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08:50 PM on 02/21/2013
They have to tear down mountains to mine lithium- Go Greenies.
Your bicro-mio is empty
10:39 PM on 02/21/2013
"They have to tear down mountains to mine lithium-" and coal, iron, gold, diamonds, Chinese rare-earth metals for cellphones and TV's, yada yada...
08:48 PM on 02/21/2013
Who in their right mind is going to ride on that plan, they can kiss that good bye for new business
08:41 PM on 02/21/2013
This plane is riddled with faults. I've heard the horror stories from the inside and they're not good. Just flew recently on an airbus and I have to say I'm a fan. One of the best, most comfortable flights ever (not having any screaming kids helped a lot too). Boeing is just a mess.
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08:53 PM on 02/21/2013
10-4 on no screaming children. All children under the age of 8 need to be heavily medicated before being allowed to board any flight, even to freaking Disney World.
10:04 PM on 02/21/2013
The airlines in the US are a mess. Time to nationalize them, and have them run at a loss, so travel, business, and commerce can thrive.
your micro-bio.
08:31 PM on 02/21/2013
For years the Albatross has caused Boeing to hemorrhage red ink. Now its's customer base are starting to bleed out.
Canadian lager at its finest!
07:58 PM on 02/21/2013
I 'll fly on it in 5 years.... get the kinks out.
We are all here because we are all not there
08:41 PM on 02/21/2013
Then, it will be five years older with bandaid solutions covering original problems.
10:05 PM on 02/21/2013
The don't seem to have that wing-flapping thing down yet.
07:51 PM on 02/21/2013
Is it because they're fat? They have no U.S. competitors,fat government contracts and pay virtually no taxes.When someone is gauranteed a living why would they provide a useful service or product.
07:46 PM on 02/21/2013
Well we wouldn't have to worry about a More Fuel Effecient Plane in the USA if we Were So GREEDY!We are Producing ore than Enough Oil for USA Needs
Its the DAMN Gov't Taxes on that Oil and Fuel made from it that is the Big Problem!

Luxury Taxes Being Placed On Our Fuel, from Gasoline to Diesel to Even our Utilities !
all to Feed the Gov't system of Socialisum..
Now we are Paying even More to Fund Energy Assistance, wether we Want to or Not..
We 're being Force to Donate to it, wether we like it or Not..

Up here in Wi. We have to pay another $24 a Yr ( $2 Mo) on our Elec. Bill to help pay for Energy Assistance for the Poor..( That Have Cable TV and Cell Phones too !)
BALONEY ! How much in your State are the Taxes on your Gasoline , Diesel and Jet Fuel?

While The Self Employed and Businesses Get to Tax Deduct that Cost, what about the rest of us?
09:01 PM on 02/21/2013
You sound like a happy person to me.....
Frank-ly Speaking
This ain't my first time at the rodeo. . .
09:49 PM on 02/21/2013
You have too much time on your hands. Do something. Start a Scott Walker fan club.
Tell the Truth
07:45 PM on 02/21/2013
All of this reminds me of Microsoft.........................Bug Fix No. 243,746,383,565,873,452,113.162

Do Not Turn Off Your Dreamliner, It Will Land Itself !
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07:43 PM on 02/21/2013
Always wondered like that alaska airliner do they paint all that on them or is that done in a wrap with vinyl?
09:46 PM on 02/21/2013
No, they hire Norman Rockwell to paint them all by hand. It's like flying art.
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10:55 PM on 02/21/2013
All I asked was a simple question no more no less.
dupe of delusion
07:21 PM on 02/21/2013
We are talking about DC current here and lithium ion batteries, what the big deal?
07:00 PM on 02/21/2013
Great reporting HP
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06:49 PM on 02/21/2013
"United spokeswoman Christen David said the plane could still fly earlier than June 5 if a fix is found. At that point it would be used as needed around United's system, she said."

In other words, they're not "dropping" the plane, they're waiting for it to be fixed and will use it as soon as it can be fixed. (Another deliberately miskeading headline.)
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Folks can disagree without being disagreeable.
07:56 PM on 02/21/2013
Yes and another article implied the fix has been found.
08:43 PM on 02/21/2013
Besides the bad headline,I guess the writer did not research the subject, as the problem has already been identified. HuffPo does it again!
06:38 PM on 02/21/2013
Here is NEWS for Huff Post. They have identified the battery problem. Update your reporters !!!!
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07:13 PM on 02/21/2013
This story from Associated Press (AP). HP should at least add a footnote.
06:30 PM on 02/21/2013
HP lives up to its reputation again!

Grounding plans until June is not exactly the same as ditching them! Just yesterday they said it was due to the wiring and today they still do not know? which is it?

With this kind of reporting. no wonder Obama was elected again! Geeze!
07:11 PM on 02/21/2013
Had to get the Obama comment in, eh? Reporting had nothing to do with him getting re-elected. Had to do with a GOP sorely out of touch and running a lousy candidate.....
09:28 PM on 02/21/2013
No, it had to do with the lies told by the left wing media!  Lies and more lies, and those who cannot think for themselves bought the deception, and class warfare.
07:50 PM on 02/21/2013
Well, the Minority Majority has Spoken!
They now want the REST of you Middle and Upper Class es $ to pay their way !
You want to keep them here , so get out your Check book to Take care of them
Raise Prices to Make the $ to take care of them? You will just be shooting yourself in the Foot.. They will just Demand more $ to take care of them as well..
09:30 PM on 02/21/2013
Huh? or was this meant for the one who responded to my comment.

I agree with you, but not sure why I got the reply?
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"it ain't over till it's over"
06:24 PM on 02/21/2013
For want of a nail, the war was lost!