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03:34 PM on 02/22/2013
These people watch too much TV and interact too much on social media. They're delusional! They think they actually live over here in the civilized world. Hey lady! You're in EGYPT! I'd take it easy if I were you and not go skipping around Tahrir Square.
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03:52 PM on 02/22/2013
Boy "commupins" [sic], you sure can run away fast to avoid a debate.
Post & run.
Post & run.
04:07 PM on 02/22/2013
I move on because the only rebuttals I get from libs are insults. No valid, substantive rebuttal. Just 'bagger' this and 'con' that. Kind of like your response. Hence, moving on...
04:50 PM on 02/22/2013
Thats what I always initially think when I read about stories like this. But then, I think, they really dont have much choice? They were born in that country, just like I was born in America, which sucks for them. Its out of their control. They might as well get treated better or die trying.
03:19 PM on 02/22/2013
The words of Islam used to justify and promote violence against women by blaming women for being free.
Jerry Gilman
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02:37 PM on 02/22/2013
There was a lot left out in this article, been reading and listening about this for a few days. This has nothing to do with the guys getting all horney and jumping on some girl with a husbands bulg.. this is all sharia.. Get that woman back in the house..
02:13 PM on 02/22/2013
Cheap thrill" I understand how an adolescent can get off by that, but grown men. For goodness sakes. Get properly laid man.
02:09 PM on 02/22/2013
I remember in the back of Time Magazine the had a rapist ID for a government sanctioned rapist in Saddam's Iraq.Seems it was a job,paycheck and all.
04:52 PM on 02/22/2013
thats scary. Could you imagine being married to the government's head rapist? that would suck.
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01:45 PM on 02/22/2013
It is good to see women speaking out, eventually Egypt it'll turn into a democracy "sui generis" but at least a democracy.