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06:05 PM on 09/09/2009
This was a very interesting article - right up until the point that you decided to make all of America's woes belong to the Republicans - with name-calling no less. It doesn't matter whether it's a parent-child, married adults, or global politics; when people are pointing fingers and laying blame, they are creating a situation in which collaborative solutions cannot become known. Yes, we Americans, have a problem. Together, we can solve it - or divided we point fingers and thrown temper tantrums while it all falls away.
05:46 PM on 09/09/2009
It looks like we might have to dump some Chinese tea.
05:41 PM on 09/09/2009

I, amongst millions of others, voted for Barack Obama for President of the United States. His mantra was "change". Of course that had been the slogan of GW and others in the past. However, because of his silver tongued rhetoric, he lured us into believing him. Things are looking pretty grim now. He has escalated the war in Afghanistan. Billions of dollars continue to be spent on WAR in the middle East EVERY MONTH. People in the U.S. have lost their jobs, homes, and ability to pay for insurance. Obama dropped single payer insurance without so much as a "Howdy Doodey". The Republicans continue to buffalo the Democrats and the Corporations continue to, as persons, rake in enormous profits. Personally, I don't see much that has changed in the last nine months. Although some say the economy has recovered, I don't believe this is truthful. The dollar is dropping, the economy is not growing (except big business), banks are closing and foreclosures are rampant. I feel betrayed by our great leader. It may be that he just wanted an airplane at his disposal or many of the other perks offered to that office. If he would stand up and practice what he preached, it wouldn't cause more discord than we are presently experiencing.
05:40 PM on 09/09/2009
The entire nation, every government agency, FDA, USDA, IRS, SEC, FED, treasury, every aspect of America, infrastructure, roads, rail, air, bridges, the housing market, financial system/crisis, illegal immigration, wars, foreign policy, health insurance & we ask what's next from Obama?

Full financal disclosure by all representatives & family would be the the fix, not oil tar would be the investment that day, & feathers the dress for the ball.

How about asking how & why we got to this point, who is responsible, & who will be held accountable? Un-American to ask, unpatriotic Mr Cheney?

The warnings were all there before 9/11, this finacial crisis, Madoff, Social Security has been robbed for years by the same representatives who do nothing but talk about fixing it, & they're calling Obama a socialist? What year, what will the President's name be, the one who gets the blame for Social Security failing? Let's start a pool.

The American dream as defined by Webster's is an American social ideal. Are the republicans calling Obama the American dream?

This is how backwards everything our representation touches, ends up? $12 trillion in debt, wars, finacial crisis, unaffordable health care, & not just some but everything our representation even thinks about, turns to chit! Clear it up any?

DC guaranteed failure by our mis-representatives at the bargain basement price of trillions, freedom, & country.
05:37 PM on 09/09/2009
"China is dumping tires onto the US market"?

Mr. Borosage, do you have the slightest understanding of trade, and markets in general?

You have a yard sale. Willing buyers come and buy your stuff. Is that dumping your items into the yard sale market?

If your lawn chair sells for less than your neighbors, are you dumping lawn chairs??

China is "dumping" tires to what we free marketers like to call, ahem, "buyers".

Also, please explain how you rationalize forcing the poor to pay 55% higher prices for cheap tires.
How is that Progressive, I am curious?
06:20 PM on 09/09/2009
Actually the guy is raising the most important question facing the USA.

The globalizatgon system is broken.
That is the system whereby China, produces, saves,and exports, and we consume, spend, and import.

What will replace the broken system?

I do not think you have a clue, at least this guy does.
06:31 PM on 09/09/2009
How is the ability to have greater purchasing power a broken system, on a micro level?
05:36 PM on 09/09/2009
Mr. Borosage, you are absolutely correct in your assessment here. Unfortunately, we are so far down the road to ruination that even the very bold actions you recommend may, at best, take years to accomplish. Regaining our middle class job-base through the shift to solar, wind, water, nuclear, rail, etc. power and the making of world class high tech products will take an effort which dwarfs the bank/wall street bail outs.
My greatest worry centers around this sentence: "it won't happen unless the U.S. is ready to stand up and act to protect its interests". I have yet to see Obama or any other 'leader' exhibit the courage to demand excellence in the appointment of individuals or bodies capable of making the hard and necessary economic decisions. We as a people must insist on the creation of economic think-tanks which will present us all with those economic policies which will lead to the changes you outline.
A commission made up of entrepreneurs having their economic interests tied to the U.S. would be a good start. The findings of such a commission will then have to be fully supported and backed by our president. If the people are fully informed they will back him. There is no more room for weakness here.
06:46 PM on 09/09/2009
Read about the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. (I apologize if I butchered the spelling.) Or what's happening with the US- Mexico trucking dispute right now. Trade wars are no good- especially during an economic down turn. You want to protect your interests? Buy American. You still have that freedom of choice.
10:14 PM on 09/09/2009
I have read pretty extensively on Smoot Hawley - it had virtually no effect on the depression which was well under way by the time of its passge. A trade war a;ready existed and was part of the lead up to the war as well prior to S-H

