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06:15 PM on 09/03/2009
You know I have been a Democrat for a little less than 50 years. And in all that time the definining charaaracteristic of my party has been its lack of unity and loyalty to leadership.

I remember the beating Jimmie Carter took from his own party.
It is strill true, " I am not a member of any organized party , I am a Democrat.

I do so hope you are just saying all of this to pressure Obama into supporting the public option. But, that is a faint hope and out of character. And a statement as strong as this will be used by the republicans against us. "Even his own party hates Obama." Having vented your moral and self-righitous indignation, you can preside over the shambles of your party if Health care fails. Then what?
The Republicans must love you. You do their job for them. You provide the ammunition.

You are willing to concede three more years of the Obama administration to the Republicans. With fellow Democrats like you, i scarcely need the Repugs.

We do not need enemies, we have one another. Lets form that circular firing sqauad, ready, aim, fire.
07:17 PM on 09/03/2009
07:39 PM on 09/03/2009
Jane is just reporting on the facts on the ground. She's not the one gunning down Obama's base. Obama is.
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09:12 PM on 09/03/2009
06:12 PM on 09/03/2009
We elected a black, community activist, constitutional law scholar because we wanted to grab the steering hang a left and floor it, instead we get mixed messages, hand wringing and the inability to shout over the rethuglicans

if Edwards didnt turn out to be such a d ou che we could have had something, he really was pushing the concept of taking care poor working people, i hardly hear Obama speak with that same passion.

I want Dean to step up and push the progressive agenda along with Bernie Sanders, these people "get it"
06:29 PM on 09/03/2009
I knew when we elected our first black president and he was a fan of both separate but equal and justice delayed that we weren't going to get the man I thought we needed. But I had no idea he'd be THIS bad.
07:22 PM on 09/03/2009
You let people bury themselves and then you don't dig them up.. Stop whacking everything that's on the horizon before you get there.
05:57 PM on 09/03/2009
Well said! From what has been taking place more people are thinking twice about Obama and his ability to govern. He likes to give speeches and then he runs off somewhere instead of reaching out to congress.

However did this guy from nowhere even get nominated in the first place? As we go along he is looking more and more like an empty suit.
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05:50 PM on 09/03/2009
While it is often the case that we quickly blame the congress or Obama when the right is able to go on the offensive we ignore the prevailing winds-- the media and in particular Fox and the radio. When will people understand --- the radio waves and broadcast tv are regulated forums. The FCC has shown that it (coincidentally of course) just happens to give licenses( and the licenses allowed the most power) to those owners who happen (coincidentally of course) to put on Limbaugh, Savage, Dobbs, Hannity, and a host of local resonators. that is censorship. you have to have one of those licenses to broadcast. if you try to broadcast without one the government stops you. these are not newspapers, the government limits the number of stations. call it what you want but the granting of licenses should and must be fair to all viewpoints. it is not censorship to regulate the forum in a fair manner. the regulation is already there! the opposite of fairness is censorship. stop buying the lie that any form of the fairness doctrine is censorship. a lack of fairness in giving limited time on the public soapbox is censorship. stop letting them bring nukes to the gun fight. fairness in public airwaves or we build in a serious head wind to all debates.
05:47 PM on 09/03/2009
Health care is the least of it Jane. Barack Obama is the James Buchanan, Jr. of our times. Unlike Abraham Lincoln, who recognized the immorality of slavery and boldly advocated against its expansion, Obama is enlarging today's ultra-extreme inequality, and social and economic dynamics that are morally and materially tantamount to slavery.

This is what the entire sub-prime lending scam was all about: Enrich the already rich by making mortgages available to those who could not afford them. Most of these borrowers were former renters who uprooted modest but stable lives who now have only ruined credit to show for their cameo roles as "pawns in their game" (in the Bob Dylan phrase). Obama rewarded the plunderers.

Then there are the conscripts in today's volunteer military who sustain injuries or lose their lives entirely in service of Pax Americana. For slave wages these enlistees "willingly" each become what Marines Major General Smedley Butler called himself, "a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."

And this is to say nothing of those stuck in penury at or near the bottom of American society, who live lives of quiet desperation and suffer daily assaults on their dignity (often delivered by law enforcement and corrections personnel).

Obama looks at our Not-Great Society and in sum, whistles Dixie. Fortunately, his failed presidency will likely be the Democrats' last, presaging the emergence of a new equality driven political party, led by a new Lincoln.

Eric C. Jacobson
Public Interest Lawyer
Culver City, California
05:44 PM on 09/03/2009
I think we are not being positive and I believe you are going to see everything go through. Set back and Watch!!
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06:15 PM on 09/03/2009
Do NOT just sit back and watch.

Call and email your representatives in the House and the Senate. If you're from a really red state, like me, call and email representatives from other states.

(Some won't accept your email if you're not from their state, but most Senators will.)
07:23 PM on 09/03/2009
I already have and a few more I've got to follow.
05:41 PM on 09/03/2009
It seemed to me almost right from the beginning of his presidency that the fire we saw in the campaign speeches had gone out. His calm in the face of all the sh** from the right has been just maddening. Where is the passion? Where is the resolve? Why does he keep bowing to these kooks? I'm very disappointed.
05:32 PM on 09/03/2009
Perfectly put. I've been saying the same, too. But I can also say that I'm furious about it, furious about the lack of political skill and the lack of integrity. Furious about taking a vacation while millions are unemployed and tens of thousands die from lack of health care. Furious at the thought that they believe leadership comes from a speech. Furious that he left a vacuum to be filled with right-wing bullies like those of Ted Olsen's thugs in Florida in 2000.... like thugs everywhere who break the fragile fabric of representative government to install their own fanatics.

