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01:55 PM on 03/02/2013
it makes sense, to an extent... this is really very preliminary however.. and hardly supports much of anything. Certainly it is intriguing... especially as it might surround certain alternative sexual practices.. where the infliction of modest amounts of painful stimuli seemingly are used to create more intensive sensations. Too, in that, the release of endorphins over time comes into play as well.
"Nothing wrong here."
01:21 PM on 03/02/2013
I like to hit myself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when I stop.
03:37 PM on 03/02/2013
I do that all the time trying to figure out why our present government is so inept and dislocated from all reality
11:22 PM on 03/02/2013
You know not everything is political!
12:54 PM on 03/02/2013
Interesting. Despite this, Im betting Im still cut off from using the backdoor.
12:53 PM on 03/02/2013
When asked if (a practice) hurt, I replied:"Only if they do it right."
Middle Aged Crazy
12:32 PM on 03/02/2013
Guess I better find another Dominatrix then. Getting dragged around by a leash is getting too painful these days,Thanks for the info HP!
ya never know.
12:28 PM on 03/02/2013
I don't think I've ever had a happy pain. Would much rather have a no pain pleasure.
12:20 PM on 03/02/2013
I'm feeling pain at the pump, does this mean I like it??????
Hot Snark served with relish
11:47 AM on 03/02/2013
......... oooohhh.


............... Whoooooooooooooooooo!
09:48 AM on 03/02/2013
Wondering if this applies to being shot with a rubber bullet; perhaps that's why they call it a riot :-)
10:34 PM on 03/01/2013
There is such a thing as pain. Pain is painful. Thrownness sucks.
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07:07 PM on 03/01/2013
I don't know if women in labor would see it that way.
01:03 PM on 03/02/2013
Boy you said it! I watched part of a program once that showcased women during natural childbirth that would experience climax from the intense pain. Riiigghhtt!! Can't convince me!
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04:15 PM on 03/02/2013

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06:36 PM on 03/01/2013
I can relate to this because sometimes when Cheryl and I were involved in a romantic moment, she would whisper to me " it hurts but don't stop ".
Honey Hufflepuff
03:52 PM on 03/01/2013
And here I was thinking they were actually going to be using hot peppers, which is my source of pain/pleasure (spicy food)...but instead their just torturing people, maybe they should have used a different picture.
03:51 PM on 03/01/2013
Interesting article. I've thought about this subject quite a bit. Pain can be quite useful. I regard pain as 'amplified sensation', that is used as a barometer for measuring the possiblity of damage or injury. For example:
1. In the practice of martial arts we were taught to accept pain. Once we learned that most pain can be tolerated, we used it to measure the strength and impact of our opponents.
2. Many athletes use it to see how far they can push themselves in competition. Cyclists climbing severely steep and long climbs put up with a great deal of pain, and use it to gauge their exertion. Accepting and tolerating pain saps energy too, and athletes know this.
3. Masochists in S&M sex play accept it and enjoy it as a heightened (amplified) physical sensation. They ask for more pain to see how far they can go. Sometimes pushing the limits to the extreme is part of the 'turn on' as well as the released endorphins.
4. Doctors use a patient's pain as a measurement of injury or illness. They're always poking and prodding us, asking, "does it hurt more when I do this?" Plus, we've all done some self diagnosis to find out how bad we really just messed ourselves up. I don't think pain is a bad thing, but it sure can suck. I fell three stories rock climbing, shattering both heels and ankles. I pegged the needle in my pain barometer that day.
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03:48 PM on 03/01/2013
Still, all in all, I prefer my pleasure vanilla.