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06:08 PM on 09/02/2009
You have articulated well what I have been trying to formulate in my mind for days. He looks weak. It's not only given permission for the crazies to say anything and everything about him, but liberals to challenge him aggressively. It's time for the President and members of his own party who their leader is.
06:00 PM on 09/02/2009
Great point,, any parent can underestand this rationale. All I can say is maybe he's one of those parents, I mean- leaders who will not be swayed by the one behaving badly but will firmly, calmly stand his ground and force change through the sheer force of his calm stability.
05:55 PM on 09/02/2009
No. The presidents' poll numbers have fallen because on some sub conscious level many Americans are beginning to feel, in ways they aren't even able to fully express yet, that he has sold them out. And that it would not have made any difference if it had been hillary or mccain. That things are spiraling out of control in this country and that the one person we put our faith in to restore our Constitution and Rights is enabling the people who are working to destroy us.

Listen to the whole broadcast, then see if the give away of out country to wall street can still be justified by the Obama is playing chess while we play checkers lie.
05:25 PM on 09/02/2009
Be fair, the Democrats have engaged in dismissing genuine question and dissent as "craziness" no matter who said it; the media may be focusing on a very small group of people who oppose the reform but that doesn't mean everyone who questions it or is against it is crazy.
For one example, in my community they interviewed a woman who said she was against the government option and did not want that kind of reform; her reason was, "because if the government gives you something they can always take it away again" -- this was a point I hadn't heard before and was worth considering. And if Obama and the Democrats don't listen to genuine questions, there is going to be some tough sledding.
The other issue is confusion about the plans. I try to follow this closely; it's incredibly hard to see what the Democratic side is putting forward. Even Obama's own closest people, like Rom, were not entirely sure of his position on some points and the Congress versions are even murkier.
I agree, Obama has to lead; but he doesn't want to take a chance on backing something that fails or blows up.
06:10 PM on 09/02/2009
Does the woman not send her kids to school because of fear that government funded public education can be taken away? What about social security and medicare? What about the roads she drives on? Or public transportation she rides? What about her job? Her private employer can take that away anytime they want because we all work at will.
06:22 PM on 09/02/2009
For one example, in my community they interviewed a woman who said she was against the government option and did not want that kind of reform; her reason was, "because if the government gives you something they can always take it away again" -- this was a point I hadn't heard before and was worth considering.

Consider this, you can be denied by your insurance company for something as benign as P.M.S. Once you get sick the industry will try to drop you like a hot potato.
07:34 AM on 09/03/2009
I wonder if that is true for most people regarding how insurance companies handle "sick" customers. It would seem those of us who acquire our health insurance through our employer pay the same premiums as our coworkers, no matter what our "health" has been over the previous years, or projects to be in succeeding years. It seems to me that insurance companies determine risk, value policies and then sell group policies to companies who then decide what portion of the overall premium they will pay and what portion all employees will pay. In my company all employees pay the same premium for their policies dependant upon how many ar covered within their family. Aren't the real issues (1) providing adequate health care for people who aren't as fortunate as most of us, either because they do not work for a company who provides health insurance or they are unemployed, and (2) controlling the escalating costs of delivering health care without sacrificing the quality of care? Item (1) can be readily attended to by providing government remedies - federal and/or state, but item (2) is the far more difficult issue.
03:28 PM on 09/02/2009
If the president doesn't care about what I've been fighting for these many months, a public option, then I don't care anymore. I won't be his bad cop, he has to step up and back those that elected him. Otherwise, what am I wasting my time for? Fighting lies and hate day in day out and he caves?

With that and not wanting to investigate torture, I'm afraid my Obama dance card will be DONE.

I voted for one man, and seemed to have gotten another. Go ahead Trolls, point and laugh. :(

Then again, Obama may have been keeping the fire till then end, I may be jumping to conclusions based on what the media feeds me. I won't decide till I hear it straight from his mouth.

On townhalls, I was the only one booing the two turfers that showed up yesterday at the Boxer/Matsui sendoff. The crowd was kind and docile, I was the only one making a fool of myself, as usual. :)
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02:15 PM on 09/02/2009
A healthy dose of fear indeed. God only knows few have any self-respect left, let alone respect for each other. So long 'Great Society', I just hope we can retain some civility in the coming tougher times once people clear their shell-shocked brains about what's been done to them, and that it will be years before they can claw their way back to where they were ten years ago.
02:06 PM on 09/02/2009
I would love for him to come out and say. It is obvious that lies, propaganda and inciting fear and hatred is all you people plan to do, therefore I am taking charge. We have a 1 line Bill. The Kennedy Single payer Act of 2009.
Now go out and make up stories about that confusing piece of legislature. While you scream amd yell and have your tantrums about Socialism we will deal with the problems at hand.
God Bless America.
05:56 PM on 09/02/2009
Why would we bother to sream or get upset over something (single-payer) that will never happen.!! I tend to respond to real issues not fantasy talking points.
06:05 PM on 09/02/2009
As much as I'd prefer a Bill dealing with a single issue with no confusing or ambiguous wording, they have to keep with the deals that they made for financing...unfortunately.