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sweet kiki16
Pay It Forward...
09:12 AM on 02/01/2013
That bus driver is the kind of man that everyone hopes will be taking there children to school.He is a hero and I wish his family love and strength.I also hope that this child is set free soon and not harmed in anyway.I am hoping for the best possible outcome.This little boy is an innocent victim of a very scary character.
Lachelle Wolfe
So proud to be a Democrat!
09:04 AM on 02/01/2013
Isn't there something they could pump in there that would safely put them to sleep, till they could get in there and get the kid out.
A House Divided Will Fall
09:20 AM on 02/01/2013
Excellent idea, I read the headline and I was just about to post the same comment..... This is proof brilliant minds think alike even when one is a Democrat and the other..... oh well you know.
Proud member of the party of free thinkers
10:08 AM on 02/01/2013
if you two were so brilliant, you would know this has been tried before unsuccessfully.
09:20 AM on 02/01/2013
I totally agree..and have been thinking that for 2 days now.
Wilhelmina Alston
09:04 AM on 02/01/2013
what can you say,, another nut with a gun patrolling his property, killing a dog ,frightning and threatening his neighbors , and nothing was done ,, and now he holds a 5yr old hostage in a hole in the ground,,,, shame on the local authority..........
Kindness & Respect; some people deserve it!!
09:44 AM on 02/01/2013
Another 'nut with a gun' who is mentally deranged. That guy should already be in jail for killing the dog and making threats to his neighbors. Poor little baby, I pray he will be okay.
06:55 AM on 02/04/2013
Shame on the ACLU.
08:59 AM on 02/01/2013
My heart feels like it's shattering for this little boy. He sounds a lot like my own six year old son... If there is a god, this negotiation will bring him out of there safely. I don't usually pray but that's all I've been doing since I heard about this. I hope everyone else is doing the same...
Rachel Raub
Enjoying Being Old
04:11 AM on 02/02/2013
Finding whole new ways to ask.
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08:43 AM on 02/01/2013
"Dykes was known around the neighborhood as a menacing figure who neighbors said once beat a dog to death with a lead pipe, threatened to shoot children for setting foot on his property and patrolled his yard at night with a flashlight and a firearm."

...and a firearm. Guy beats dog to death, is out at night between 2-3 AM for a year digging a bunker, shoots at the neighbors car, threatens neighbors... but wasn't on a list and so was allowed to stockpile and own weapons and continue on his merry fantasy of being oppressed by this brutal government. Then this. Once arrested and convicted, your name goes on the list and your so called "rights" to buy a weapon go out the door. How about THAT? There is something called a "collective good" and for those law abiding citizens that own guns and who do not think collective good applies to them, to their needed sacrifice for the collective good, then I would call that selfish. Don't tread on me? How about realizing that there is a role for government in matters of overall citizen safety and creation of a list for mental health issues v. gun ownership is a sensible measure.
The tower is Terminal; the lake is eerie.
09:27 AM on 02/01/2013
I'm starting to think vigilante groups are ready to start patrolling and taking the law into their own hands. Wouldn't it have been too bad had someone started a fire at his 'bunker' before all this happened?
But he'll be taken in and let to live out his life in a comfy institution where he gets his food and meds paid for by me and you.
09:32 AM on 02/01/2013