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tssent 07:03 PM on 02/14/2013

The honorable Speaker Boehner has finally
condescended.  He  "MIGHT" consider treating
you as an equal.  Calm down.  A lot is going
to depend on what you're willing to declare,
namely, are you:

1.  Ready to accept you never should have been
allowed the vote in the first place and that you will
automatically be required to 
07:17 AM on 02/15/2013
Let me help you with this one, leave it open just as the women vote left it open in the past election. Reap what you sow and the GOP will continue to crash and burn.
07:14 AM on 02/15/2013
Meaning, you MIGHT actually do your friggin' job?
Whoo Yahoo
07:10 AM on 02/15/2013
"I have tried to RATIONALIZE I MEN who were sent to "Protect & Defend" the Constitution ("So help me GOD!") --- find it so incredibly difficult (borderline psychodic) ---Can not bring themselves to...

PROTECT and DEFEND their own mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, female employees, women managers, women who clean THEIR HOMES and those who (occasionally)...

RAISE their own babies --- WHY?! --- Would [they] vote NOT to place a stiff prison sentence on women of RAPE, physical terrorism, and EMOTIONAL assault!??

And, the ONLY reason I can conclude is that they, themselves are THE abusers! Or, they know a brother, nephew, CLOSE friend, protected co-worker, or colleague who THEY see as...

BEING "CAUGHT" in the WEB of the criminal system -- and, those SAME LAWS [may] someday have to APPLY to THEM!

07:07 AM on 02/15/2013
Having a law that favors one group over another is wrong
oligarchy- government controlled by the rich
06:54 AM on 02/15/2013
Gee that's swell.....
All You Need Is Love
06:50 AM on 02/15/2013
This is such a no brainer for the GOP to at least get one thing right,but as usual the baggers are pulling their strings.Come 2014 the GOP will more worries because they continue to let the baggers control their camp.
07:49 AM on 02/15/2013
I absolutely agree with your statement. Until the teabaggers, Fox, Rush, Beck, etc, stop controlling the Rep party, they are never going to win. The party is doomed. What independent voter would vote for an extremist. No party can win without the independent/swing voters.
07:51 AM on 02/15/2013
It is a right of the states issue. you are probably for this, but against the Feds from telling the states what they can do about marijuana right? Well start reading Supreme Court opinions, you cant have it both ways. They have already ruled on this one, stop playiing political games and pass a budget.
Ms Disbelef
08:04 AM on 02/15/2013
The Supreme Court has never heard a case on the Violence Against Women Act. Cite me the case where they did. Yeah, this should be a state by state issue so I can be safe in one state but not in another. Did your mother drop you on your head?
08:06 AM on 02/15/2013
The Supreme Court can't rule on something that isn't a law, so No they haven't "ruled on this one". The one provision that they did rule on in 2000 was removed then and has never been back.
06:40 AM on 02/15/2013
Hey that is the etch a sketch guy!
WHO would want to put his face on their show?
I just do not get it....
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Suzanne Salt
Born to bother people...
06:38 AM on 02/15/2013
So he's leaving the door open,huh? Mighty white of him.
06:30 AM on 02/15/2013
Don't do it John.....
Don't listen to the voice within, it does not put cash in your bank account.
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06:21 AM on 02/15/2013
And on Valentine's day,
such "honorable men" among these GOPeze.
06:38 AM on 02/15/2013
Actually, the ACLU has historically voiced more opposition to the Violence Against Women Act than the GOP has.
Yes We Are!
07:12 AM on 02/15/2013
ACLU has supported reauthorization of VAWA on the condition that the "unconstitutional DNA provision" be removed. this was back in 2000 i think...aclu has supported the act since the dna provision has been removed. tbaggery and its fear of women and minorities having any real power are the folks decrying it now. now is what counts..not ironing out wrinkles by aclu 13 years ago..
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06:20 AM on 02/15/2013
You already know
everything the ServantsReps of the Right Wing Rich
will do - - - N O T H I N G good for America.
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06:19 AM on 02/15/2013
Staring at theBottoms of the Rich
makes you look like this.
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06:19 AM on 02/15/2013
At least the dishonorable speaker
has his sauce to turn to.
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06:18 AM on 02/15/2013
The lackeys of the Right Wing Rich
lost the election,
so now they want to ruin Obama's second term.
They will never get over
losing twice to a black man.
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06:17 AM on 02/15/2013
When the ScumDog Billionaires speak,
Boehner asks, "How High?"
And does what they tell him.