If he does stand up for the lives of his people....for us...then I'll take back these words. If not, then may God help us.
05:52 PM on 09/03/2009
Obama has failed to stand up for anyone besides the wealthy and their corporations since he took office. He's another DLC/GOP Lite/Clinton Democrat.

What a waste.
05:29 PM on 09/03/2009
We have no problem spending up to $70BILLION per month killing Iraquis.

But spend one red cent on helping an American? Nah.

There is more profit to be had ni death. What a Christian nation we have.
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GOP: All fringe, no carpet.
05:28 PM on 09/03/2009
"...he *doesn't* favor reform, and he'll happily pass a bill with no substance."

Forgive me, but you know
05:48 PM on 09/03/2009
We've all known it since he went out of his way to kill single payer and back the "public option" plan instead. That plan does NOTHING for health care but does create a massive corporate welfare plan.
07:22 AM on 09/04/2009
It's obvious, based on what Obama has and has not done.
05:20 PM on 09/03/2009
"They did not have to have this argument."

Wrong. They SO had to have this argument, because if not now, then when they try to take it back, in the next cycle. Obama the Community organizer knows this.

"That he did not do so speaks ill of his readiness to govern. If he yields now, then not only was he not ready to govern, he will not be able to govern..."

Who's yielding? You are mistaking canny strategy for weakness -- as the Republicans intend you to.

Obama knows that reform that will last requires an extended conversation on the way. He pushed to get the ball rolling, but he wasn't too upset with the progress by the August Recess. The crazies must have their say and know they've had it, or the whole thing gets flushed away (at gunpoint?) in the next election cycle -- because there would still be a vestige of sympathy for the "poor" Republicans, who didn't get their word in.

"And he will have lost his progressive allies and well-wishers, who will have found that he cares very little for their support."

Maybe you are forgetting that he warned us: WE have to do it, not just him. Reform that's worth the paper it's printed on must be bought into by everyone involved, not just the top eighth-of-a-percent in Washington DC.

"Allies" who desert, instead of taking up the momentum, are just drones.
05:18 PM on 09/03/2009
This has nothing to do with "Republican Bullying" - The American People do not want nationalization of our health care! It's that simple! Wake up or keep drinking the Kool-aid...the choice is yours....
04:46 AM on 09/04/2009
They wouldn't get nationalization of health care even under HR676. Nationalization of health insurance? Do you like paying 30% extra just so someone else can't have it?
05:09 PM on 09/03/2009
Thanks for saying what needs to be said, Jane. I've been saying it, too, and--naturally--getting attacked for it left and right on these boards. The people who continue to repeat the comforting mantra "We will have a public option" are frightened, and they're attacking the messengers because it's easier than criticizing Obama every time he wavers on health care. Why can't the man take a decisive position in favor of reform? Because he *doesn't* favor reform, and he'll happily pass a bill with no substance. All that matters to him is that a bill gets passed; whether or not anything actually changes for the better is irrelevant.
06:05 PM on 09/03/2009
Get this straight:

Obama hasn't "wavered" on health care. He's an organizer and a teacher. He's coaching us through this process. He "left some room" on the subject of the public option (and was promptly reported as having "scrapped" it) because he wanted to know how serious WE were about wanting it in there -- and we let him (and the country) know we were serious -- as he wanted us to.

THAT'S what that was all about. After all, it would be absolutely senseless for him to pursue a difficult goal that WE wouldn't back him up on -- wouldn't it??? He wanted us to tell him it was worth the fight -- to the point that we'd be behind him, doing it.

Mission accomplished.

This whole struggle is about crowds and their voices. FAUX has their programmed minions, and Obama has us. Don't let us down, by losing faith in the possibilities.
06:44 PM on 09/03/2009
Precisely the advanced stage of denial that I'm talking about. Even when a worthless billis passed, you probably won't believe that Obama has abandoned the left.
There's no helping some people.
Wooooooooooooood . . .
08:08 PM on 09/03/2009
And if you're wrong, and a weak bill is passed, then what will you do?
04:56 PM on 09/03/2009
Why doesn't President Obama "organize his cohorts" and get this financial mess straightened out, discipline Wall Street and the banks, and put some people back to work before jumping into more debt and taxpayer burden?

This "health reform" issue is like someone with all their credit cards maxed out trying to buy a new car by borrowing money from the Mafia.

A good president has good priorities. Good priorities would put universal health care insurance at least one step behind getting control of and turning around, the U.S. economy.
04:51 PM on 09/03/2009
Organize for America begin trying to sell healthcare reform in June but have been totally ignored by the media. This fight by the insurance industry was well funded and the lobbiest are well trained to go after the members of both parties and buy them off. Most of the town halls received no press coverage but the ones with the paid, scripted stooges and Glenn Beck's goon was followed by the RNC photographers and fed to cable. Another big problem even in those that were overcome by mobs of thugs was that the congressman/woman was not suffieciently prepared to counter lies and to explain the bill. They hadn't done their homework Barney Frank and Clair McCaskill handled the "crazies" armed with the facts and with complete knowledge and understanding of the bill. They knew where to turn to read the truth back to the audience. Giving up on healthcare reform isn't an option but the president will not be able to get there without the support of those who said they wanted it and who forgot that they had a responsibility to fight for it.