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08:31 PM on 03/03/2013
Remind me to pack cheese and crackers for journey across the pond.
is happily godless
07:47 PM on 03/03/2013
And to think that on NPR's "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me!" host Peter Sagal had commented on the horse meat scandal that at last Taco Bell could look down on other fast food meat!
05:50 PM on 03/03/2013
Is anyone really shocked by this revelation?
02:52 PM on 03/03/2013
What did you expect? Black truffles?

It's ground meat for a reason: hide something.
'Poor' Fridge Owner
02:19 PM on 03/03/2013
An upgrade from shredded cardboard?
I came, I saw...I had a cup of tea!
01:10 PM on 03/03/2013
I won't able to go past a field of horses without thinking: "for whom the bell tolls"...
once Labour now none voter...
01:25 PM on 03/03/2013
I think the bell has been tolling for a long time, just now we all know about it.

Down by me many of the travelers who deal in mainly horses and the horse meat trade will be wondering will they have a market or will the price drop
09:34 PM on 03/03/2013
It is already at the bottom. Breeders didn't/haven't stopped breeding like it was the good old times, and are now tossing their beloved horses like they are garbage to slaughter.
12:57 PM on 03/03/2013
Your front page headline is very misleading as it implies that horse meat was found at Taco Bell in the U.S. It is only after clicking on the story that we see a headline that says horse meat was found at Taco Bell in the UK.

Was this a deliberate attempt to get clicks or an honest mistake? Either way, it isn't fair to Taco Bell in the U.S.
Seattle Noir
I'm not a chocolate dipped white girl.
06:39 PM on 03/03/2013
Given the fact we really don't know what is in a lot of american "meat", this headline might be the tip of the iceburg
yes i said yes i will yes
12:40 PM on 03/03/2013
i think that they'll have to rename shepards pie.
10:20 AM on 03/03/2013
Did Taco Bell run out of stray cats?
A thimble of moral humility is better then an ocea
05:30 AM on 03/03/2013
I'm so glad I gave up fast food years ago but horse meat was once a delicacy in many countries and in some cases could be better then beef.
09:45 AM on 03/03/2013
Don Pepes restaurant in Newark, New Jersey has been known to serve horse meat as well. Never heard of any problems there. Used to be an excellent restaurant.
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12:41 PM on 03/03/2013
i loved their paella, but i guess some of those unknown looking cubes could have come from mr ed.
I aim to misbehave.
04:47 AM on 03/03/2013
Might be an improvement.
04:07 AM on 03/03/2013
I think it is wrong to have horsemeat in a product with out your knowledge about it, but horse meat in its self is not bad. America has a huge problem right now with unwanted and uncared for horses, slaughter is an answer and selling the meat to countries that enjoy it would also be an answer. We think so narrow about Americans only we do not respect other nations.
yes i said yes i will yes
12:42 PM on 03/03/2013
a big problem is that horse meat comes from racehorses which have all sorts of hormones/steroids/amphetamines...etc. probably the only thing worse than us beef.
01:29 PM on 03/03/2013
Before the stop of slaughter in the US,  most horse meat came from abandoned and wild horses culled from herds,  There are not enough race horses that would keep a slaughter house busy.   I also do not think that there is anything wrong with regulations about where the horses come from.  Although I know there will always be some cheating.
03:45 AM on 03/03/2013
Let's be honest, the horsemeat "controversy" is getting out of hand. To me, meat is meat. Regardless of it being meat from a cow, horse, chicken or pig, I'll still eat it as long as it is prepared well.
10:22 AM on 03/03/2013
Or dog or cat or rat or...
02:54 PM on 03/03/2013
Sick, old horses.
Believe in yourself;and all things are possible!
03:31 AM on 03/03/2013
If you want a little chuckle, just google/bing this republican representative "Slaghterhorse Sue Wallis" (R) Wy and read for yourself. Slaughterhorse Sue Wallis (R) has been trying to get this passed for Human Consumption in the USA! Think Slaughterhorse Sue Wallis (R) thought she was on the inside track(get it), when her fellow republican Mitt Romney was running for president. Have noticed we have not seen or heard of Romney's dressage horse Rafalco... since the election loss. Must admit, have heard of a "chicken, in every pot", but have never heard of, "horsemeat on every American table", until this republican "Slaugherthorse Sue Wallis, (R)! Just read and have a good chuckle, at this republican proposal.