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07:30 AM on 02/28/2013
all organized religion needs to get back to the simple message of Christ.. the ten commandments. the rest is all pomp and ceremonial hoopla that was never part of Christ's life. most of what you see in the Catholic Church and High Episcopal churches are man made ceremonies.. except for Baptism .. I am sure the first Pope, Peter had none of this circus like environment going on.. Did you know the pope where's red shoes.. Christ were sandals..
The answer is in the music
07:29 AM on 02/28/2013
Okay -- are we done with this yet, or will we be following him into his new digs with his brown slippers?
07:23 AM on 02/28/2013
Good bye and good luck to The Poop.
Joe Mando
G'bye HP - Don't do FB
07:22 AM on 02/28/2013
Arrivederci, Godfather.
Fish in a barrel
07:08 AM on 02/28/2013
Benedict is a little tired this morning, so I'll respond to the vile entries directed at him. Peace and love to you all.
Joe Mando
G'bye HP - Don't do FB
07:21 AM on 02/28/2013
Denial is not at all a gracious trait.
07:23 AM on 02/28/2013
Tell that to all of the children who have been molested and raped by the wolves you call priests.. and then explain to them how he covered up all those atrocities to protect the wolves den called the catholic cult.
06:50 AM on 02/28/2013
Rumors are growing that Cardinal Timothy Dolan is becoming a viable candidate. I hear that he plans to take the name, Pope Mitt I.
06:40 AM on 02/28/2013
What does "return to church roots " mean ? I hear a lot of talk , nothing specific. What did he want to "get back" to ? Church garb or Nazi Youth, he's been in uniform all his life. Is it all that easy to believe the cause of the Pope's departure ? Something is going on. He's a company man, he's not going to cut and run. As I have said, he's been in uniform all his life. What kind of Bishops would ever want to make a man -god out of a chap who had worn the Nazi uniform anyway. And now they make him quit-why ?Maybe he was destined to quit to make room for the next Pope. This was all planned out. The up and comer is already being fitted for his royal robe. This entire thing gives me the creeps. Its like trying to pick the next Oscar host-only the Pope didj't screw up as bad .
Tuula Westra
06:39 AM on 02/28/2013
Santo Padre, the world wishes you the best.
07:25 AM on 02/28/2013
By the world, I'm guessing you mean the members of the catholic cult..
08:18 AM on 02/28/2013
Let me guess. You're a rightwing, bible thumper, right ? So your opinion doesn't matter in the first place. Go watch Fox News, load up on ammo at Walmart and race down to Exxon to fill your tank with some Global Warming you hypocrite !
Than go on the internet and look up the word compassion. You know, like Christ.
07:48 AM on 02/28/2013
Does that include all the child abusing priests he refused to out? I'm sure their victims appreciate your sentiment.
Tuula Westra
09:22 AM on 02/28/2013
This is a comment only for the Pope.
Michael Legnon
One world, one people
06:23 AM on 02/28/2013
The legacy he leaves behind is one of pedophile cover-ups, exclusion, backward thinking, along with a hint of nazi thrown in no matter what spin the RCC wants to put on it. EPIC FAIL.
07:24 AM on 02/28/2013
No matter how terrible a legacy left behind....humankind (Without God) has always equaled total fail. Why should religion be different?'s still Men. And to what do you attribute your flaming success in life to? Certainly not anything higher than yourself....that's obvious. People like you always bash religion, God...and anyone who seems to have something of value that you cannot for several reasons ...grasp. In so doing, YOU crucify Christ within yourself on a daily bases....and do not even comprehend what you do! Seek God, Not religion!
08:20 AM on 02/28/2013
Your pitiful banter is so irrational that any sane person could see that you need mental therapy.
07:30 AM on 02/28/2013
"One world, one people"??? - That can only happen via God!
06:13 AM on 02/28/2013
He will be returning to the hitler youth...
08:07 AM on 02/28/2013
You have to put everything into perspective. In Germany at his time and age, that was like joining the Boyscouts.
08:16 AM on 02/28/2013
Yeah tell that one to the Jewish kids his age in that era......
04:04 PM on 02/28/2013
Actually, Joseph Ratzinger was conscripted into the Nazi Youth at 14 as membership was required by law for all 14 year old Germans, but was an unenthusiastic member who refused to attend meetings, according to his brother. The Ratzinger family was bitterly opposed to the Nazis, particularly his father who suffered demotions and harrassment to the family as a result.
06:13 AM on 02/28/2013
The pope will be resigning but dont worry he has alright found a new job. He will now be working as a baby sitter at a all boys home.
06:44 AM on 02/28/2013
He might do well . Was he a guard in a concentration camp ? at one time ? I think the guy is being used by the Italian control group as a chump. An Italian wouldn't quit or get fired. At least the old guy didn't get rubbed out before his time.
06:56 AM on 02/28/2013
Shame on you , ask your mother to baby sit for you and punks like you .
Sandi K H H
07:14 AM on 02/28/2013
As long as it isn't a Catholic priest.
06:12 AM on 02/28/2013
Hopefully someone strikes this man down.....
07:38 AM on 02/28/2013
Some people can't help but show the world just how stupid they are. Such people are in fact, themselves, some of that very evidence substantiating God that non-believers cry for, but can't accept, or comprehend. This one is solid proof of that. God win's again!
08:14 AM on 02/28/2013
I believe in the God of Abraham ,Isaac, and jacob and his son Jesus Christ. Not some Pagan outdated heretical church....
08:15 AM on 02/28/2013
Ancient Spirit, which spirit is guiding you because it certainly isnt one from god...
Feminist liberal atheist and raising an army.
06:04 AM on 02/28/2013
Pope leaves lasting legacy??? you mean... the same one each of his predecessors did? To cause great harm to the innocent people of the world, attempt to control them, place them in submission.... then call them "crazies"...yea... good thing he's leaving it.. .. since its imploding anyway... get while the getting is good.... and please... keep your diplomatically immune psychos and.pervs in your own country.....
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04:40 AM on 02/28/2013
The Church needs to get as far away from its roots as possible. If not have its roots posioned and have the whole thing rot away, so that something new can grow in its stead.

Human society has actually moved forward in the last 1700 years, even with the Church doing all it could to stem the tide of progress. If anything, the Church needs to be lead by the rest society. At this point it has nothing to offer, other than grounds for lawsuits and prosecution.
07:43 AM on 02/28/2013
"so that something new can grow in its stead".....That's what Jesus provided for all people. Seek God, not religion. Blame the church, religion, or whoever you want.....just don't focus on your hate forever....thats proven scientifically not to be healthy.
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02:47 AM on 02/28/2013
He insisted that the 1962-65 meetings that brought the church into the modern era were not a radical break from the past, as portrayed by many liberals, but rather a continuation of the best traditions of the 2,000-year-old church.
B16 to his credit is right and now Vatican III will be need to complete the modernization and as part of the instrument for enacting draconian reforms. A new Luther is needed now if the cardinals don't elect one.

Instead of pink smoke going up the odor of sulphuric acid should be released. As a reminder of the stench of rot from within continues to be released. It doesn't end no matter who will be elected as B16's successor.