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07:29 PM on 08/13/2009
Actually, I think these groups are no longer "outliers" they're now mainstreamed, and given a wink and a nod, I'm not just talking about Glen, Rush, and company, but CNN, local news, and yes even MSNBC.

When these terrible murders have taken place, each of the common themes were their reading/listening habits, but none of this was mentioned in reporting of these stories.
06:48 AM on 08/14/2009
agree with govcheese
Hypocrisy is prevalent in BOTH parties!
06:54 PM on 08/13/2009
It's sad and scary, but I believe what you say is true! This homegrown stuff is getting out of control.

I disagree with you and always will on the "clinched" the nomination part, but what can I do. I've already left that party.
06:45 PM on 08/13/2009
" A GOP conservative, Christian fundamentalist leaning president just didn't make much of a target for the hate crowd. "

You must be joking. Were you in a coma for the last eight years? Bush couldn't even walk in bis own inauguration parade because people were egging his car. That's how it began, and here's how it ended, with Obama supporters throwing shoes at a giant Bush effigy right in front of the White House, on the eve of Obama's inauguration. Nice way to celebrate, eh?

Just a couple more of endless examples:
Life is hard. After all, it kills you.
02:07 PM on 08/14/2009
Yet death threats to Obama are over 400% higher than Bush's ever were.

There's a big difference: most of those who disliked Bush were protesting...not hoping he'd be killed, or trying to do so!
06:32 PM on 08/13/2009
Don't want to hear it after the last eight years of what you guys did to Bush, you hypocrite.
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09:35 PM on 08/13/2009
Bush is a criminal and should be in prison the rest of his life.
Not so much Liberal as I am anti evil.
10:43 PM on 08/13/2009
Oh! It was us! We ignored intelligence of the 9/11 attacks, lied America into a war of choice, end ran the Bill of Rights, and doubled the deficit! Bush just watched while we did all that!

Bush took great steps to earn his hate.....It was aimed at his authoritarian policies not the man specifically.

Hate groups are a very different thing than a bunch of disaffected college kids frustrated with Bush's policies and ignorance.....
06:20 PM on 08/13/2009
After watching all the mostly over weight, middle age to old wild eyed, screaming, derogatory sign toting, white crowd. I have wonderful friends who happen to be white. So this is not directed at everyone.
I have lived in South Carolina for the last few years, and I have never seen people act this way. I grew up in Maryland. Not saying that people don't think like this but I am awestruck at the hate, and vilification of our president.

The sad part is the healthcare bill they are protesting will help 90% of the people shouting all the hateful words. They seem to hate the main people who are trying to help them. It's sad. I know times are hard for everyone, it didn't just start on January 20th of 2009. They can't say it's about jobs or the debt. They didn't have a job before then either and the debt was high before then and not a peep from them. So they can leave those excuses at the door. It's about is having a black president.

I would pray that the CIA and FBI get the nut cases off the streets. I know there are 1000's of them, I hope they just keep a eye out.

If anything, it is the perfect time for change in america.
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09:43 PM on 08/13/2009
They believe. They don't need to think.
09:52 PM on 08/13/2009
You haven't been listening to why the majority of Americans don't want this bill. This bill has nothing in it that will make our health care system better. It's a power grab by the democrats. This will give them total control over our lives. We need to work to improve the current system, not trash it. Stop and think for a minute. People from Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Cuba, etc. are saying "what are you Americans doing". They have national health care and they hate it. It is rationed and expensive. This will be our fate too if this Death Care Plan passes.
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hello walls
02:14 AM on 08/14/2009
what a load. this has nothing to do with a "power grab" by dems over the people. no one is looking to "trash" the current system but give an alternative to it. people with nationalized healthcare are, by and large, quite happy with it. it is much less expensive than ours and the private insurance companies already "ration" care. and your "death care" koolaid is just more paranoia, birther
09:28 AM on 08/14/2009
There IS no freaking "BILL".

Do you ever think for yourself or do research on your own instead of being led around by the nose? Your last sentence would be hilarious if it wasn't apparent that you actually BELIEVE this nonsense!
06:02 PM on 08/13/2009
Shouldn't that be "Hate Groups", not "Hate Group's"? Aren't there editors at HuffPo?
05:58 PM on 08/13/2009
I have never understood racism. Its just skin color. geeze.
03:24 PM on 08/13/2009
So you're saying Bush was better at eliminating hate and uniting the nation than Obama?
05:48 PM on 08/13/2009
No, I think he's saying that hate groups tended to dip below the radar. But as we can see now, the hate is clearly still there, so we can hardly credit Bush for eliminating hate or uniting the nation - as by definition it cannot be united as long as hate abounds.
05:49 PM on 08/13/2009
You got jokes. The hate has always been there, now is just boiling to the surface again.
Not so much Liberal as I am anti evil.
03:13 PM on 08/13/2009
All this unreasoned and unwarranted hate aimed at a man just because of his skin color is staggering.

There is no reasoning with this type of hate, there is no mitigating it.... It is an embarrassment.
05:51 PM on 08/13/2009
This country has a long long history of racial hatred, so this is not surprise to me.
07:28 PM on 08/13/2009
By golly if they've been doing it forever and it's sainted american tradition who are we to say wtf?
06:59 AM on 08/14/2009
and it is out there for all the world to see and hear 24/7.