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09:47 PM on 08/26/2009
I like seeing Arianna on MSNBC talking about the issues. Way to go Arianna, very classy and intelligent - please keep it up.

Ed is great too because he's sincere and passionate about health care reform.

Again - thank you Ted Kennedy- the Lion of the Senate- for all of your service to our country. RIP!
10:07 PM on 08/26/2009
11:01 PM on 08/26/2009
Agreed. ED is honest, passionate, informative, and often hilarious (purpously and honestly so) . I dvr him everyday! ;-D And thats not psycho talk.......
09:44 PM on 08/26/2009
Listening to the speech of Ted Kennedy at the 1980 dem convention, it appears we were tackling the same promlems over the last 40 years

when will we get it
09:51 PM on 08/26/2009
SOON with a little more patience... and is the reason Ted and most of voted for Obama, but he NEEDS our help, this isn't a one man battle.
10:17 PM on 08/26/2009
Hillary Clinton was and is the biggest advocate for UNIVERAL HEALTHCARE, that was her cause, not Obama's. Obama's "BIG THING" was that he was going to "change government so that it's more transparent"... that was our hope. The hope was NOT just for a change of "parties". Further, Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama for 'POLITICAL' reasons. The Kennedy's... like the "Bush and Clinton's" were considered a DYNASTY.
The LAST great DEM pres was JFK... after him there was lame Johnson and the dreadful, single term , Jimmy Carter. It was not until 12yrs later that BILL CLINTON was elected and held the office for 2 terms...becoming the most successful Dem Pres in our lifetime... which over-shadowed and caused a power-rift with the "KENNEDY" base.
TO SQUASH the Clinton power in the party was Kennedy's main reason for backing Obama... then of course, all the other reasons fell into place.
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09:43 PM on 08/26/2009
I am just in love with Arianna. Being liberal is so sexy
09:37 PM on 08/26/2009
I am very sad that Ted Kennedy has died.

Like 99.9% of other Americans; I never met Ted Kennedy; but only saw him on TV and knew of his work as a senator. As such, I did not know him well. But yet I am crushed by his passing.

Why you ask? There are many reasons; but this one will suffice.

Ted Kennedy was born into wealth and privilege that only a very, very small percentage have.

Yet I always felt (based upon his actions and legislation he championed) that Ted always cared about the common person; the middle-income people; the poor people.

How easy it would be when you are born into great wealth and privilege to disregard or even sneer at "the common masses".

Yet Ted didn't do this. Instead Ted championed causes designed to help the poor or the middle-class. (Such as pushing for a increase in the minimum wage; pushing for health care for all Americans.)

Truely a sign of a great man; to care for those less fortunate than you. This is why I am so sad.

In my mind, the opposite end of the spectrum was George W. Bush. Like Ted, he was born into wealth and privilege. Yet I always thought that Bush 43 didn't care one bit about the common man; but catered only to the wealthy.
10:10 PM on 08/26/2009
Bush didn't, he just used them for his and Cheney's war.
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09:34 PM on 08/26/2009
Teddy had a lot,
Teddy gave a lot.
09:09 PM on 08/26/2009
We had a Civil War to correct the biggest mistake our Founding Faher's made; now who is going to step up and correct the 'mistake' that Johnson made with Medicare. We have to be grateful for the Kennedys that served this Nation; who is going to step up and fill their shoes?
09:27 PM on 08/26/2009

september 13 all around the country
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09:03 PM on 08/26/2009
Ed is a true liberal like Teddy Kennedy. I like the fact that Ed is part of the dialogue, and I hope that Ed helps keep Teddy's dream alive.
10:14 PM on 08/26/2009
Love ED, best on tv besides, Stewart, Colbert, Maher, and Moyer. He hangs tough and the republicans don't stand a chance with ED. Great liberal just like Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy was one of the great lions in congress can't think of anyone right now that comes up to his stature.
We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow
08:57 PM on 08/26/2009
As Senator Kennedy said, "...the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."

This is a man who worked tirelessly for the working man. And one of our greatest champions of health care reform. It has become even more important than ever that we get this done! And rightfully call it the TeddyPlan in honor of the man who made this his life's work! He carried the torch for a long time...and now it is up to us to continue to carry it for him!

We cannot let the scare tactics dissuade us from reaching our goal!

While many of us are struggling to afford medical insurance/medical bills.
While Congress people try to stop healthcare reform.
While Congress people accept large contributions from lobbyists to prevent health care reform.

Our elected officials in Congress receive health care mostly paid for by us tax payers, yet many are trying to make it impossible for us to purchase an affordable plan of our own.

Please sign both petitions! Thank you!
08:50 PM on 08/26/2009
JFK said "Ask NOT what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!" Teddy lived that!

Teddy Says IT BEST:

“The Republicans are looking after the financial interests of the wealthiest individuals in this country.” — Edward Kennedy

“We are giving assurance to the American families that help is on its way.” — Edward Kennedy

“For 10 years the Republican Leadership have refused to raise the minimum wage... $240 Billion for tax breaks for big corporations.... What is the price we ask the other side, what cost, how many Billion Dollars more for the corporations, when does the Greed Stop we ask the Republicans! ...Do you have such disdain for working people! What is the Price the Workers have to pay to get an increase in minimum wage! ... What is it the Republicans have against the workers of America!” --- Edward Kennedy

"But quality care shouldn't depend on your financial resources, or the type of job you have, or the medical condition you face. Every American should be able to get the same treatment that U.S. senators are entitled to. –- Senator Teddy says!
09:03 PM on 08/26/2009
Excellent quotes.
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09:05 PM on 08/26/2009
This is what it means to be liberal. How the GOP changed the word liberal into a bad word still amazes me.
09:21 PM on 08/26/2009
Agreed. Liberal should be a synonym for patriot.
08:40 PM on 08/26/2009
I usually think Arianna is too critical of Obama when it comes to health care, and that she underestimates how difficult it is to be able to create a consensus about it even within the Democratic party, where patience is absolutely needed. But I do think that today she had a point.
First, it is true that now that Kennedy has disappeared, somebody must take over the torch, and nobody's more able to do that than Obama, who in the past showed many times that he could be as passionate about health care as the Kennedy's did.
Second, I think she's right to underscore the fact that universal health care is not a hope that lives only on the left (the 77% pro public option prove it once again), fact that cannot be repeated enough.
Finally, this was a very constructive interview, and I think the left should do just that: putting the heat on Obama not by criticizing him (which is always easy if you're on the sideline), but by telling him relentlessly what it is he should do. That will help him to remember the Blue Dogs and the GOP that as an elected president, he cannot possibly ignore his base and thus cannot accept a compromise on crucial things like a public option etc.
So thanks Arianna, great interview!
08:28 PM on 08/26/2009
Thank you, Arianna. Great, great interview!!
08:21 PM on 08/26/2009
Not sure about Ed, but I like what Arianna had to say about healthcare reform.
08:13 PM on 08/26/2009
I just signed a petition demanding that the U.S. Congress allow a public option.

Click here to sign: