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09:22 PM on 03/05/2013
The referee read the rule according to FIFA's regulations and was correct.
09:51 PM on 03/05/2013
Please quote the Rule.
This is your brain after playing football
10:56 PM on 03/05/2013
The narrators in Spanish always quote the rules and the said that is red card only when is intentional and Nani was looking up at the ball which was coming from behind him = yellow card.
11:10 AM on 03/06/2013
then narrators in Spanish always misquote the laws. There is nothing about intent when it comes to red or yellow cards
09:17 PM on 03/05/2013
I think it's telling how he never extended his knee. I think he realized what was about to happen too late. Definately give him a yellow but if it were malicious alot more damage could have been done to the defender.
09:13 PM on 03/05/2013
If there's football god, Real should not advance in the next round.
...and I mean what I don't say!
09:09 PM on 03/05/2013
I think the Ref had it in for MU no matter what.... It was obviously UNintentional.
09:01 PM on 03/05/2013
I'm not a fan of Man U, but they got a bad deal in this terrible call.
09:18 PM on 03/05/2013
It doesn't have to be "unintentional". A leading high foot with cleats out is a red card when contact is made. Just like an unintentional "hands" in the penalty area calls for a penalty kick.
09:23 PM on 03/05/2013
Actually, you're absolutely wrong. The proper terminology / interpretation for a red card to be issued involves either "Serious Foul Play" or "Violent Conduct."

In Nani's case, since he was playing the ball the entire time, his actions qualify for neither.

Learn the rules before you speak. . .
08:40 PM on 03/05/2013
ridiculous call to send nani off!!!!!!!!!!
08:38 PM on 03/05/2013
Man U should man up accept that sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug.
08:29 PM on 03/05/2013
He went for the ball, not red card worthy.
09:19 PM on 03/05/2013
Doesn't matter. what he went for. The infraction is the same.
09:31 PM on 03/05/2013
Again, you show -0- understanding of the "Laws of Football". Read the FIFA rulebook, or just get a clue. . .

BECAUSE he went for the ball, and was playing the ball the ENTIRE time, it has 100% impact on the infraction. "Serious foul play" and "Violent Conduct" do not occur if a player is playing the ball, as Nani was.

Just as you were wrong earlier about a "hand ball" in the box. ONLY if a player, other than the GK, DELIBERATELY handles the ball is a PK awarded.

You act as if you understand the rules. Just because you watch the game, doesn't mean you know anything about the rules.
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10:16 PM on 03/05/2013
Where did his FOOT go? C'mon people!
08:22 PM on 03/05/2013
Well done Cuneyt!
Egg Shen
08:15 PM on 03/05/2013
Soccer is boring.
08:24 PM on 03/05/2013
I lose the track of time, place and all my worries in life are gone for the 2 hours i'm watching high quality soccer, especially Galatasaray. Boring is what baseball and golf are!
09:02 PM on 03/05/2013
agreed. people who say soccer is boring either never played it, or are not intelligent enough to follow the beauty of it.
thanks for the words
08:54 PM on 03/05/2013
Your comment is boring.