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Liban CZ
Straight as an arrow.
06:33 PM on 02/13/2013
America is a supplier of arms to the REBELS, that's the way the world turns, folks.
06:08 PM on 02/13/2013
Vladi's not opposed to hedging his bets!
War = Organized Murder
06:07 PM on 02/13/2013
Of course it will continue.

Weapons manufacturers don't care about human toll. They are in the business of...killing. Russia isn't alone, the world's crazies don't make their own guns: they are all using American, Russian, Chinese, French, Israeli, German, British made guns. Whatever will arrive the quickest.
Liban CZ
Straight as an arrow.
06:35 PM on 02/13/2013
always was and always will be so!
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05:16 PM on 02/13/2013
Of course they will, they're making a killing.
04:44 PM on 02/13/2013
SAUDI ARABIA is helping Al-Qaeda and the Sunii militants who are working with them.Al-Qaeda is our Enmy .But that is allright that they kill and is trying to turn Syria into a SUNII ISLAMIC country,And Russia is wrong to help a legal government againist these known killers ,while once again or government acts like they do not know that the rebels are Sunii extremist .
04:07 PM on 02/13/2013
And NATO will keep supplying arms to the terrorists.
In Congress no one can hear you scream
03:41 PM on 02/13/2013
And the world should make sure that Syrians are aware of who is arming thier dictator. Russia may continue to play dirty but they should not be able to do it without being exposed. The U.S. should not be able to arm repugnant dictators either. The reason Iran a few other nations dislike us now so much is because we armed and supported dicators that treated their people like crap. These things come back to bite you sooner or later
05:00 PM on 02/13/2013
Yes, but through the Middle Eastern countries the US is right in the middle of it. How do you think the terroist are being armed with the sophistic weapons they have ? Hint:........The good ole UNITED STATES. We are only worried about other countries, the problems this country is experiencing, and continues to experience, aren`t that big of a deal. Just ask Obama, he never lies....................and Howard Hughes is my long lost uncle too !
07:21 PM on 02/13/2013
Assad got elected last May. Other than that I agree with your post.
02:28 PM on 02/13/2013
Not smart Putin tying yourself to a regime instead of a country..Now you lose it all if/when Assad goes down.If you played both sides or abstained even if Assad won he could do little harm in return? Kick your base and personnel out? Not buy your weapons? Like he has any choice..Now when he loses you have a multi generational animosity from the a new Syria to contend with.
01:56 PM on 02/13/2013
What happened to aid for our Storm Sandy Victims? Dont see any other countries coming to our aid
05:05 PM on 02/13/2013
Great point ! However we`d rather spend billions of dollars on other countries, helping them to rebuild, become a democracy like ourselves, even though we have allot of head cases in Government, and so my friend the Sandy victims don`t really matter that much.But just as soon as another country is in need of funding, we`ll promise to get that to them immediately, without the "fanfare" that happens with Government. Someone remind me again............"Who`s in the White House", ?
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11:30 AM on 02/13/2013
They're cashing in as long as the checks clear.
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05:51 PM on 02/13/2013
Syria owes billions to Russia.With Assad's fall, it's all down the drain.
10:52 AM on 02/13/2013
I hope the Arab world remembers Russia's lack of cooperation in trying to stop the bloodshed.
Both sides are evil, especially since al Qaeda and its affiliates have infested the rebels, but Russian behavior in this crisis is atrocious.
12:17 PM on 02/13/2013
Haha Russia is nowhere close to the US arms sale to that region.
The Independent
01:08 PM on 02/13/2013
And you call yourself antiwar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The truth will set you free, like it or not
02:47 PM on 02/13/2013
Pity that Lebanon doesn't have the money or the political unity to purchase the latest Russian air defense systems. Might prevent warlike countries from violating their air space regularly.
Simon Wolfers
01:25 PM on 02/13/2013
What do you suggest? That we all believe the western media BS and go and bomb another Arab sovereign country into 'democracy'?? Many are very pleased that Russia has drawn a line in the sand to stop the Israel/US proxy war. Why is Islamists bad in Mali but OK in Syria? ask yourself that!. But I'll give you a clue, follow the money.
10:48 AM on 02/13/2013
Sounds to me more like in the Ruskies' equation, Bashar and Salma are here to stay despite Western promises that he is in his last throes!
12:18 PM on 02/13/2013
Wouldnt count on it, Russia dont give enough support.
02:50 PM on 02/13/2013
As long as the nato plotters stay away from direct involvement, I think Vladimir's arm supplies are enough support Bashar can really ask for for now.
07:23 PM on 02/13/2013
French FM Laurent Fabius, and the Jordanian king have both said that Assad's regime is not about to go away soon.
09:59 AM on 02/14/2013
That was a flip flopping position from a few months ago though.