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01:31 PM on 02/22/2013
Two that stand out for me:

Babette's Feast (Danish)- We watched this in one of my french courses in college, good times. The idea is similar to La Grande Bouffe, but the film arrives there in a different fashion.

Also, a more recent gem, at least for me is 'Mr. Bean's Holiday,' Rowan Atkinson travels to the South of France (Cannes, Cote d'Azure etc etc). Mr. Bean can pretty much only say 'oui,' en francais, so a comedy of errors ensues. He orders what the waiter recommends which is the fruit de mer, which turns out to be oysters and langostines. Bean discards of the lobsters in a funny place nearby, not to spoil it if you have not seen this movie. And he eats a langostine whole, watching it flap around in his mouth makes the very immature person inside me laugh my head off. =)