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03:46 PM on 03/07/2013
What the heck is wrong with our kids learning to like the taste of UNSWEETENED foods and drinks?
02:32 PM on 03/07/2013
Geez, why aren't any comments actually posting?
02:29 PM on 03/07/2013
Raw milk is the safest, but it's illegal. Gotta love the lobbies out for profit at the expense of safety.
05:12 PM on 03/07/2013
Raw milk?
06:28 PM on 03/07/2013
yeah, no hormones, sweeteners, or pasturization. I grew up drinking it until it was made illegal by the big dairy lobby.
02:05 PM on 03/07/2013
Bullet 3 isn't correct. When milk tests positive for antibiotics at the plant (where it is processed), it is dumped. Therefore, it doesn't make it into the food supply. Many farmers test for the presence of antibiotics on the farm to prevent it making it onto the truck to prevent contaminating milk from other farms. We, farmers, lose money when our product is contaminated with antibiotics because we cannot sell it.
04:11 PM on 03/07/2013
Please don't confuse the nice lady with factual information. She apparently doesn't understand "withdrawal period".
04:21 PM on 03/07/2013
This is not true. I have been out to service many a bulk tank and or boiler(s) over the years at dairy farms. Several times I have scared the crap out of someone injecting dairy cows with banned substances. Literally walked in in uniform and from a distance they could not tell if it was an inspector or not. They ran out of there like crazy! One guy actually knocked his cart over in the hustle. Every time, they joked with me later about how I scared them nearly to death because they were dosing and thought I was an inspector.

The dairy industry is a very corrupt and dirty industry. Most people would never drink milk again if they had toured a real typical milking barn. Doesn't make you feel good about industry's concern for sanitation.
09:02 AM on 03/08/2013
I don't know what you saw "on the farms". The original poster is correct - every tanker of milk arriving at a processing plant is checked for antibiotics, and if they exceed the extremely low acceptable level, the milk cannot be processed for human consumption.
01:46 PM on 03/07/2013
It's not time to dump dairy, it's time to go back to local raw milk farms. Stop poisoning us with all your chemicals and fake foods and let us have a choice of real milk.
02:30 PM on 03/07/2013
I agree. Humans have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years.
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09:57 PM on 03/07/2013
People of European descent have. The introduction of dairy into indigenous diets in the sixteenth century by Europeans. The introduction of such micro-organisms into indigenous diets was not an insignificant factor in the debilitation of Native American populations.
12:42 AM on 03/08/2013
Cows milk is good for CALVES, just as cat's milk is good for kittens and human milk is good for BABIES. Mammals produce milk to nourish NEWBORNS of the same species. The fact that so many people have been brainwashed and refuse to use even simple common sense only displays the true ignorance and/or oblivion that dairy consumers choose to be in.

It is beyond time that humans wake up, grow up and wean themselves from the lactate secretions intended for BABIES of another species.
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06:42 AM on 03/08/2013
Tell that to the cats and my dog that drink my cows milk.
08:51 AM on 03/08/2013
Some people have digestive systems that need raw milk to digest other foods, such as me. The only time in my entire life I was able to digest food correctly and to feel as if I wasn't trying to digest cement was when I've had the opportunity to have raw milk. We are not all designed the same, and some of us need raw milk. Processed milk causes me many serious issues with my health. Who are you to tell me humans are not designed to continue to drink milk, if that is what makes my body work, Mitcher?
01:41 PM on 03/07/2013
Your link to the FDA is not functional. Here is the link:!submitComment;D=FDA-2009-P-0147-0012

You must include and organization name - I just entered our family.
02:31 PM on 03/07/2013
The FDA is so corrupt it's scary.
11:41 AM on 03/08/2013
finally someone who is absolutely correct
Jeff Lewis001
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01:39 PM on 03/07/2013
My family has cut our milk consumption by 50% in the last 12 months. My only daily use is a splash in my morning coffee or with with homemade chocolate cookies(I have a weakness ;-))

Our children ask for water and fruit juice when they are thirsty, milk seems to have dropped off the list of options. Yea!

Your point about leading by example is the exact approach I have taken to reinventing my family's diet and nutrition. Change takes time, patience and daily work, but the payoff is worth it.

Thank you. Cheers Tana.
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09:10 PM on 03/08/2013
Just be careful with the juice. It is often not what it seems unless you make it yourself.
01:51 AM on 03/09/2013
consider coconut milk creamer for coffee; and almond, soy, another grain, or coconut milk for baking - you won't miss the cow dairy :)
01:10 PM on 03/07/2013
Tell Al Quida to save their bullets. We are doing ourselves in just fine, thank you.