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02:47 PM on 08/18/2009
The American people know the truth. We know that it is big insurance money that is behind the supposed "grass roots" movement against healthcare reform. We, the people, seem to know that but the Democrats on Capitol Hill don't. The Republicans will never support Obama or any other Democrat for that matter. The Republicans even went so far as to tell us on national t.v that they want Obama to fail. Chuck Grassely even said that with the public option removed from the bill, they still won't vote for it. I suggest that those of us who want a public option, or better yet a single payer system, we should start calling Obama names. We should yell and scream insults at him. We should make signs that depict him as evil people from history. The reason I suggest this is because it seems to have worked for the other side. The screamed and insulted and put up Hitler signs and the Obama administration caved in and cow towed to that tactic. This is an act of cowardice by our President. Now the republicans will call him names and insult him for the rest of his term. Obama's reaction showed them that it works.
02:47 PM on 08/18/2009
Gotta love all you country first folks!

GOP states death to seniors- During the 3hr -1 min speeches on 7-28-09 - how many times did GOP state seniors would ---due to HC Reform?

What does 4 hours on the house floor ranting about Criminal Acorn have to do w/healthcare?

That is what R-IA King did the night of 7-27-09! 2 hrs
That is what R-IA King did the night of 7-29-09! 2 hrs

Bash Unions and Union workers and back the likes of Rick Scott-

This is what GOP support-
HCA Inc. (formerly known as Columbia/HCA and HCA - The Healthcare Company)
Note: Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) was acquired by Columbia in 1994.

Richard Scott, "the former chief executive of HCA Inc," had formed the non-profit organization Conservatives for Patients' Rights


Conservatives for Patients' Rights - Rick Scott

WOW! Ram this down our throats?

I think not - keep it stupid is done!

Rick Scott and his WALMART CLINICS is what you want? Rick Scott?

You dare bash unions?

Do I have this correct?


Go find another country to destroy- and take Rick Scott with you !
02:39 PM on 08/18/2009
If California had done the smart thing and elected Arianna governor instead of the SkyNet-created cyborg, the state would be in a better condition today.
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02:38 PM on 08/18/2009
I think it was hilari0us to watch them impl0de. Most American's don't agree with the proposals. Why is that so hard for the f@r lft to understand?
02:44 PM on 08/18/2009
Most Americans think Saddam Hussein was personally responsible for ordering 9/11.

Why is that so?
02:57 PM on 08/18/2009
Most Americans voted for Obama.

Funny how, when Bush was elected, his response to polls (and the response from most right-wingers) was "Hey, too bad, you voted for me [Bush] based upon my promises of what I'm gonna do, so now I'm gonna represent the people who elected me. Elections have consequences. Suck it, Dems!"

But now that Obama (a Democrat) is President, the rule becomes, "Hey, no tyranny of the majority, you have to be bipartisan and make sure that the Republicans are totally on board with everything and anything you want to do -- oh, and don't worry, the Republicans are totally operating in good faith..."

