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08:43 AM on 01/30/2013
see heres how it works. record poverty, record debt, record average gas prices, declining wages, bush did it. Dow near record highs? 0 did it
08:35 AM on 01/30/2013
first the libs ha te corperations and profits, now they are good? When th dow hit record highs the libs told us it was the rich getting richer, and the middle was going down
08:36 AM on 01/30/2013
where do u get this junk from
08:41 AM on 01/30/2013
uh duh lets see, the corps are out sourcing jobs, making record profits so they need to pay more taxes, causing global warming. not hireing to make 0 look bad. profits over people etc etc. When the dow hit record highs in 2007, the libs claimed it was the rich getting richer, two americas the rich and the poor
09:00 AM on 01/30/2013
It is true. I remember hearing it on CNN a few years ago.
08:45 AM on 01/30/2013
First the TP/GOP tells us every thing was good when Bush was in office...........
08:47 AM on 01/30/2013
reord stock market, record home prices, 5% unemployment with 3 million more people working, 1.89 avererage gas prices, were good
09:56 AM on 01/30/2013
from 01-07 it was. Not so much the last 4 years.
08:33 AM on 01/30/2013
see 0 is responsible for the stock market, even if 75% of corperate profits come from outside the US. But takes no responsibility for record defiicts, record poverty, declining wages, rising gas prices here at home
08:37 AM on 01/30/2013
another made up post
08:41 AM on 01/30/2013
name one thing that is false
08:47 AM on 01/30/2013
You baggers even can find something to moan about even when things are going well. Get used to it, we're recovering from 8 years of GOP mistakes.
08:50 AM on 01/30/2013
is reocrd poverty, record debt and deficits, record average gas prices, declining wages something to moan about?
09:57 AM on 01/30/2013
Yea? The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the economy contracted at an annual rate of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter. And Americans are coming to grips with an increase in Social Security taxes that has begun to leave them with less take-home pay
Earth's eye
07:48 AM on 01/30/2013
Yet Obama is still a socialist, right fools?
Don't believe me. Prove it to yourself.
07:41 AM on 01/30/2013
The republicans thought that everybody had to live in that bucket of crabs that they live in. Good thing for this country that democrats recognized the way out. Thank you President Obama!
Brian Corvello
In suspended animation
07:26 AM on 01/30/2013
I'm still waiting for us to crash into the economic ruin that Greece is in, something that Romney's supporters keep saying will happen. Any day now, people.

Btw, they also kept telling me, "Wait until your next paycheck comes, then you'll see."

Well, it just did. The tax deductions were actually slightly LESS than they were on the last one.

Go figure.
09:25 AM on 01/30/2013
I believe that happened the year before the current President took office in 2008.
07:03 AM on 01/30/2013
Thank You President OBAMA.. for fixing the economy that George Bush and the Republicans wrecked
07:36 AM on 01/30/2013
So 8 percent unemployment (the real number is closer to 17) $3.70 gas,family income down 40% over the past 4 years and 45% of the population on food stamps is a fixed economy?? By the way the lastest rise in the market was attrubuted to Pfizer,one of those horrible pharmaceutical companies that the left hates so much.
Stop resisting!! Join the sanity...
07:51 AM on 01/30/2013
if you're going to BS about UI numbers, why not make up a horrifying 37%!? And 45% on foodstamps seems too low, how about 47.7%? Come on, put that nugget to some creative posting.
06:40 AM on 01/30/2013
When the DOW struck 14000 for the first time in 07, libs were howling about how it was insignificant.
08:10 AM on 01/30/2013
You misspelled your screen name. Or is that a teabagger attempt at political satire? Weak.
06:38 AM on 01/30/2013
How is this possible damn you Obama! Damn You! You're making the economy better! IT should be worse but it's not!
06:40 AM on 01/30/2013
Thats what we heard from libs from 2001-2007
08:33 AM on 01/30/2013
what you post here is childish. your post is like a 5 year old Na Na Na
09:28 AM on 01/30/2013
I agree with 2007 date. That is when the economy tanked, and was hand to the president to fix in 4 years.
06:37 AM on 01/30/2013
If you are a little guy or girl and remember the 2008 crash just sit tight for a while what goes up must come down and the last thing you want to do is get burned twice.
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05:02 AM on 01/30/2013
All of these people congratulating Obama for stocks rising will be the same one blaming Republicans when stocks crash later this year. We are so far in debt, it is only a matter of time.
06:24 AM on 01/30/2013
The President has clearly stated he is willing to make cuts and reduce the deficit. The big differfence is Obama doesn't want to put the entire burden on the middle class. A huge area of opportunity is Defense where we spend more than the next twenty largest countries combined. Further, he has proposed looking at fraud and abuse in such areas as medicare. The GOP still has the attitude that obstructing the President is really smart. Shows how dumb they have acted.
Brian Corvello
In suspended animation
07:28 AM on 01/30/2013
We've been hearing that from you since he was elected. Any month now, right?
George Dayton
1st Supply Battalion
02:30 AM on 01/30/2013
02:29 AM on 01/30/2013
Forced health insurance followed by huge profits from drug makers. Pfizer must be thrilled their lobbying paid off.
02:15 AM on 01/30/2013
pill sales....creation of wealth for a strong nation....sheesh
We're Americans First!
02:08 AM on 01/30/2013
What amazes me is that for some very cynical people, a news report that it rained gold today would be greeted with frowns and cries that no one had forecasted it soon enough to buy mining pans and tomorrow it would all be gone. When is good news simply good news? I guess when Pres. Obama can no longer be credited with any responsibility of success.
02:28 AM on 01/30/2013
True, True. Housing is on the recovery path, unemployment is down, and stock market is nearing record highs. OMG! The ecomony must be tanking. I am so sick of hearing how bad some think things are. WAKE UP PEOPLE! THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER!
05:47 AM on 01/30/2013
check our debt