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Wayne Caswell
Consumer Advocate & Founder of Modern Health Talk
10:06 AM on 02/27/2013
As Chase swallows its competitors and increases its power & revenue, it cuts its workforce through tech innovation and automation, directing even more profits to it's CEO and shareholders while also benefitting in many other ways from the economic downturn, as himself brags about.
10:02 AM on 02/27/2013
The addiction for wealth at the expense of others should be a crime. These CEO's make bad decisions that effect everyone, but sit there as sociopath kings with their un deserving earnings. It's time we the people take back what is ours, and not allow these rich sociopaths dictate our lives.
02:35 PM on 02/27/2013
Someone needs to suggest "wealth addiction" to the DSM. Because it is seriously harmful for everyone in the addict's path..
02:45 PM on 02/27/2013
Wealth addiction has killed more people than anything goverments deemed illegal. It even is higher than processed sugar addiction!
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Pastafarian Liberal Progressive Socialist Hippie
09:56 AM on 02/27/2013
How else to fund his 23 million compensation.
09:55 AM on 02/27/2013
Wow, yesterday the whiner said 4,000. Billions lost. And this narcissist is still in charge.
BriteMoon Rising
House Clean-up 2014
09:43 AM on 02/27/2013
The top 1% owns 42% percent of the Financial Wealth of the Nation, while, incredibly, the bottom 60% own only 2.3%
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10:00 AM on 02/27/2013
If you count The Government debt each citizen owes as an asset were all doing pretty good'.
ha, ha, ha' ... funny'.
09:13 AM on 02/27/2013
Anyone who still has their money in a bank or even in USD for that matter is truely st upid. Even the banks dont want the USD and are dumping it for hard assets.
"Gold demand hits record value level.

$236 billion, and change.

Report was released yesterday. Director Marcus Grubb discusses the findings for Q4 and fulll year 2012. In value terms, global gold demand in 2012 was $236.4 billionn -- an all-time high. Gold demand in value terms for the final quarter of the year was 6% higher year-on-year at $66.2 billion, marking the highest ever Q4 total."
10:30 AM on 02/27/2013
JPMorganChase is the biggest short seller of precious metals they're making money "shorting" gold and silver and will probably be the biggest beneficiary when precious metals take off to the upside.

I agree with you that having money large sums of money in a bank is not a smart thing. Of course we need some money in the bank to pay current bills but any access should be converted to precious metals.
10:46 AM on 02/27/2013
Very wise. What a dip right now too. Mondays have over the years been the day when market price drops off after open. This Monday was the first day in a long time that no dip occurred. A definite buy signal. I will be curious to see what this next Monday open brings.
08:57 AM on 02/27/2013
almost 10% of JPM's workforce laid off. Take out 19,000 workers primarily from your mortgage division is all you need to know about how JPM sees the "housing recovery" going forward.
08:51 AM on 02/27/2013
I'm sure this has nothing whatsoever to do with Dimon's bad betting that cost Morgan Stanley upwards of $12Billion over the past 2-3 years. None at all.
09:18 AM on 02/27/2013
Derivative investing should be banned for these gamblers anonymous drop outs. Either they want to be banks where people have been led to believe their money is safe or they want to be investment brokers. I can think of less risky places to have my money making more than the .005% the banks offer on a savings account. They are like meth addicts jonesing for a hit.
09:57 AM on 02/27/2013
I am so so with you.  They create their own money-making machine, it's own rules, it's own pay-outs/bonuses and it's own players.  All with other people's money.  It's rather incredible.  And to make it even more incredible, the US Government guarantee's it's deposits.  Too incredible.
Dimon is a silk-talking bankster.  He has made terrible decisions these past four years.  I have no doubt that this lay-off has more to do with him not collecting on his full $24 Million Dollar Bonus and what he has promised the Board of Directors to do so as to recoup some of his cash. 
Anyways.....sorry I got carried's just insanity to me that our FED and Wall Street is all fused together in such a way that the disaster of one is the disaster of all.  We The People eventually come up on the short end of the stick. 
I give it about 3-5 years before the next lead shoe drops on all our heads.  Give or take a year.....Peace, friend.
Techie and educator
09:22 AM on 02/27/2013
Oh no, he is hiring more gamblers who can score big winnings for JPMorgan.
Afterall, when you lose $5 billion USD you have to make it up somewhere.
The sky is not the limit!
08:43 AM on 02/27/2013
The problem is that the putz is keeping his job...
the gop made it personal...!!
08:23 AM on 02/27/2013
cut by 2014......hmmmmmm

dimon doing his best to hurt the economy just in time for nov 2014...

"take that Obama"....battle cry of the 1%
08:13 AM on 02/27/2013
Hows that Obama economy working for you now?....People you asked for the got it!...
Techie and educator
09:20 AM on 02/27/2013
So you think President Obama controls JP Morgan-Dimon. I see...
09:25 AM on 02/27/2013
Didn't you know? Whenever an incompetent businessman decides to fire some people, it's Obama's fault. And this is the same CEO who just yesterday was bragging about how economic downturns are actually GOOD for his company...