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08:50 AM on 02/15/2013
I think it means a lot more to girls than guys. I don't recall anything momentous in grade school other than eating Red Hots. Now high school was another ball game and it had nothin' to do with hand made cards!
Y Woodman Brown
live & let live
07:26 AM on 02/15/2013
"Oh yeah life goes on Long after the thrill of livin' is gone."

Think of your grandparents or great-grandparents who used to actually give Valentines to their Valentine. It was a chance for girls to make the first move. It was a tradition that didn't include elementary school children.

Then came the mass produced pastel candy hearts, the pithy red and pink Hallmark cards, the FTD bouquet. And Valentine's celebration trickled down to the children...who appreciate getting, not giving. Then the political correctness set-in as scads of awkward, lonely and shunned school children were further ostracized by a process favoring the cool and good looking.

Of course, what you miss has actually nothing to do with Valentine's. You miss the commercialization of which, in your youth, you were not aware--Sheik-O-Grams--for only a dollar. Did you use that day to ask a boy out? to break the ice with a crush? to make any true feelings known to a potential boyfriend?

Valentine's Day is just like any other American's for the young. You need the fresh eyes, the thrill of new love. You need to be doing something which you haven't done before...some grand gesture toward your future happiness.

"Little ditty about Jack and Diane."
Jerome Graber
I'm off to fight on the side of the gods.
11:24 AM on 02/17/2013
wow, cynical much?
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veni, vidi, clicki
07:25 AM on 02/15/2013
a simple gripe: i am sad to see how plain and ugly valentines have become - my child's batch was an envelope-less heap of tiny rectangles, onto which ugly little images w zero creativity quips had been printed. i still have memories of the die-cut, glittered treasures we exchanged - though i've bought some online, how i wish i had saved a year or two's worth of the valentines of my youth, that i could share with my kid now
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question authority
05:44 AM on 02/15/2013
We were just having a conversation about traditions such as valentine's day. Silly or not, they are important. My dad always made a big deal of this day. It seems all have melted into just another day. Kind of sad we are too sophisticated and matter of fact to get caught up in a bit of sentimental fun.
Certified "Wildly Inappropriate"
02:15 AM on 02/15/2013
I hate to be cynical, but Valentine's Day is not a "magical" holiday by any account. It's more commercial than Christmas, and I have a lot of single and divorced friends who spent today feeling lonely and depressed, having the media and the people around them rub their faces in it.
Lorette Lavine
11:46 PM on 02/14/2013
I loved this...I do remember when you chose who to actually give a Valentine to ...and sometimes you just signed it with a ?...and the recipient had to guess who it was from. Yes, we did make our own cards and put them in a huge box on our teacher's was all so secretive and fun.
Last weekend we made preschool Valentines with hearts cut from coffee filters and then painted with water colors...the kids and teachers loved pretty and easy...a snowy day activity.
I think our kids still know the fun of Valentine's may be different but it is still fun.
11:35 PM on 02/14/2013
Guessing that young people today are looking for something a bit more real and personal than a marketing product.
07:33 AM on 02/15/2013
Briteleaf, explaining why Facebook is so real & personal.
02:43 AM on 02/16/2013
I dislike Facebook but at least people communicating have the opportunity of saying something real to each other instead of marketed platitudes stamped on paper.
Born Kansan moved to SoCal. Too extremes.
10:55 PM on 02/14/2013
First, I got news: all those treasures are not making it to your grandkids. The nostalgia of things your keeping are just.....your nostalgia. Do your children a favor and start whittling down now. After several familial passings in the last couple of years I assure you, keeping all of that stuff is doing them no favors.

Second, who says kids aren't making things and we are not keeping them. My 1st grade son just finished making cards for all of his classmates. Further, we keep all of the stuff the school sends home and then after the year is over whittle it down to the most memorable for keepsakes.
03:34 AM on 02/17/2013
Grandma only shared one picture with me that I still remember and cherish. One day (when I was 25) grandma had out one of her many photo albums. She looked around to make sure that mom was busy talking to grandpa and as she flipped the page she said, "Oh look! There is a picture of your mother the SECOND time she married Keith". That would explain why I could never mention that man's name in mother's house.
Two 'alves of coconut!
10:49 PM on 02/14/2013
I think that these days, it's just nude smartphone sexting, like most other days.
Janie Emaus
09:53 PM on 02/14/2013
It's such a different world. What about photos? My mom keeps complaining that no one is giving her any new ones for her refrigerator door. Why? Because they are in our iPhones and iPads and we don't take the time to have them printed up. We should. And writing this has prompted me to do just that.
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In a gentle way, you can shake the world.
09:45 PM on 02/14/2013
Believe me.....your souvenirs that mean so much to YOU may not mean so much to others. We just got through cleaning out my mother's house so she could sell after 50 years. She didn't throw anything away. I still found my 8th grade paper from 30+ years ago. My sisters found their junior high and high school papers as well. We had a laugh at those, then tossed them.
Shortly before that I cleaned out my big house to sell it. Both my kids were gone. I'd saved papers and art projects from their preschool to their high school. I thought they'd want them,. they were so adorable. They had a chuckle and then tossed them.
Even pictures, my aunt had many photo albums. Her boys tossed them all. My sisters and I are busy putting my mom's photos up on flickr and on disc.
I think you make your own memories that are important to you. Oh, and people are still romantic, just like they were romantic before us, they will be romantic after us as well.
08:38 PM on 02/14/2013
It's a different time.

I remember as a kid when meals were served on flights and we still sang the pledge of allegiance in class before the atheist got offended.

My kids (if I ever want any) will never get a scrap book, but they will get a link to my photobucket account so they can see what mommy and daddy looked like in their 20's lol.
Comfortably Numb
12:28 PM on 02/17/2013
Okay, this is off-topic from the article (which I found to be rather judgmental about a holiday that is indeed celebrated in the schools to this day)... but I work in the schools, and I can assure you that the Pledge is given every day. So keep your nasty-gram to yourself. I myself am an atheist, and I since I was in about 4th grade and discovered that I thought religion was a silly and childish superstitious obligation, stopped saying the line "under God". But I always said the rest. And that is my right. And I'm so sick of saying this to you bigots year after year after year. The thing is, we're Americans... and it's my right not to believe in your god. But I did have to laugh at you "before the atheist got offended" line. I know you likely meant to say "atheists"... but your mistake is really much more in-line with the truth. We are really outnumbered and if you once looked at the world through our eyes you would see that our society is SATURATED with godly references. We hardly threaten your world view... while the truth is you threaten ours every day. Afraid that, given too much time to actually think through your own religious beliefs, you might also learn that you are a non-believer yourself?
Responsible and accountable
07:09 PM on 02/14/2013
Valentine's Day was NEVER romanticized in my eyes; it was always a commercial mess to me; I wouldn't allow any of my valentines to spend money on flowers or candy, I always wanted only their time. That was only two valentines before I met my one and only. And after all these years, we still don't celebrate with material goods...we wake up, kiss, say happy valentine's day lovey, do our thing, return home, and eat by candlelight.
one in a can
07:00 PM on 02/14/2013
Valentine's day was never magic. Completely made up by flower and candy mongers to drum up business.
06:57 PM on 02/14/2013
Oh, honey, not having a proper Valentine is going to be the least of these kids' worries.