08/10/2009
It is not about political capital, it is about selling drugs and money laundering.
10:46 PM on 08/09/2009
Yes. Big failure. Obama is afraid to 'rush in too fast'. This kind of change (legalization/decriminalizing,etc) will have to take place gradually.
12:10 AM on 08/10/2009
It is corrupt, he is afraid to rush in at all. He is afraid he will get killed.
A radical leftist with a JS Woodsworth avatar.
12:18 AM on 08/10/2009
"Gradually" meaning "under the next president."
12:45 AM on 08/10/2009
Is that good enough for you? It is not good enough for me.

Reverend Lauren Unruh
THC Ministry
08:45 PM on 08/09/2009
Last year, 870,000 people were arrested for Cannabis laws (Eight Hundred Seventy Thousand) most of which were simple possession charges.

So by the time he gets around to using science, fact, and common sense in his policies, 2.5 million people will have to go through the same thing. Prison guards rejoice.

Now back too your Levitra commercial.
12:53 AM on 08/10/2009
Fits into the holy war agenda of the 'Family' and Mr Prince of Blackwater. You all might not realize, but the crusades always was a war against the pot smoking culture. The culture war is just a little more of the crusades. They are quite serious about it.

Quite serious about killing us all off to prepare for the end times. I read about the history in a terrific book, "Marijuana - The First Twelve Thousand Years" which we are lucky enough to have on line.
Everything is falling.
04:46 AM on 08/10/2009
I wonder how much money each bust cost? The police time... wages. The perps cost lawyers, fines. It is an industry... no different than Prohibition.

Im deeply disappointed in Obama's failure to attack this absurd "war on drugs," that has gone on for decades. Can't we be REAL?
"eschew obfuscation"
12:48 PM on 08/10/2009
one of the most vocal opponents to legalizing pot is the prison guards' union. If folks didn't go to jail for marijuana offences we would not need nearly as many prison guards as we now have.