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09:37 AM on 03/06/2013
It would appear that big business BOUGHT a majority of the Supreme Court justices so they could get a favorable decision on Citizens United, so they could BUY elections.

They aren't satisfied with just buying a few crooked, sympathetic politicians. They want to BUY the whole electoral process.

It didn't work in November, although they tried pretty hard and spent a lot. But that isn't stopping them from trying STILL.

I have an idea. If they want to BUY the whole country, let them start by paying ALL the taxes.

If they're gonna end up owning it anyway, they might as well pay for it.
Repeal the Patriot act, let fear die.
09:17 AM on 03/06/2013
I want to see it all. Just make a big list of the financers on both sides that made this a billion dollar campaign and then when all the chips are down just have at each other. When you are done come and talk to the rest of us that have more to worry about that who got elected with what money because it doesn’t change things either way. Same people are in power, same agendas being followed, same middle class and lower getting stomped on by the rich folks in Washington. We have to wake up and stop this partisan war before all that is left is ruins.
Lady's Reply
10:08 AM on 03/06/2013
Jordan Kratz
08:57 AM on 03/06/2013
"The assertion in question is that the problematic contribution was made by Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A. "

F-Off ! Chevron is Chevron......................Sure is not Jordan Kratz Oil ! Big Corporation uses Words in Legalese to try and get out of something bad it did.Well Chevron we are not all fools.I had to Object to the bit I posted in this Comment.
connie o
An Independent Thinker
08:12 AM on 03/06/2013
May turn out to be nothing but people need to know that the oil companies are funding the elections of politicians who will protect their tax cuts against all comers. It explains a lot.
Capital is only the fruit of labor. Lincoln
07:56 AM on 03/06/2013
Hey Boehner I think I'll start an oil company and form ten different subsidiaries of it so that I can shadow my agenda and get around the loopholes and fund the republican party.
09:39 AM on 03/06/2013
You'll also be eligible to apply for some of that CORPORATE welfare...ahem...I mean SUBSIDIES that oil companies get.

Good for you!
The country needs more light & less heat. Brandeis
07:52 AM on 03/06/2013
We will not see any change until we get the money out of politics. That is what these corporations are paying for. Corporations are not people and money is not speech.
Eliminating poverty is smart business
07:31 AM on 03/06/2013
The government could solve this, no more contracts.
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional
07:19 AM on 03/06/2013
Just another example of big oil making purchasing republican votes. Nothing new here, move along.
Katina Cooper
my friends made me dress up and pose
07:15 AM on 03/06/2013
If any person or group wants any government agency to investigate any oil company, those people are wasting their time. No government agency will even pass gas without the the oil companies telling them to either make it silent or noisy. No wrong doing will be found.
Grand Kids Rule!
07:07 AM on 03/06/2013
Why are we worried about the technical legality of this? I want to know why it is ok for Hugo Chavez to use his money to influence our election? Corporations are people?

On second thought, why not. We outsourced functions in our corporations and wondered where the jobs went, no we are outsourcing the very corporations and we wonder where the profits went, why not outsource our elections and we can wonder where our country went.
07:06 AM on 03/06/2013
"This distinction is important because campaign finance laws distinguish between a subsidiary and its parent company holding contracts. In this case, Chevron U.S.A."

The "finance law" might DISTINGUISH a difference, But People Don't.

And anyway, isn't Chevron Hugo Chavez of Venezuela's company? RIP

If that is the case, maybe the Republicans could get Ted Cruz of Texas and Darrel Issa to look into the ethics of having an Oil Dictator donating to our national elections.

Mr. Cruz pointed out that the influence of foreign money in our government policy making arena is Not acceptable and he and his TEA PARTY have vowed to clean up just this kind of messy relationships.
02:00 PM on 03/06/2013
No Chevron is an American company and not Venezuelan. An other miss information you want to spread.
06:43 PM on 03/06/2013
Chevron's legacy in Venezuela dates back to the 1920s, and we currently participate in six onshore and offshore production projects in the country.
07:02 AM on 03/06/2013
This is exactly why only Registered Voters should be allowed to contribute to political campaigns.
For a year and a day.
06:44 AM on 03/06/2013
solution: ban the parent company and fellow subsidiaries of all government contractors from making contributions. Any ACTUAL conservative should support that because it will help cut down on government waste.
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You're just jealous the voices talk to me
06:13 AM on 03/06/2013
Chavez is dead. Find him guilty and punish him. Chavez and Chevron lie in bed together.
09:29 AM on 03/06/2013
Chavez was never rich. He was not a capitalist.
half-baked noodle
06:12 AM on 03/06/2013
Corporations are a joke. Our government is a joke. Our laws are a joke. Our supreme court is a joke. Our Congress is a joke.
If the right is not right, go left.
09:29 AM on 03/06/2013
I don't know about you, but for all those jokes, I'm not laughing.