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05:15 PM on 02/21/2013
FINALLY! People are finally standing up to authority and saying ENOUGH with all these evictions and greedy banks. Awesome job firefighters!!!!
Jay Haney
My nuclear family imploded when I was 18. I've bee
05:39 PM on 02/21/2013
It's actually Spanish tradition from before there was a Spain. Read up on old Iberia circa the 11th and 12th centuries and you'll see that kind of independent streak running through stuff like the taifa kingdoms.
If I had a son, he'd look like me...
06:15 PM on 02/21/2013
Agreed, before that, they gave the Romans headaches.
תיקון עולם
06:28 PM on 02/21/2013
Galicians are not easily corralled.
I'm just here to waste time
05:42 PM on 02/21/2013
This is not a foreclosure. It's a rental property but I agree with your sentiment.
04:56 PM on 02/21/2013
>> El Correo Gallego reported that Rey was offered two different social housing units, but declined them, as they would force her to move far from her current neighborhood.

I did not know banksters also provide social housing when they evict people. Why did they try to evict her if she's still paying her rent?
Something is telling me that we don't have the whole story.
money is the barometer of a society's virtue
06:03 PM on 02/21/2013
The story doesn't make it clear why she is being evicted. After all, it points out that she is paying rent.
תיקון עולם
06:30 PM on 02/21/2013
Because the building is being foreclosed on. Somebody took out a second, third, fourth mortgage because they thought the housing bubble would go on forever. Now the holy laws of the market say this woman has to suffer the consequences.
Fran Jaime
04:24 PM on 02/21/2013
Hooray for these firefighters!
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04:17 PM on 02/21/2013
Spain and Greece will demonstrate to the US/EU the nature of things to come.
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05:18 PM on 02/21/2013
spain and greece will demonstrate the failure of austerity
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04:10 PM on 02/21/2013
When the people stand up to the banksters and the bankster-owned governments, the people win.  It's been proven over and over again.