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10:45 AM on 08/20/2009
Here's a crazyIDEA: How about women should only marry men who vote Dem?
Men don't force women to say I do - she chooses. Some men will always be violent to their women and their world - don't choose them., don't always choose meat and sugar.
12:06 PM on 08/20/2009
That's an interesting idea:
So you say Dems don't commit as many domestic violence crimes?
How do you explain that 80-90% of registered African-American voters are Democrats and support Democratic candidates(1), yet "Black females experienced intimate partner violence at a rate 35% higher than that of white females, and about 22 times the rate of women of other races." (2)

Now you will call me racist, but the sad fact is that domestic violence goes with economic statistics. And again, sadly, blacks and hispanics (I am hispanic) have greater rates of poverty and in turn domestic abuse.

Breaking it down to a political affiliation is careless and misinformed... try again.
Nothing is permanent except change...
02:08 PM on 08/20/2009
That's a crock. There are more white people on welfare, more living in poverty. As a domestic violence survivor and former advocate at a non-profit., my PERSONAL and professional experience has been that most abusers are white.

I am white, incidentally.

Domestic violence is a crime against humanity and should be treated as such. As for party affiliation, I claim no expertise on that breakdown. My guess would be that most are apolitical as my ex was, but that is just a guess on my part.

What matters is that men are tolerating this behaviour and it will continue until men stop condoning it.
Nothing is permanent except change...
02:09 PM on 08/20/2009
P.S. I hasten to add that I am not talking about all men, but I do believe it is all men's responsibility to stand up and say this won't be tolerated anymore.
02:06 PM on 08/20/2009
That idea is crazy, because it's untrue. How can you say no men that are Dems are violent to their wives? I'm a Dem, but saying that only Repubs beat their wives is just not true. You can't say something with no stats to support your argument.
10:43 AM on 08/20/2009
as i've said b4...., the root of california's problems are as follows:

1. constitution (too long)
2. initiative process (too many and out of control)
3. 2/3 vote to pass budget
4. 2/3 vote to increase txes (even on tabaco or liquer)
5. prop 13

it really doesn't matter who the governor is, or what his party is..., either way..., it's very difficult to balance a budget and the party out of power has a ton of power (because of 2/3 vote) to control the budget. These problems will not be repaired over night, and california will not change until it ends up in a serious crises, not a moderate one.

so far it's been a slow process, but california (i live here) is going dwon faster then the rest of the country, and barring major structural changes to the way govt. runs inthis state, nothing will ever change no matter who's in office or party affiliation.
05:00 PM on 08/20/2009
Yup. Dead on.
Let no neo-con lie go unchallenged
05:25 PM on 08/20/2009
Prop 13 was a godsend to older people on fixed incomes living in their homes.

Revenue from property taxes still stays relatively healthy from turnover.

If every one gets 'taxed' out of their homes it's a joke to pretend you own it.

Look elsewhere chum.
10:19 AM on 08/20/2009
Eve, thank you for continuing to stand up and raise your voice about this issue. You are an inspiration to me!
09:54 AM on 08/20/2009
Stop bashing California, if you don't like it here move. We need to cut government programs here across the board. That means all state workers in all areas.
10:13 AM on 08/20/2009
NO, we need to force corporations to pay their fair share of taxes instead of creating bogus headquarters in the Cayman islands so they can avoid contributing to this country.
10:27 AM on 08/20/2009
Im a Californian and I disagree. The budget we need to cut is the immoral and unsustainable prison industry budget. ANd we will have even more criminals to deal with now that he has passed this veto. So stop bashing intelligent americans for wanting true freedom. Freedom from violence and ignorance and oppression.
11:11 AM on 08/20/2009
Please explain.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is housing EXACTLY the people that the voters are telling them to. They are under such pressure to supply medical care that they are under federal receivership for medical care (explain what Constitutional levels of care are when we have 50 million folks uninsured) and they are grossly understaffed as prisons are running about 175% of capacity.

So, HOW are we to further cut the prison budget which is already being asked to trim 1.2 billion dollars for the fiscal year?

I agree that SOMETHING needs to be done culturally to head crime off at the pass, but you are not making much sense on this issue.

Arnold has been a titanic disaster for California. Totally incompetent. Totally lacking compassion.
Let no neo-con lie go unchallenged
05:37 PM on 08/20/2009
We could decriminalize drugs. Imagine all the police, trials and prison money we could save.

Tax and sell the damn stuff at the corner drug store for all I care. The cartels, south of the border , attorneys and prison unions, would have a coniption fit.