A majority polled are in favor of healthcare reform. Right-wing lies about killing granny may sway the ignorant, but you should be ashamed of that, not proud of it.
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02:36 PM on 08/18/2009
I am a 53 year old janitor. I clean toilets. --I have a second job working with developmentally disabled adults. Have been pretty lucky all my life-- good thing because I never had health or dental-- (I even scrape my own teeth!). On minimum wage, it's kind of hard to imagine it. -- when I talk to people my age and younger, who have healthcare, they all take meds,-- and show me their scars from various operations-- I think the "for profit" medical system is milking the whole system like a cash cow, and still american people are so overweight and unhealthy today. I am for reform that would allow everyone a state of the art "physical" every so often, and take care of health problems before they get out of hand. --I am still surprised that I live in a so called "Christian" culture which is so selfish and greedy. People shouldn't become doctors to get rich-- and those who already have healthcare shouldn't be saying F-U to the rest of us! :)
02:45 PM on 08/18/2009
Right on. I salute you.
There is no sin but ignorance.
02:46 PM on 08/18/2009
Well said. You make quite a few excellent points, including the opinion that "Christians" seem so selfish and greedy in arguing against universal health care. However, you should consider yourself extremely lucky not to have had any sort of medical crisis.
What you hear is what you get
02:32 PM on 08/18/2009
It's 1994 all over again, and the Scaricans are all aflutter with anti government outrage even after the most useless president by the name of Bush crashed the treasurys' doors and bankrupted the future generations of Americans to fund wars, big business giveaways and subsidies and a giant tax break for mostly the top 10% of the nation. He took everyones money, left right and center. Then along come the Teagaggers out of nowhere to strangle any attempt to restore government BALANCE in favor of the citizens versus big business and the abdicators of American citizenry come out howling at the doors with AK47s strapped over their shoulders to show how dangerous the minority party is to this country. And the media sucks this up like a egg vanilla milkshake on a hot southern Alabama day. "We're all rednecks for corporate america goddam it" they say- just because- without any dialogue or explanation, just the blind in GE/EXXON/WALMART/ETC we trust. Anything else is unamerican. Affordable health is unamerican, real christianity is unamerican, intelligence is unamerican and here's the doosy- liberty is unamerican. So when these faux/holy auctioneers of their american way come to your town meetings to shout you down, they are anti-democratic zombies for corporatization of your and my american dream of the america our true forefathers fought for.
02:51 PM on 08/18/2009
Yep. In 230 years, the USA ran up 5.5 trillion in debt. In 8 years, Bush doubled it, and all he had to show for it as 4000 dead American kids. Now, in the name of "free speech", thugs DENY the free speech of others by disrupting the give and take of asking and answering questions in a public forum. This is not "protest", which can keep the debate honest. This is rather the disallowing of the debate to take place, which is thuggery worthy of the Nazis and the Taliban.
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A Cunning Linguist
02:51 PM on 08/18/2009
I weep for us (and our children).
02:30 PM on 08/18/2009
Americans can reduce government and improve there international status by getting rid of the republican party and some of the not so smart dem. I would be embarrassed to tell people I am american.
02:43 PM on 08/18/2009
Don't let the screen door hit you in the @ss on your way out...
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Wait... what?
03:01 PM on 08/18/2009
yeah - you might need a doctor if that screen door draws blood. Ooops, wrong country!
02:23 PM on 08/18/2009
The President said he'd fight for us. Well Mr. President, now is the time!!
silk olive
02:25 PM on 08/18/2009
so far i've only seen pandering.
adrian nyu
02:18 PM on 08/18/2009
yes, she called Rep the "lunatic fringe" which is spot on!

The Rep have a master plan for our country: FAILURE at all costs for political gain, what a sad platform...Dems, Indep, moderate Rep need to fight back and support policy that benefits all Americans, not the "lunatic fringe!"
02:17 PM on 08/18/2009
As Harry Shearer once said..."Dick Armey? Is there any other kind?"
02:31 PM on 08/18/2009
No, because women don't have to register for the draft like the guys do. So much for equal responsibility!
03:10 PM on 08/18/2009
I have a son and two daughters. I want my daughters to register. They are Americans too.
02:15 PM on 08/18/2009
1.) If Grover Norquist wants to see a great example of a drowned government, he should get on a plane and go too Somalia.

2.) If he wants to see a government that actually works, drive a few miles north too Canada.

3.) If he wants to see how an ill educated population keeps electing corrupt politicians drive south too Mexico.

If he wants to experiance both 1 and 3, move too a red state.
sempre speranza
02:24 PM on 08/18/2009
My sentiments exactly!!
02:35 PM on 08/18/2009 states are really hurting. How is that unemployment rate in Michigan? Or that budget in Cali? Or NJ? Or NY?
02:49 PM on 08/18/2009
Hey but I still have all my teeth.
02:14 PM on 08/18/2009
"Let's make government small enough to drown in a bath tub." We can drastically cut the amount of Senators and Congressmen. Slim down Washington to a handful. Have them relinquish their ins policies paid for by the tax payers. Get rid of medicare, medicaid, SS and any government programs. Every one for themselves! Get rid of paying unemployment, food stamps and surely, stop insuring our children.
Then we can recruit Doctors without borders, and foreign aid, to help Americans unfortunate enough to not have health Ins. Stand in lines for hand outs, or die without services. Yeah, let's go backwards.
This is the kind of country the repub are screaming for, disrupting civil meetings, carrying guns and acting like bullies.
There are 50 million with out health Insurance in this country. How pathetic is this. We rate 37 in the world on health care. Maybe we can figure out how to be the worst in the world. Wow cool, the repub would love that.
Maybe the uninsured will just go die off already.
This is what the repub want!
They have NO concern for Americans, they just want to fund wars, and fu@k American's needs.
03:36 PM on 08/18/2009
A swedish news paper compared USA to someafrican tribal country or afhanistan where pppl take AK47s to their town metings, when the news abotu gun carring loons at townhall metings.
02:06 PM on 08/18/2009
The democrats have 60 senators and 257 house members, if this healthcare bill goes down, it is because you couldn't get your own ship in order. Blaming republicans is so 2008:)
02:15 PM on 08/18/2009
Unlike the Lemming Republics, the Democrats do not demand that their people follow the leader OR ELSE. That makes being a member of the Democratic party rather messy. Sometimes I wish the party would be more like the Republics, but in the end, I would rather be part of a party where the members think for themselves.

The problem is that there are members of the Democratic party who are bought and paid for by the for-profit health care industry just like the entire Republic party.

I would love to see President Obama announce that he was giving up on health care reform for now and would let the people in this country decide what direction they want us to go in the next election. If we elect representatives that aren't beholden to the insurance industry, then we will be telling President Obama and the country that we want real reform meaning either a public option or single payer health care for all.
02:25 PM on 08/18/2009
"Unlike the Lemming Republics, the Democrats do not demand that their people follow the leader OR ELSE. "

LOL.... tell that to Joe Liebermann

Even funnier - you truly believe what you just wrote.
02:17 PM on 08/18/2009
oh fogot repugs are not helping
they r in the corner lips poked out arms folded
01:57 PM on 08/18/2009
Why is it so hard to understand

Republicans are for smaller government and a strong defense

Democrats are for bigger government and a smaller defense

So the two will never agree
02:08 PM on 08/18/2009
Democrats want to defend us from all enemies foreign and domestic
Republicans want to protect us from foreigners while the destroy us and enslave us to the corporations.
Follow the money trail
03:27 PM on 08/18/2009
The only party to have enslaved americans has been the Democratic Party. Read your history book. I don't and didn't condone the war in Iraq as I know it was unconstitutional.
That said the Democrats have put us into more unconstitutional wars (Korea and Vietnam), enslaved american citizens (Japanese, German and Italians) during 1940's, stole from the public (FDR confiscating gold during the 1930's). Our Congress be it Republican or Democrat has betrayed our citizens by not following the Constitution. To liberals when a Republican steps on the Constitution they are right wing nuts, when a Democrat steps on the Constitution it is a noble deed. For the last 100 years the liberals have betrayed our laws, induced fallicious arguments, and set to destroy what has made this country great. Republicans have done the same, just not on the same scale. It is time for the American people to reclaim our country, stop the power grabs, force the federal government to defend and obey the oath they have taken. The Constitution does not say that the federal government has powers A, B, C and anything else it wants. Jefferson said the the Constitution is a set of laws - written laws - to bind the federal government, unfortunately the only thing that seems to bind the federal government these days is what they can get away with.
Amat victoria curam.
02:10 PM on 08/18/2009
Yet somehow the Republicans managed to increase the size of the government to unprecedented levels during the 2 terms of the most underqualified president the US ever had.
03:04 PM on 08/18/2009
Yes. It took us 230 years to run up a $5.5 trillion debt. george doubled it in just 8 years toi just under $11 trillion. AND killed 4000 US soldiers in doing so.
Civilization: Evolutionary pathway of choice.
01:51 PM on 08/18/2009
Arianna is right. The plan for the right is to ruin reform but allow something pretending to be reform to pass, then when it fails, to blame it on Obama and the Democrats, just like they did with the Stimulus package which they ruined.
02:04 PM on 08/18/2009
The plan of the left is not the same as obama's, the left wants health reform. Obama wants USA reform. That is a big difference and a big problem. Obama is not your typical Clinton Democrat.
02:28 PM on 08/18/2009
That must be why he's broken so many of his empty promises in just 7 months.... because he wants USA reform, right?

Lobbyists? Transparency? Truth? The end of 'politics as usual'?

And 53% of the country actually believed it..... amazing.
Follow the money trail
06:37 PM on 08/18/2009
Arianna has it wrong. This is not a left or right issue, it is not a Democratic or Republican issue. This issue is about our federal officials not upholding the oath they took. Health Care reform is not Constitutional, it is not covered by the 10th Amendment general warfare clause. If our elected official truly wanted to do what is right they would pass a Constitutional Amendment, failure to do so is negligence of duty and betrayal of the citizens.