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My micro bio is too naughty for your eyes.
03:14 PM on 03/04/2013
This is so sad. I am so glad they are trying to salvage something for the family, that the care enough to do that.
Some people take the microbio way too seriously.
03:10 PM on 03/04/2013
Why is every article about this sinkhole in the crime section?
02:56 PM on 03/04/2013
I have a friend whos Familys home was recently swallowed in Florida, they also made the news, They are now Relocated but not sure what the state did for the family...They are Atleast Heatlhy and relocated now. Thank Goodness no one was hurt in that Sinkhole. I pray for the man who went down with his house the other day and his Family, How Horrible...
Susan Shaffer
watching you...
05:55 PM on 03/04/2013
Is it more common in Florida? The slides seemed to indicate it happens in a lot of places. I thought because Florida was mostly swamps to begin with that the water table was just below the surface everywhere.
02:56 PM on 03/04/2013
Please pray for this family and their lost family member..............
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02:40 PM on 03/04/2013
Hell on earth? The scary part is these sinkholes could be anywhere and probably are everywhere. I hope the body is found so that the family can give this man a proper burial. So young to die from an atrocious act of nature.
Each day is a new day - make the most of it
03:20 PM on 03/04/2013
I just hope this "act of nature" isn't in small print on their insurance policy.
04:40 PM on 03/04/2013
Rest assured, it's not. Sink holes are so common in Florida insurance companies HAVE to cover them.
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04:57 PM on 03/04/2013
Looks like Kwrohan answered your statement. Lol! Wouldn't that be awful though? Have a good one and stay on level land:)
06:52 PM on 03/04/2013
They are more Likely In Sand ground enviorments.. Do you think they built all those Office and Condo Buildings In Fla on Sand? They Didll Drill Testing and then Pilings and Concrete Land Fill as well.. But not so much for Lower Value Homes ..
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Lorraine PA
Don't cha know?
02:38 PM on 03/04/2013
It's a shame that wasnt where Casey Anthony was sleeping!!!
Katherine Maria Apple
01:55 PM on 03/04/2013
they must find him i have heard of the ten infants in a Mexico hospital that were found ALIVE after ten days, in air pockets that can happen, it's only been a few days. Never give up, find him one way or another if possible. there is a bottom some where, if we can get to the moon we can get to the bottom here, would that not be so awesome
02:14 PM on 03/04/2013
I agree 100%
Katherine Maria Apple
02:36 PM on 03/04/2013
thank you so many times when we say positive things up lifting things the comments that come back are sick nowadays. i am a believer in miracles anything can happen have a great day
02:59 PM on 03/04/2013
I agree. That should not be his final resting place!
04:14 PM on 03/04/2013
We are not the Body,we are souls using it to mover around on this dense illusion of a World. Must have been his karma.from this life or the past.
07:50 PM on 03/04/2013
It should not be but heck he should not have been swallowed up in the first place in a perfect world. The crews cannot safely go in and get the body out, its not safe to do so. They dont want to loose any more life.
01:42 PM on 03/04/2013
It's such a tragedy that this happened. Sadly, the authorities will probably never be able to recover that man's body. My heartfelt thoughts, and sympathies go out to the friends, family, and loved ones of this man. May you all find peace one day.
01:38 PM on 03/04/2013
Yet another episode for 1001 Ways to Die.
What an unfortunate end for this guy.
At least his brother tried to save him........
01:37 PM on 03/04/2013
Something smells about this story......... Sink-hole? Or Stink-hole?
01:36 PM on 03/04/2013
I think everybody would like to get a better look at this "sinkhole" that has yet to be photographed........
07:51 PM on 03/04/2013
Its been photographed, Mr. conspiracy its fishy dude. LOL they have had photos all over the local and national news today. For us floridians and us that live close by.. its real. the hole is huge.
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01:08 PM on 03/04/2013
These first responders were sissies! They should have gone in after him!
01:39 PM on 03/04/2013
Fla isn't known for it's above board police departments, but still, I wouldn't risk their lives, or the lives of first responders, to go into an unstable sinkhole. It's most unstable right after it falls in, so why would you risk people's lives at that time? The hole is called a chasm now, so it's too deep to go into. The authorities didn't want to bring heavy equipment in for fear of that equip. falling into the hole, too. Unfortunately, they will probably never find that man's body.
07:51 PM on 03/04/2013
He was not there... there was nothing to go in after just dirt and debris
01:07 PM on 03/04/2013
It's a terrible circumstance. My prayers for the family. I hope they get a great deal of love and support as they grieve.
Stephanie Longus
Keep calm and think objectively.
12:51 PM on 03/04/2013
I'm glad the family was able to salvage a few personal items, as well as having support from their local Pastor. I've been folowing this story since it broke. So sad. :-(