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05:15 PM on 09/04/2009
Yes! As I say often, American Corporate Media is garbage. Kill the lawyers? Fine, but first destroy these asinine pundits.
05:12 PM on 09/04/2009
Obama please end this war now. End all wars.
05:39 PM on 09/04/2009
Ya, please Obama leave this country to the Taliban, let them abuse, subjugate and murder their women, as they see fit. Please let them harbor Al Qaeda.

Please Obama, let's do the right thing and let the bad guys take over the lives of millions of innocent people.

What are you people smoking?! I don't like war anymore than any of you, but come on, this is not Iraq.
USGovt & MSM: wholly-owned subsidiaries of the MIC
06:21 PM on 09/04/2009
Just out of curiosity: do you likewise think the U.S. should invade Indonesia, where girls my young daughters' age are sold into sexual slavery as a tourist attraction? Your stated rationale for supporting the war in Afghanistan suggests that you should.

The reality is that your leaders will never lift a military finger to save those poor little girls. The reality is that your leaders' stated rationale for being in Afghanistan - to help those poor, oppressed women - is a convenient pretext for what is essentially a land grab to pave the way for a natural gas pipeline connecting trillions of dollars in Caspian basin reserves to lucrative markets ringing the Indian Ocean - all for the benefit of Western oil companies.

Your first clue should have been that this is the second such pretext offered up by your warmongering leadership - the first being to bring OBL to justice.
04:57 PM on 09/04/2009
trully sad... we never really saw the price of was over the past eight years...
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05:01 PM on 09/04/2009
sad that you live in the u.s.

here in europe we are well aware of what's happening outside of the u.s. (because of the u.s.)
05:13 PM on 09/04/2009
No... I love my Country, right or wrong, it happens that in my life time it happens to get things wrong quite often, but still love it way more than Europe and other places outside of the U.S. and I traveled pretty extensively...
a) I don't think any European country would ever vote for someone other than a full-blooded person from said European Country... ( in other words a non-anglo)..

b) While I hate war, I do believe we belong in Afghanistan as it is failed country that if not propped up could cause more grief through out the world...

c) It is a little more than hypocritical . re-writing of world history to imply the U.S. is responsible for the "problems happening outside the u.s."... Europe as much as the U.S. benefits or gains stem from western style Democracy
05:13 PM on 09/04/2009
Point taken in so many ways, Petered... but what I think Moozungu meant was that for the 8 yrs of GWB regime images like this were completely blocked so as to make it all seem like a beautiful thing.. now we get to see some of the horrors of war now and then.. anyone who taps into other means of news can see what's been going on these past 8 yrs... we are hoping Pres Obama can come through and remedy eventually some of the extreme damage done by the previous villains...
05:19 PM on 09/04/2009
turly sad you need a picture and new story to figure out the price of war.......what weren't you seeing?