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(or is it just me?)
06:57 PM on 01/25/2013
I am just glad to know this photo will never be published.
07:49 PM on 01/25/2013
lol ....
06:37 PM on 01/25/2013
Even BEFORE Facebook, cameras were everywhere. It just takes longer to get to the net.So, if the royal family snapped up the pictures, who sold it?
beer 3
06:35 PM on 01/25/2013
I'm more interested in the bottle of whiskey......
07:50 PM on 01/25/2013
Even bad whiskey wins :)
06:05 PM on 01/25/2013
Why can't all of the greedy people just let the lady rest in peace.
10:26 PM on 01/25/2013
06:04 PM on 01/25/2013
Hell, I got a bunch of these from our vacation together in 1979 up in Coney Island. Whewie what a time we had!
05:30 PM on 01/25/2013
$18,000????? I'll print you out a copy on my printer and sell it to you for $1,800. :-)
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06:17 PM on 01/25/2013
I've got one you can have for $80. I win!
You have the right to remain silent
09:09 PM on 01/25/2013
$40 bucks for a dozen, right here! I'll include free shipping! Act now!
05:21 PM on 01/25/2013
Thats pretty rude,they sell anything for a buck especially integrity...
07:43 PM on 01/25/2013
It's america!

10:28 PM on 01/25/2013
Not sure wtf you guys are even talking about.
05:13 PM on 01/25/2013
Yet they still published it for all to see.
10:31 PM on 01/25/2013
So what? That's a note to the original photographer, thirty years ago. Who cares? If you didn't know, she's been dead for what, fifteen years? And the comment "too hot to publish" is complete malarkey, it was simply deemed inappropriate because she was about to marry the prince. What would possibly be construed as "too hot?"
04:46 PM on 01/25/2013
Diana is an legend ...her grace style and personal effects should be the exclusive property of the royal family and not made public property.
10:32 PM on 01/25/2013
This isn't any of the above. It was the property of the photographer that took it. Are you thinking all pictures of her that exist on Earth should be gathered together and turned over to the queen?
Politeness: the most acceptable hypocrisy
04:37 PM on 01/25/2013
You fools, it was god who told them not to publish it. Now the world will end!
04:32 PM on 01/25/2013
I guess this means nothing is sacred and no one keeps their word or cares who they expose or embarasses any longer. Once upon a time there was a day and age when the media DID have a sort of respect for the world and considered what they published or broadcast. There were many events and happenings the press could have published on JFK, there were NUMEROUS secrets reporters knew but NEVER exposed to the public because it dealt with the POTUS. You see, they had respect for the office of President if not for the actual man. But not today, if people think they can either make a few bucks or get their 15 minutes of fame (hence somehow making a few bucks) they will expose, tell, show, or report anything they can get their grubby little hands on. Personally I don't understand why Americans have a need or feel they have a right to ANY private information on other people. And it's getting MUCH worse - ALL because of these crazy social network sites. Facebook and any other social site is only strengthening this misguided belief for their subscribers that they have a right to know ANYTHING about other people whether others want them to know or not. It's to the point where it's now costing lives, careers, college educations and much more. Where will it stop?
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06:19 PM on 01/25/2013
Oh dear. Calm down; remember your blood pressure.
08:37 PM on 01/25/2013
This is the world you live in. Get used to it or simply cut yourself off from it. There is no law that says that you have to participate in any social sites. You don't have to be participate in the gossip that ruins peoples' lives and carreers. Just concentrate on being an individual and forming your own opionions.
04:14 PM on 01/25/2013
I bet the Not to be published notation added to its intrigue. Wow she looks just like William in that photo.
New Year, New Hopes
04:03 PM on 01/25/2013
When a photo of a celebrity is marked "not to be published", it will sell.
Why does an atheist sometimes say Oh My God?
04:42 PM on 01/25/2013
I wonder when the "not to be published" was put on the photo? A long time ago or just before the the auction?
New Year, New Hopes
06:49 PM on 01/25/2013
@ dhrector, those are good questions.
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03:54 PM on 01/25/2013
it almost 18 years since she died. But, not surprised she went skiing and not surprised there may have been alcohol available to those teens, it is Europe , not America.