S-H was during a time of US trade surplus when a very tenuous case may have been made it could hurt exports, today is much different in that we have massive trade DEFICITS. Tje deficit shows the damage from trade has already been done so any move to reduce it at this point could only help rather than harm

bottom line is just as there was in the time of S-H, there is a trade war going on and the US is not winning it, most in the US don' even see it, or are willfully ignorant to this war
05:22 PM on 09/09/2009
In just a few short hours we will see that it was all a dream. It was just happy talk to get us all to vote for the guy we thought would fix things. He will now proceed to demonstrate that there was no change, and that there is no hope. The petro-narco-military-industrial-congressional-banking complex is not only alive and well, it now controls the world. Just like in a goofy spy movie, the federation of mobsters is fully in control and flexing its vast might.

The articulate lawyer from Chicago is their front man. Their loyal, faithful servant. We are but the mules whose labor enriches the aristocracy he serves.
05:14 PM on 09/09/2009
Manufacturing base in USA has to be rebuilt while side by side establishing a good consumer base. That could be possible only by curtailing cheap imports which again is possible only by renegotiaing international trade agreements and dumping the free trade practices now in vouge. We can only export our products when made cheaper over here which will not be possible when our labor and other establishment cost is high which to some extent can be obviated by multifold increase in domestic consumption of the products made within the country. How can that be possible without protectionism and following trade wars? While we must act right for our national interests, we have to be prepared for any eventuality and sacrifice.
05:39 PM on 09/09/2009
Explain. How does one rationalize an overnight doubling in consumer goods prices to the American people, if the protectionist plan you've laid out could work.

Do you give a speech, and tell the proles that higher prices on everything is for their own good?
06:38 AM on 09/10/2009
first of all prices won't "double" that is just scare talk

and any ocrease wuld be well offset by an increase in producitive US jobs that would be created to meet the new demand for US goods and services rather than imports
05:13 PM on 09/09/2009
To have what we want we have to have Universal Health Care for all American citizens as part of the bargan. Take that off the back of our industries and our citizens. We should never have to worry about health care : we should only be worring about how to be productive and prosperous and how to keep the rich from robbing the country.
05:13 PM on 09/09/2009
Of course I agree with all this--more balanced trade, reform of the IMF/World Bank, more financing for internal social and economic development.

I really think that we need a national investment bank to fund new industries, technologies, research and infrastructure, and we need major changes the the World Bank/IMF/WTO to give the poorer countries more control. I don't think we are going to get out of this without reforms like these.
right to tell what they don't want to hear
05:10 PM on 09/09/2009
I agree, there is no going back to the old economy but the Obama administration has so far done everything possible to do just that. I just don't see anyone around Obama who represents your point of view and I see plenty of those who believe we can just go back to the same old nonsense. I think we will have to descend even further before there is critical mass of political wisdom and will that will bring about the necessary change. Obama is just unlikely to lead that revolution. We can rest assured he will talk eloquently about the this issue but the result can at best be as good as our health care "reform" - pathetic!
05:10 PM on 09/09/2009
But the loss of all those jobs to NAFTA and unregulated trade and lack of worker protections which created even more competion for the American markets was almost a shooting in the foot. To destroy the middle class : the unions: the jobs that make both possible is also to destroy your main consumer. We may actually want those industries back in a kind of nostalgic way even though many of them were brutal woking conditions and lacked worker rights : they paid very well. Now we have to figure out how to make $5. an hour jobs pay $20. an hour so people can support their families. That won't happen either. I would definitely call for a period of stringent protectionism until we put the "new economy " in place. Global trade; good in some respects: is also turning us into a poverty nation. I don't think we should be entering into any trade agreement that harms, directly or indirectly any U.S. worker just so some fat cats can make a profit. Especially right now when we are in this transition period : from industrial to high tech , information and green tech jobs. Service jobs will never build the kind of country you and I want to live in.
04:56 PM on 09/09/2009
The Free Market Industrialists have always hated Unions and have always plotted their downfall. in the late 70's they began to see the possibility of eliminating not only the Uhions or at least rendering them ineffective but also of using the government to do it. They put billions upon billions into the effort. They bought and sold politicians and labor leaders. They lobbied for bills that would break the unions and the result was : They did it : They won : and this is the world we have as a result of that. It took them about 40 years but it has led inevitably to the point of economic collapse because what you have /had is a bunch of rich people who figured out how to surcumvent the system : topple it and bring about a differnent agenda. The agenda of greed and usery . It started w/ Nixon but really caught on w/ Reagan: and the weak democratic presidents in the interum didn't help : just like it's not helping now. They will never let go of that power willingly. Who do you think funds right wing militias ? No half wit go along guy is going to stop this. What we need is a Revolutionary leader who wants to stage a coup. When we allowed NAFTA and deregulated trade and exporting jobs at a huge profit for big business it was all done. That's all it took . Now your kid has a carreer at McDonalds making
05:32 PM on 09/09/2009
It would be good if you could flesh out your theory a bit more. Please use the steel industry as an example, and explain how high union wages either helped or hurt the US steel industry.

