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07:54 PM on 08/23/2009
There have been homeless people and kids around the WH for years.
08:45 PM on 08/23/2009
So that makes it OK, huh? Business as usual.
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09:17 PM on 08/23/2009
No it does not make it right the homeless rate has increased since Reygun took office.
07:53 PM on 08/23/2009
the unemployed and homeless should be surrounding the Palace ..I mean the White House and camping out on the Mall until the DC jails are full to overflowing.
07:52 PM on 08/23/2009
Doesn't the administration care about the little people.

Really sad to see this in DC
Legalize it, now!
07:46 PM on 08/23/2009
I am a republican, I don't care about these people, so please stop reporting on something that I don't care about.

I have a home, I have a job, I have health care, that is all I care about.
08:17 PM on 08/23/2009
Yeppers. Until it's gone. Good luck with that train of thought.
08:28 PM on 08/23/2009
Yes ... and if you don't wake up and start caring about equality in society, these little uncared for people will one day rise up and take your wealth and re-distribute it. That day is fast approaching!
07:34 PM on 08/23/2009
It's beyond me how the downtrodden can so patiently pray, and wish, and hope, and continue to believe in a god. After hundreds of years of disenfranchisement, how can the AA community keep their faith? I guess they're better people than I am.
08:29 PM on 08/23/2009
Lets hope that their patience is running out.
09:22 PM on 08/23/2009
They've rioted before, in the sixties and also in LA during the LA riots.
10:53 AM on 08/24/2009
I'm speaking of those who keep their faith. As in this clip. How can this man stay loyal to his god?
07:26 PM on 08/23/2009
But Obama was reading off a teleprompter when he said that, and we know now that when Obama reads off a teleprompter, it's a sales pitch with no substance.

I recall visiting D.C. in the mid 80's, in the spring, and right outside the World Bank building (H St. NW) were homeless people sleeping on the steam grates on the sidewalk. And people in their suits walked right past, and into the building. We are all about to find out the supply of steam grates is very limited.
07:38 PM on 08/23/2009
Yes, we all know George Dubya was more of an intellectual scholar. He never used a teleprompter did he?
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07:25 PM on 08/23/2009
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

RE: "Part of the change in attitudes that I want to see here in Washington and all across the country is a belief that it is not acceptable for children and families to be without a roof over their heads in a country as wealthy as ours." -- President Barack Obama, March 24.

With all due respect, homelessness is very unhealthy for adults, too. Try managing your diabetes while sleeping on the sidewalk (like the man in San Francisco who slept on the sidewalk across the street from my room at the YMCA.) Or the man I met in a Stockton McDonalds who had been sleeping in a field.
07:20 PM on 08/23/2009
Doing anything to help them be "socialism" and the GOP would start beating this heads.
they would start saying that: "obama is giving your money to lazy people"
Its only acceptable if they do it in the name of jesus.
07:29 PM on 08/23/2009
The GOP? Let the em-effers squawk.
08:02 PM on 08/23/2009
Jesus was a socialist!
07:59 AM on 08/24/2009
And Jesus did not demand bucco bucks for his medical care ~ as a matter of fact, He asked for nothing except, "Go and sin no more ..."