Shave off some of that savings for treatment and inebriation enforcement. If it turns into Dawn of the Dead on the streets we can always go back.
09:54 AM on 08/20/2009
Eve, maybe if you voted for the budget changes when they came up last season?
10:28 AM on 08/20/2009
how do you know she didnt?
09:27 AM on 08/20/2009
From at least as far back as Governor Reagan, the rest of the country has watched California (ergo Californians) do one stupendously crazy thing after another. The state acts not merely as if it were a separate country but as if it were a separate planet. The best thing for victims of domestic violence is to move to a more civilized state, where the leaders actually give a damn what happens to people. California seems to be stuck in a silent movie mobius, wherein there is no real world, only the pretend world of frontiersmen and their women, who stick by their men come hell or high water. A movie frontiersman would never abuse his spouse; therefore it can't happen. Not in California, the Fantasyland of the galaxy.
Let no neo-con lie go unchallenged
05:42 PM on 08/20/2009
Like that money California voted for genetic research?? What was that all about?? I understand it's a great cause but come on, get real. It just wasn't practical.
Conservative Commonsense
09:24 AM on 08/20/2009
Schwarzenegger is not the problem here, the legislature of the state of California that has spent the state into massive debt needs to grasp that you cannot spend more than you can take in forever. Sadly undo Prop 13 must be undone as well. Trying to blame him tells me that YOU are not willing to address the real problems in the state and just want to blame a man....
10:43 AM on 08/20/2009
True and it's also the people of california. We vote on every single little proposition and the people really have no idea what they're voting for.
09:22 AM on 08/20/2009
Why is this his fault? There's no money left!
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09:53 AM on 08/20/2009
that doesn't matter, he is a Republican and thus he is bad.
08:55 AM on 08/20/2009
Well said, Eve. Perhaps Jamie Lee Curtis, who is a frequent blogger here, and one who campaigned for Arnold yet claims to care for the stuggling Americans who are always the first to get trashed in a Republican administration, could put in a good word for you.
08:55 AM on 08/20/2009
They recalled Gray Davis for this guy?.........................
08:27 AM on 08/20/2009

I am a great admirer of yours, I have been to 5 Vagina Monlogues including 2 London Vdays and had the honour of meeting you in person at the last one. However the Californian economy is in dire straits, the Governator, of whom I'm not a great fan, has had little choice to cut spending across the board.

The real culprits are the energy companies that raped California a few years ago. Perhaps they should fund this worthwhile cause
A guy in NYC. Professor, writing consultant and p
11:12 AM on 08/20/2009
The culprits are the people of California. With these expensive and disastrous initiatives creating millions of unfunded mandates, it's no wonder no one can run the state.

Now we have no such excuse in NYS - we just elect morons.
Truth, Justice and the Milky Way
08:11 AM on 08/20/2009
think of the billions and billions of dollars we have spent in such a complete over-reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attack....we just went bat-sh*t crazy, even invaded Iraq (??) for some fool reason and lost 4200 soldiers, killed a hundred thousand iraqi civilians and wasted a trillion dollars or so....but the plain fact is, women in this country have been terrorized more often and for a much longer time by their husbands and boy friends and stalkers in general than al qaeda has even done or will ever do...and they get left out in the cold again by these cuts that make it even harder for them to protect themselves from these domestic terrorists....President Obama should intervene, we should all intervene...This is inexcusable.
08:07 AM on 08/20/2009
Just one example of the disaster that california has become.

The remedy is obvious but getting there is not: somehow California needs to undo Prop 13, which makes it impossible to raise adequate tax revenue. Or, possibly, pass a VAT or some other broad-based tax that can generate adequate revenue.

Otherwise, the state will sink into a kind of semi-third world existence, with a bloated, self-serving government elite and dwindling social services. Zimbabwe on the Pacific.
10:29 AM on 08/20/2009
Nail. Hit. On. Head.
Wendy Johnson
10:40 AM on 08/20/2009
Well said! And yet there is already a petition guy hanging around the store where I do my marketing ginning up for 2010 with a sign that reads NO NEW TAXES. Christ, sometimes I think people in this state deserve what we're getting, we're so dumb!
07:55 AM on 08/20/2009
Let us not forget that Arnold got elected and Prop H8 passed because of 'Democrats' who voted for them.
07:33 AM on 08/20/2009
Schwarzenegger is bad news. It is the government's duty to protect citizens and to ensure their well-being. Schwarzenegger is not doing this. The funding priority for battered women's shelters(BWS) should be the same as for prisons, because human life is at risk. Prisons keep the criminals in, and BWS's keep the good people in, and the criminals out. The Governor's illegal budget cuts, with the backing of big oil(Chevron Corp. of San Ramon), are very dangerous for women and children, who are victims of domestic violence and it is sub-human. During a recession, with its higher unemployment, government funding for BWS's, should be increased, not elimimated. Obviously, this budget picks-on the most vulnerable and it endangers children. If a battered wife is murdered in front of a closed-down BWS, then, Schwarzenegger and his oil industry tyrants, should be charged with first-degree murder.