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David Gavin
05:26 PM on 01/28/2013
really now thats special
mac gone away
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The Mask
Greatness lays behind the Mask
05:17 PM on 01/28/2013
The Republicans are sure dropping a lot of Democratic names these days to make it seem like their bene fides are good.

Of course, most of the names being dropped are either no longer with us or aren't willing to comment on their name being used.
Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the livi
05:07 PM on 01/28/2013
Ted Kennedy? Wasn't he that Senator that spent his entire career fighting for health care for all Americans? And didn't President Obama dedicate the ACA to him? And didn't McCain say that legislation should be repealed? He spit in Ted Kennedy's face when he said that.
05:06 PM on 01/28/2013
Senator McCain appears to jump on stage to grab the spotlight whenever he thinks he can restore his power and love. He will attempt to destroy as he did with Senator Clinton or find new reason to be on board with immigration. But, in these later years, it has all been about him. When will he learn it is not him but his responsbility to work intelligently with the President for the neeeds of the country.
CommonSense is a gift
05:04 PM on 01/28/2013
Yes if the Late Senator was still alive he would throw a fit at how Washington has been playing government.
07:05 PM on 01/28/2013
if he was still alive, he would still be sitting in DC and be part of the problem with DC and never part of any solution (like term limits)
08:20 PM on 01/28/2013
NYC enacted term limits. Guess the party affiliation of the first politician to decide he was so wonderful and exceptional and necessary that he was exempt?
09:07 PM on 01/28/2013
Term limits simply remove experienced and qualified legislatures to replace them with the dunces calling themsels "tea party"
Bufford P Tusser
a rising tide lifts all yachts
05:02 PM on 01/28/2013
Big problems pubs. How are you going to square with your lemmings your current "vision" of immigration reform with your past history of scapegoating every conceivable ill at their feet?

Your "base" will be looking elsewhere.
Conservatives Rule
05:48 PM on 01/28/2013
Your right about that
When MSM report Facts, USA thrives.
04:37 PM on 01/28/2013
How quaint that McCain remembers the late senator Teddy Kennedy.....after having ran away from the Immigration Reform for over 4 yrs?

McCain is despicable.
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05:36 PM on 01/28/2013
@ lfeomamn - I agree with you on McCain, and feel that Kennedy was even worse.
Outlaw stupidity and only outlaws will be stupid
06:21 PM on 01/28/2013
Why would that be?