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05:41 AM on 02/21/2013
study the effects and relationship between what we call gravity and the effect of the darkness of the light or lack thereof in outer space on a human corporeal being and the idea of gravity takes on an entirely new meaning, not what we thought it was all along
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08:52 AM on 02/21/2013
careful on lumping us folks with brains in your wild fun world of discovery
03:38 AM on 02/21/2013
He's been smoking too much weed.
07:43 AM on 02/21/2013
I just smoked a doobie like I do every morning, this guy is beyond burned out stoner stupid.
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It does not require many words to speak the truth.
03:00 AM on 02/21/2013
You don't know Jose.. Everybody knows gravity is controlled by the spaghetti monster's noodleage.
Junius Gallio
We are the little folk, we.
04:04 AM on 02/21/2013
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Carpe Diem ♥
07:00 AM on 02/21/2013
that theory has been debunked... everyone knows...

it's tiny pixies working in unison-- holding it all together.
don't sit under an apple tree-- they will throw apples at your head.

I need coffee...
good day to all :)
02:52 AM on 02/21/2013
You're fired Joe
02:18 AM on 02/21/2013
OK, let's all enjoy a little laugh at Canseco's scientific naivete, but let's also give him credit for even thinking along these lines. The question as to how sauropods were able to sustain brain perfusion is a thorny one, just for one example. He may not have been taught the inverse square law of gravitational attraction, but I can't imagine too many jocks even being aware of these things, let alone trying to explain them.
03:37 AM on 02/21/2013
No credit for him.
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08:55 AM on 02/21/2013
this philosophy of yours can sum up the problem with americas future.... to think in unconventional manners is wonderful, to offer theory on E without being qualified on A,B,C, or D is deserving of nothing but correction, not credit.
11:41 AM on 02/21/2013
Lighten up, Bush. To quote Samuel Johnson: "It's like a dog walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all."
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01:57 AM on 02/21/2013
Sir Isaac Newton and Jose Canseco -- yeah, that's the ticket! :-)
01:10 AM on 02/21/2013
Sounds like a republican congressman-in-training to me.
02:08 AM on 02/21/2013
Sorry, but no. He is Over Qualified. Jose Canseco maybe mistaken about Science,but a Republican can't believe in Science period.
Seriously, it's time.
08:33 AM on 02/21/2013
Sure. He use the word dinosaur not in the context of "saddle".
Just say "NO" to micro-bio!
12:36 AM on 02/21/2013
Gee, I wonder what Jose Conseco's take is on the Higgs boson?
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04:22 AM on 02/21/2013
Jose would probably try to inject it into his muscles since Higgs is what gives matter mass ...
10:46 PM on 02/20/2013
Pretty sure that this "Theory" will be on the GOP plank the next POTUS election.
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04:24 AM on 02/21/2013
Nope. Jose's unscientific guess is in conflict with the idea that a god did up and done it. The GOP can't embrace those kinds of "theories" because their base will get all uppish.
Coffee is for closers.
10:20 PM on 02/20/2013
Bill "oil can" Boyd once said on the game getting fogged out in Cleveland, that is what happens when you build a baseball park next to an ocean.

Carl Everett also of the Red Sox, said he didnt believe in dinosaurs since he had never seen one.
Coffee is for closers.
10:21 PM on 02/20/2013
Sorry his name was Dennis, was thinking Bill Lee for some reason.
10:01 PM on 02/20/2013
This is what happens when you start allowing people to think all theories are equally valid. First creationism as a viable alternative to evolution then intelligent falling finally massive, nimble dinosaurs caused by sluggish earth gravity
11:12 PM on 02/20/2013
Please have someone read a history book to you, creationism was taught well before the lame theory of evolution was even thought of
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01:24 AM on 02/21/2013
So was alchemy, astrology, and witchcraft. And they all belong in the past, along with creationism. Next time you get sick; go to a barber and have him bleed you.
imperator prime
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01:24 AM on 02/21/2013
Please have someone tutor you in reading comprehension. Yes, 'creationism' was taught prior to the advent of the theory of evolution. Call that "Historical Point A."

But then evolution was posited, and found to be overwhelmingly supported by the evidence, so it became-- and remains-- the prima facie truth. That's "Point B."

Since then, ignorant deniers of science have conned enough naive dolts into believing 'creationism' is a legitimate alternative to evolution... which it isn't, not according to any credible scientist or person with a grasp of empiricism. But they convinced some people, and that's "Point C."

Now, nit-wit Canseco's made his null-witted decree about gravity, "Point D."

On the timeline of events *McGruder* made reference to (Points C and D), the false, populist advancement of 'creationism' as an alternative to evolution did, in fact, come "first."
09:54 PM on 02/20/2013
Inertia is a property of matter...

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

Bill Nye the science guy!
Sprouted in The Bay and grown in the PNW
10:20 AM on 02/21/2013
Thanks, now I must find episodes of Almost Live....
09:50 PM on 02/20/2013
Remarkably ignorant, even for a professional jock....don't these guys get drafted out of college? does one graduate high school without a basic knowledge of science? .... no wonder the US has to import science and tech specialists .....
Retired engineer with 40 years experience.
08:37 PM on 02/21/2013
All he had to learn was "if you hit a ball into the air, it will eventually come down somewhere".
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09:46 PM on 02/20/2013
If you juice me up,

If you juice me up I'll never stop,

Never stop, never, never, never stop..............................