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02:54 PM on 02/06/2013
Us can pick up the slack,,,,, well,,
02:41 PM on 02/06/2013
Fast forward to April, France tucks there tails between there legs and leave, militants by the droves get stronger in Mali, U.S. and do nothing UN protest, take a good guess what our Pentagon will do. You guess it- send our troops there. HERE WE GO AGAIN
Subvert the dominant paradigm
10:50 AM on 02/06/2013
Really? You think so?
You chased the Jihadists into the desert, you have NOT neutralized the threat and as soon as you leave they will return.\
African forces? If they were so effective you wouldn't be there to begin with.
02:22 PM on 02/06/2013
I think they mean they are going to surrender by the end of March.
Love Shack
Live, Love, Laugh Often
02:31 PM on 02/06/2013
roflmao...that sounds about right