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Professor Wagstaff
My micro-bio is a lie.
11:43 AM on 02/26/2013
Actually I thought McFarlane was a boob.
11:32 AM on 02/26/2013
Didnt like the boob song- he should have just attacked white males, catholics and Italians and he would have gotten an Oscar as a presenter!
07:31 PM on 02/26/2013
Don't forget fat people, they can still be attacked and laughed at.
10:30 AM on 02/26/2013
Isn't "Oscar" sexist? Shouldn't there also be an "OSCARINA"?
10:09 AM on 02/26/2013
It appears we still "have a long way to go baby."
2 wrongs are only the beginning
10:53 AM on 02/26/2013
One day, I dream of an America where only white middle aged males may be lampooned without cries of race or sexism!
11:18 AM on 02/26/2013
Especially rich white middle aged males?
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10:30 PM on 02/26/2013
Welcome to the early 21st century, your dreams have come true.
10:05 AM on 02/26/2013
I dont care for his show or jokes but this guy is so cute and can sing and dance. I wish he'd start the kind of career Hugh Jackman has.
Goldie Treasure
09:38 AM on 02/26/2013
It was immature like everything he does.
08:52 AM on 02/26/2013
How hypocritical are you people??!! He's a COMEDIAN!!You knew what he was all about before he hit the stage!! He sings, he dances, and he can deliver a joke!! I thought he was much better and much easier on the eyes than Ricky Gervais!! Seth was GREAT!! and like it or not there was bits of truth in everything he said he just delivered it with humor!! He's Terrific!! The other option for me would be D L Hughley!!
08:08 AM on 02/26/2013
lol'ing at Lena Dunham being "brave." Just another opinionated hollywood c**t
02:15 AM on 02/26/2013
I really don't understand why some seemed to find the "boob" song so hilarious. It's just a body part that every woman has and has always had. The song was the kind of thing we might have laughed about as an 8 or 9 year old, not mature adults. Decades ago stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren were showing cleavage but nobody joked or sang a song about it! Society in general seems to be becoming less sophisticated as time goes on.
spinning around all over the place
12:33 AM on 02/26/2013
lol i thought the whole show was awesome and Seth was funny!!!
10:47 PM on 02/25/2013
Who thought it would be a good idea to hire a older man with the mind of a 13 year old to host The Most Prestigious and Respected Event in Hollywood History?
The Talented and Cleaver Bob Hope was turning over in his grave!
Dumbing Down has got a new low. Mr. Macfarlane does have an audience and this was clearly not his venue.
It is an Honor and Privilege to host the Oscar's and the humor should reflect that.
Watch a couple of Bob's movies Mr. Macfarlane and you may learn something about true wit and comedy. Base Humour. Is this what the Oscar's have come to.
It's sad day in Tinseltown!
06:26 AM on 02/27/2013
Before the show I questioned my daughter about the wisdom of allowing her daughter, age 14....oops 15 in April, watch the Oscars. I hate celebrititis, the disease of teens. I now see that the whole show from McFarlane to the presenters were all strictly at the maturity level of a 13 year old.
08:00 PM on 02/25/2013
Yeah so apparently a lot of women that tweet for Huffpost Women take themselves waaaaaayyyyyy too seriously. I can't stand people without a sense of humor. As far as Oscar hosts go, I think Seth wins (and believe it or not, I think he was actually pretty tame). I enjoyed it thoroughly.
06:03 PM on 02/25/2013
i think it's a taste thing mostly. I happen to think Seth is very talented and love Family
Guy but that's what I'm turning to see. On the Oscars no.This was a total ego trip of seth seth seth...his song sung, his dancing, his critique of his own performance...what about the Movies?
bad taste, sophomoric and a tad homophobic and anti semitic. Wow! and that's just the weird
teddy bear!
11:23 AM on 02/26/2013
I agree. Love Family Guy, but it's a television CARTOON, not the world's most famous awards ceremony dedicated to motion pictures. The sensibilities are completely different. Being an evolved adult means paying attention to contexts and behaving accordingly. If Seth M. wasn't able to come up with enough material above the juvenile level of We Saw Your Books (WTH, that was on the level of a 9 year old boy), then he didn't deserve to be a host for a worldwide audience of movie lovers. Pure immature ego on uncomfortable display...there was nothing "meta" about it. His obsession with women's bodies was OTT.
05:10 PM on 02/25/2013
Update: It appears these reactions were pre-recorded, so the actresses were in cahoots with MacFarlane at some level. But does that make the song less bad?
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04:17 PM on 02/25/2013
I don't understand how so many women here are calling MacFarlene sexist, when probably the majority of these women are responsible for 50 Shades being the best selling book of all time - a book that promotes sexist behavior as being romantic. So...yeah... just because I am a female feminist does not mean that I won't call out women for their hypocritical behavior. I suppose MacFarlene's comments would be better if told women that he loved them afterwards.
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04:54 PM on 02/27/2013
Are we sure that any of the "humor" was his idea? The "Oscar Show" surely has the usual committee of writers writing and re-writing to the juvenile tastes of producers? Great comedians of the past may have ad-libbed their Oscar hosting (more likely they used jokes written for them by writers too, but with ad-libbing thrown in as it occurred to them. But recent Oscar shows have the feel of very tightly scheduled, tightly scripted material, delivered by hosts doing the job they're getting paid (presumably very well, by the Academy) to do. Like most "reality" shows, it's *scripted* to fit into its time slot. Accountability is pretty murky, IMO, and I'd guess that Seth M. is saying "No" to another Oscar hosting gig because he's not all that happy with how the script ended up.
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05:10 PM on 02/27/2013
He may have not written it. But, those jokes are pretty consistent with the jokes on his shows: Family Guy, American Dad, and the Clevend Show. Most of the time, I replaced MacFarlene's image with Stewie when I was watching the Oscars.