Also, I am curious as to your thoughts on the robotics industry, and whether or not hand assembling should be brought back in light of its usefulness to trade unions.

Isn't robotics the ultimate outsourcing to a union member?

If you agree, do you think banning robotic assembly of automobiles would "bring American jobs back"?

Please detail how you explain the higher costs of union made goods to the poor that aren't blessed with a union job.
06:42 AM on 09/10/2009
robotics and automation create high value skilled and semi skilled jobs setting up, programming, operating and maintaining complex equipment.

the old one man one bolt assembly jobs have been gone for decades

the problem for the automation industry is it is still cheaper and more profitable for companies to offshore to low cost low regulation countries than invest in automation, not to mention the dumping og asian automation components at costs below what the materal alone would cost a US producer
04:44 PM on 09/09/2009
I am very suspicious of this article. I am going to have to do some research aboout the organizations whose suggestions you are recommending.

One hint in your article tha gives me pause is the statement, "The nonpartisan commissioners of the International Trade Commission"

From the name International Trade Commission, I would have thought that this might be some international organization that would be outside of the influence of either the United States or China. Perhaps that is what you meant by nonpartisan. On the other hand, if nonpartisan means not Republican and not Democrat, then this has a very different coloring to it. That might imply some US organization that studies International Trade.

I am just bringing up these caveats as ways that words might raise some skepticism in the readers mind before the reader buys the arguments hook, line, and sinker.
04:47 PM on 09/09/2009
As I suspected.

The International Trade Commission is an agency of the US Government.

"An independent federal agency determining import injury to U.S. industries in antidumping, countervailing duty, and global and China safeguard investigations; directing actions against unfair trade practices involving patent, trademark, and copyright infringement;"
05:20 PM on 09/09/2009
So this is a non-partisan, independent federal organization. As such, I would weigh its conclusions more heavily than a partisan, privately funded think tank from K street, regardless of its ideological affiliations.

Just sayin'.
Robert L. Borosage
Director Campaign for America's Future
05:20 PM on 09/09/2009
Fair enough. Good to be suspicious. It isn't an international commission; it's an independent Commission of the US. Three Rs and three Ds are commissioners.

The USITC is headed by six Commissioners. Each Commissioner is nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate. The formal commission is signed by the President and the Secretary of State. No more than three Commissioners may be of any one political party. Commissioners serve overlapping nine year terms with a new term beginning every 18 months.

here's the Wikipedia link
Noah Greer
Political anthropologist
04:44 PM on 09/09/2009
some of the right-wingers seen on Fox news and elsewhere think President Obama' s speech to school children is propaganda, bad for their children. thats fine. When their children dont stay in school, don't succeed, drop out and are not heard from in the future, there will be no literate person left to oppose a left-wing agenda.
04:51 PM on 09/09/2009
Also, when the children of these people see the objective evidence of how wrong their parents were, they will stop listening to silly things their parents say.

Just as George Bush was the most effective spokesperson against the very ideas he was selling, the parents are doing a very effective job of contradicting their own ideas.

We can only applaud them for showing how bad their ideas truly are.